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Morning Media Newsfeed 01.05.12

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Olbermann Attorney: 'Keith's Lawyers And Current's Lawyers Are Communicating' (THR / Hollywood, Esq.)
The lead attorney for Keith Olbermann tells The Hollywood Reporter that the disgruntled Current newsman is negotiating his next moves with his employer in the wake of a falling out over his participation in coverage of the Republican primaries. THR: "I was not given a legitimate opportunity to host under acceptable conditions," Olbermann said in a statement to THR Wednesday. "They know it and we know it. Telling half the story is wrong." But an internal memo from Current TV president David Bohrman obtained by THR contends that Olbermann was asked to lead primary coverage. "I hope Keith is part of our future, but it's up to Keith," an executive with Current who declined to be identified told TheWrap. "Keith set us in the right direction, and we're on that path now…and as I've learned over the years, everybody is replaceable." NYT: Olbermann is famous for estranging himself from his bosses, be it at ESPN, Fox, or MSNBC. At his new home, Al Gore's Current TV, he has done it in record time. Forbes: Some people are more prone to patterns than others. If Olbermann's career were a movie, it would be Groundhog Day. The talented, temperamental TV host has made an art form of leaving jobs in a cloud of flying debris, little cartoon squiggly anger lines radiating from his brow. And it looks like it's about to happen again.

Mort Zuckerman Changes Editors, Again: Kevin Convey Is Out, Former Murdoch Guy Colin Myler Is In (Capital New York)
In the New York Daily News newsroom Wednesday afternoon, a memo announcing that editor-in-chief Kevin Convey was being replaced was met with "shock" and "amazement," according to newsroom sources. His replacement, Colin Myler, is a tabloid veteran who most recently worked for Rupert Murdoch, which is interesting in light of News owner Mort Zuckerman's tabloid battle against Murdoch's local paper, the New York Post, helmed by the editorially bellicose Col Allan. Yahoo! News / The Cutline: In a surprise move, Myler, former editor of News Corp.'s defunct News of the World, has been named editor-in-chief of the Daily News, adding some fuel to what's already a bitter rivalry between the Daily News and the Post. Myler replaces the paper's current editor, Convey, whose tenure as editor lasted just a year-and-a-half. NY Post: Most staffers were scratching their heads about who Myler is and if he would try to bring the paper more down-market. "I don't know anything about him other than what I read about News of the World, said one staffer at the Snooze. Capital New York: Editorial staff at the Daily News endured a fair amount of turbulence during the last months of 2011, including a masthead shakeup and a round of layoffs that claimed nearly 20 editorial positions. Now it seems that another reorganization is at hand, involving the group of photographers and reporters at the paper who are "permalancers," freelancers who work set schedules up to 40 hours per week but are not on payroll and don't get benefits.

Fox News Tops Iowa Caucus Coverage Ratings (B&C)
Mitt Romney's razor-thin victory over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday kept the cable news networks in live coverage through 3 a.m. and drove ratings for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. NYT / Media Decoder: The cable news networks finished in slightly scrambled positions in the ratings for coverage of the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night, with the perennial leader, Fox News, in first, CNN in second, and MSNBC in third. Typically, MSNBC is second and CNN is third. TVNewser: Fox News averaged 2.6 million total viewers in primetime. That's about what the network does on an average night, but it doubled CNN's take of 1.3 million (which is about double what CNN does on an average night). NY Observer / Betabeat: BuzzFeed had arguably one of its first big scoops Tuesday night since it hired Politico rock star Ben Smith earlier this month, beating the major media outlets. "McCain To Endorse Romney Tomorrow" is the headline on the un-bylined post, slipped to the blog by a "well-placed former McCain aide" early Wednesday morning. Forbes: Three New Hampshire newspapers endorsed Ron Paul for president Wednesday. Yahoo! News / The Cutline: Rupert Murdoch tweet: "Well, well! Values DO count. Santorum result pretty amazing. Policy very similar to Reagan. Now start to sound like him." Yahoo! News / The Cutline: If you weren't watching CNN at 3:30 a.m. ET Wednesday, you missed the best moment of the 2012 Iowa caucuses. No, not the news that Romney edged Santorum by a mere eight votes in the first contest of the 2012 Republican presidential race. We're talking about Edith Pfeffer and Carolyn Tallett, two Clinton County, Iowa, women who played a crucial role in figuring out the final tally for CNN. Google News Blog: Google News is launching an Elections section on its homepage, which will organize and present elections coverage as it grows through the general election Nov. 6. Yahoo! News / The Ticket: Herman Cain appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to make what was billed as a "very big announcement" on Sean Hannity's show. Very big it was not. AllFacebook: Although Republicans kicked off the 2012 campaign with a wild contest in Iowa, new data from Overdrive Interactive shows that the party is losing the social media war to President Barack Obama. Badly. FishbowlDC: There are some things that can't be unlearned. Like the word "santorum." Ever since GOP presidential hopeful Santorum clumped homosexuality together with bestiality and polygamy and declared them all deviant, syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage created an alternative meaning for the politician's surname.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia President Takes Issue With New York Post Report (FishbowlNY)
Wednesday morning's New York Post featured an article that took aim squarely at Martha Stewart and her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The Post reported that Hallmark Channel was canceling Stewart's daily daytime talker, and that Home Depot was scaling back its partnership with MSLO to sell Stewart-branded paints. FishbowlNY has obtained an email that was sent to MSLO staffers this afternoon from president and chief operating officer Lisa Gersh, who joined the company late last year. Gersh takes issue with the Post report, arguing that the relationships with Hallmark and Home Depot are not as bad as the Post makes them out to be.

