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Morning Media Newsfeed 01.08.13

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Jimmy Kimmel Moves to Late-Night's Sweet Spot (OMG! Yahoo! / AP)
During production of his final post-midnight show, Jimmy Kimmel's studio audience waited patiently while he taped a string of promotional spots. "Hey, Denver: You, me, now at 10:35. Let's not be weird about this," the host quipped to the camera in his Hollywood Boulevard studio. "This will be good for us," Kimmel said earnestly in another local station promo. The message in each spot -- whether Jimmy Kimmel Live is on at 11:35 p.m. in the East and West or earlier elsewhere -- is that Kimmel will be playing in the same league as veterans Jay Leno and David Letterman, starting Tuesday with guests Jennifer Aniston and No Doubt. NYT Starting on Tuesday night, all three traditional broadcast networks will, for the first time, go head-to-head at 11:35 with entertainment-talk shows, as Kimmel on ABC joins Leno on NBC and Letterman on CBS. "Yes, I'm helping to further cheapen the medium," Kimmel said in a telephone interview. HuffPost In the newest issue of Rolling Stone, Kimmel offered some potent criticism of the Tonight Show host -- and did not mince words. "Leno hasn't been a good stand-up in 20 years," Kimmel told reporter Jonah Weiner as they drove past the Comedy & Magic Club, where Leno tries out monologue jokes for The Tonight Show each Sunday. Tampa Bay Times / The Feed "There's mythology and traditions surrounding that 11:35 time slot that started with Johnny Carson and then became a big deal when Leno went up against Letterman," Kimmel said. "And so, people are interested in it from that standpoint as well." That's the real reason why Kimmel's move is so important. In a stroke, the 45-year-old comic has joined a very short list of performers on the front lines of America's late-night television habit. Not bad for a guy whose early jobs included getting fired from WRBQ-FM in Tampa. THR / The Live Feed Years later, Kimmel explains, he had gotten to know and even like Leno. When Leno was in negotiations with ABC to start his own hourlong 11:30 p.m. show there, he courted Kimmel with a series of friendly, thrice-weekly phone calls, as he would need the Live! host to give up his midnight time slot to make the new show happen. Once the deal fell through, Leno never called him back. "That made me feel stupid," he said. TVNewser It's not very often a No. 1 show is moved out of its timeslot by network execs, but that's what's happening at ABC, as Nightline moves from 11:35 p.m. to 12:35 a.m. beginning Tuesday night, making room for Jimmy Kimmel Live after the late local news.

All My Children, One Life to Live Will Finally Air Online (Entertainment Weekly / Inside TV)
ABC's old soaps have finally been saved! Prospect Park, which bought All My Children and One Life to Live after ABC yanked the aging sudsers, announced Monday that it has closed deals with the Hollywood unions to air the soaps on The Online Network. UPI Production is to begin next month with the soaps' creator, Agnes Nixon, serving as a consultant. "We thank the loyal audience and new generation of fans of both shows who have demonstrated that passion and exciting story lines are not just reserved for traditional television," company owners Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank said in a joint statement Monday. "Their enduring support encouraged us to move forward each and every day. We look forward to sharing more details including our launch air date and additional specifics in the coming weeks." NYT / Media Decoder This is about more than saving soap operas, which have a relatively small but intensely loyal fan base. It is a bold bet that the Web -- because of the proliferation of broadband, Internet-enabled TVs and the iPad -- is now a practical way to funnel traditional shows to viewers. Forbes / Entertainment Bytes With Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, smartphones, tablets, Facebook, and Twitter giving fans more options to discover, consume, share, and discuss their favorite shows, Prospect Park has the opportunity to do online what can't be done through traditional broadcast distribution channels. With online video, a show is only a click away from the social media streams of every consumer. The social media-equipped consumer becomes the distributor.

Politico Lays Off Staffers Amid Restructuring (HuffPost / The Backstory)
Since its 2007 debut, Politico has expanded its newsroom quickly while some legacy media outlets, like The Washington Post, have scaled back. But Politico isn't immune from having to restructure in the face of industry demands, and in recent days, it has laid off some staffers. "So, now I'm self-employed," photographer Jay Westcott tweeted Saturday. "Just got laid off by Politico." Mediaite Technology reporter Jess Kamen was also laid off, according to a source. More layoffs are reportedly to follow but exactly how many is unclear. The Washington Post / Erik Wemple The six-year history of the Rosslyn-based political news service, after all, boils down to a prolonged hiring spree. Editorial staffing levels now stand at 156, including the premium Politico Pro service. For months and months and months, whispers among the Politico gossip crowd have concurred that some brand names in the Politico stable would be bolting the place when their contracts expired following the 2012 election. That hasn't happened, at least not yet.

