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Wednesday, Dec 19

Mediabistro Chats: 12.19.12


Mediabistro What's the worst interview experience you've ever had? (via @interviewingcom)

twitter@tiffanypittman My worst #interview experience was calming down a nervous guest who was hitting himself on the head & calling himself stupid

twitter@lifeonthescene Interview questions were taped to the table and I wasn't allowed to touch it!

twitter@SidneyThe4th Interviewer had a seizure during lunch. #TalkAboutAwkward

twitterLeslie Stockton I went on one recently, and he asked me to remove my jacket so I could be more comfortable. I did, and he proceeded to talk to my chest…

twitterLisa Franklin you had a right to a fair interview without being subjected to that. A shame he's representing his company like that.

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