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Monday, Dec 17

Mediabistro Chats: 12.17.12


Mediabistro Do you think we're "losing something as a society" by relying on smartphones? (via @PRNewser)

twitter@redheadlefthand gaining! I've discovered so many hidden, delicious nooks thanks to apps like @Yelp, @ScoutmobNYC.

twitter@PiazzaMarketing Sometimes we rely so much on technology that we forget to use our actual voices to interact. Moderation is key.

twitter@interact_devon Self-reliance is decreasing but it's a bit soon to measure societal impact -- unless there's an app for that.

twitter@StefanAFrank yup, just as we lost something with the invention of the light bulb, phone, car, TV, etc.

twitterStephanie Folling I can definitely see the decline. Before my GPS, my sense of direction was much better. Now that I have navigational software just to walk down the street, I find myself lazy and unable to sense where I am -- despite having gone there a trillion times!

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