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Friday, Jun 08

Should You Connect Your Twitter And Facebook?

bloomberg.jpg Twitter has improved appearances for usernames, hashtags and photos when someone posts a tweet to Facebook, as well as support for posting tweets to business pages. Does this make you want to put your tweets on your profile page?

@anniemal Not a fan of sending tweets to FB

@bharniman @anniemal @Mediabistro @AllTwtr agree. Tweets go to Linkedin. FB is different dialog.

@anniemal Nah @bharniman @mediabistro @alltwtr my tweets stay here. If I can't come up w/ another 140 for those places then I've got problems.

@lindajones @anniemal @Mediabistro @AllTwtr I don't mix mine up either--I have my reasons and one is I can't stand reading others tweets again on the fb

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