Author Chastises Access Hollywood For Natalie Wood Item (FishbowlLA)
The first dispatch of the new year relating to the reopening of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department investigation into the 1981 drowning death of actress Natalie Wood has turned out to be a sloppy piece of Web reporting.

Amy Entelis Joins CNN (TVNewser)
Former ABC News vice president of talent and strategy Amy Entelis is joining CNN.

The AP Appoints Social Media Editor (FishbowlNY)
The Associated Press has named Eric Carvin its social media editor. Carvin was most recently a news producer for the AP's Nerve Center, its main editorial desk. B&C: In the new position, the AP veteran will coordinate the news organization's ongoing social media efforts and work with its national and international operations to ensure that social media becomes an integral part of every AP journalist's skills.

Film Critic J. Hoberman Is Out At The Village Voice (Capital New York)
J. Hoberman, longtime film critic for The Village Voice, has been let go from the paper, where he's been a staff writer since 1983. NY Observer: The reactions from fellow staffers and among his contemporaries have been swift and unilateral in their disappointment and sadness. New York / Daily Intel: Hoberman joined the paper's staff in 1983 after working as a freelancer since the early seventies. He became senior film critic in 1988.

Comcast, Disney Reach Major Carriage Deal (B&C)
Comcast and Disney announced Wednesday that they had reached a massive carriage deal that will deliver programming from 70 Disney outlets, including ABC and ESPN, to Comcast customers on a variety of platforms on a long-term basis. AdAge / MediaWorks: The agreement comes one year before existing accords expire and will run for a decade, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who wasn't authorized to speak publicly. paidContent: The sprawling deal covers 70 services, including cable networks, retransmission consent for seven ABC O&Os, the launch of Disney Junior on Comcast, and more. Adweek: The deal rolls up cable carriage with retransmission consent for seven ABC-owned broadcast television stations: WABC-TV New York; WLS-TV Chicago; WPVI-TV Philadelphia; KGO-TV San Francisco; KTRK-TV Houston; KTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and KFSN-TV Fresno, Calif. Among the 70 networks and services covered by the agreement are the ABC broadcasting network and the ESPN family of cable networks. Carriage for ABC Family and Disney Channel are also included in the new deal. NYT / Media Decoder: Comcast and Disney said Wednesday that they had agreed to a 10-year deal that will allow the cable provider to distribute Disney content via television and streaming on iPads and other devices. Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider: As part of the deal, Comcast customers will now be able to use the WatchESPN app to watch live sports on ESPN on their iPads and iPhones.

Are Newspapers Finally Figuring Out How To Reward Their Best Customers? (paidContent)
This may be the year where newspapers finally drop the idea of treating all news as a product, and all readers as customers.

Mag Brands Post Big Online Traffic Gains In 2011 (minOnline)
The overwhelming majority of the more than 120 magazine-branded websites in min's exclusive Digital Box Scores saw double-digit gains in their audience through much of 2011.

Here's How Magazine Publishers Rank Celebrities Based On Ad Sales (Business Insider / Advertising)
Which celebrities should appear on their most valuable fall editions, and which should be relegated to the January issues that advertisers aren't as interested in?

Apple Television Gamble The Talk Of CES (USA Today / Tech)
Apple is the only company that consistently gets big buzz out of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas -- without even attending. TechCrunch: It would be an Apple-designed window into content that Apple has very little control over. And while you can bring a new idea to the TV space, as set-top boxes and Google TV have, you can't make the TV space play nice. Google learned that the hard way. And it looks like Apple may be facing a similar challenge.

Meredith Adds FamilyFun Magazine To Its Roster (FishbowlNY)
Another acquisition for Meredith: This time, the media company is acquiring the assets to FamilyFun from Disney Publishing Worldwide, a deal set to close in 30 days. AdAge / MediaWorks: Terms were not disclosed, but Meredith said they wouldn't be material to its 2012 financial results, suggesting that the price tag was relatively modest. NYT / Media Decoder: "It works well with our parenting strategy," said Art Slusark, vice president for corporate communications at Meredith. He noted that FamilyFun focuses on women with children from age 3-12, while American Baby and Parents are aimed at mothers with babies and toddlers. Family Circle's parenting content focuses on tweens and teenagers. Folio: The acquisition brings an "attractive demographic of young female consumers to Meredith's database," as well. The average FF reader is 35 years old, and 60 percent of its readers are college-educated. Adweek: Disney's last big magazine push was Wondertime, which launched in 2006 and was shut down three years later.

Nexstar Makes Millions Off Sinclair's Acquisition Of Four Points Stations (TVSpy)
Nexstar Broadcasting is getting millions of dollars from Sinclair Broadcast Group's recent acquisition of the stations of Four Points Media. B&C: Nexstar has been paid $6.7 million in 2011 management and incentive fees, along with a termination payment.

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