Threats to Journal News Staffers Are Intense (FishbowlNY)
The trouble surrounding the Journal News is getting intense. After publishing the now infamous list of gun owners' names and addresses, the paper received an abundance of threatening phone calls and emails, so it took the unusual step of hiring armed guards to patrol its grounds. We wondered if that was an overreaction -- after all, the police said the threats weren't a big deal -- but it turns out, it definitely wasn't. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Employees of the suburban New York newspaper that published online maps revealing names and addresses of people with pistol permits are facing threats in response to the story, according to a report. The Journal News' president and publisher, Janet Hasson, told The New York Times that staffers' personal information -- such as home addresses and details about where their children attend school -- has been posted online and reporters have received notes saying they would be shot. Gothamist Dwight Worley, the reporter who came up with the idea to map and publish public data and who wrote the story, says he's received "taunting phone calls sprinkled in with callers who said 'you should die.'" Part-time staffers who write "wedding anniversary and church potluck announcements" have also been threatened.

TCA: CNBC Greenlights Two More Reality Series (B&C)
CNBC on Monday greenlit two more primetime reality series, The Family Business Project and The Big Fix, the network said at the Television Critics' Association winter press tour. The pick-ups join Treasure Detectives and The Car Chasers, CNBC's first foray into the reality space, which both premiere Tuesday, March 5. Deadline Hollywood Both series will premiere in the spring. Hoffman said CNBC is moving into reality TV to beef up its primetime lineup. "Not too long ago, CNBC's primetime was the land of misfit toys, it really bore no connection to the core brand, which was a daytime brand," he said. "That has all changed."

Nancy Grace, CNN Reach Settlement in 'Vodka Mom' Lawsuit (TVNewser)
HLN anchor Nancy Grace and her employers at CNN have reached a settlement with the family of Toni Modrano. Modrano, who Grace dubbed "Vodka Mom," on her eponymous HLN program, committed suicide by lighting herself on fire last summer, citing the Nancy Grace segments as what pushed her over the edge. Modrano was the second woman to kill herself after being the subject of repeated segments on Grace's crime-centric program. HuffPost Modrano lit herself on fire last summer after being charged with two counts of second-degree manslaughter. Modrano drank a fifth of vodka and fell asleep on the couch, rolling onto and asphyxiating her three-week-old baby. Grace discussed the case on her show and labeled Modrano "Vodka Mom" as she railed against the Wisconsin woman for falling asleep and suffocating her child, wondering why she wasn't being charged with murder. Modrano saw the report and killed herself shortly after.

A New Face Takes Over for Zucker on Katie (NYT / Media Decoder)
Michael Morrison started work on Monday as the new executive producer of Katie, the syndicated talk show hosted by Katie Couric. Morrison is the replacement for Jeff Zucker, who was named the new president of CNN Worldwide back in November. Zucker wrapped up his work on Katie at the end of December. He officially starts work at CNN later this month.

Buzzwurgatory: Words and Phrases We Should Use More Carefully in 2013 (Poynter)
Buzzwords are underrated. A concept often doesn't cohere for people until it's given a name. Web designers had been using CSS media queries and Javascript triggers to present Web pages differently in different contexts well before Ethan Marcotte gave us the term "responsive Web design," but the phrase helped the concept to catch fire. The problem with buzzwords is that they usually have a life cycle.

Quartz Hits 1 Million Visitor Mark (FishbowlNY)
Quartz, the recently launched business site from The Atlantic, has hit a milestone. In December, the site registered more than 1.4 million unique visitors, according to Omniture.

NBC Takes Spotlight at Television Critics Association Press Conference (Salon)
The Television Critics Association 2013 Winter Press Tour is underway, giving its core membership base of journalists and writers the chance to learn about future developments at TV's biggest networks. So far the big star of the tour, which kicked off last week and runs through mid-January, has been NBC.

Penguin Random House Merger Begins a New Chapter for Publishing (The Guardian)
The merger of Penguin and Random House currently taking place will create a large and powerful international publishing business that has at its disposal the most powerful and well-known consumer books brand in the world: Penguin. The move should not be misread as a retreat or a simple attempt to drill out cost but as a direct move towards the consumer and against the technology businesses that have become powerful in the market. It will be followed by further aggregation of the largest publishers -- talks have been reported between HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster.

Meet New Post Editor Marty Baron (Washingtonian / Capital Comment)
If enterprising Washington Post reporters find themselves alone in the elevator with incoming executive editor Marty Baron, what should they expect? Silence. Foot-tapping, perhaps. Maybe mention art. He collects it. He also bikes and hikes. "No one would accuse Marty of being warm and fuzzy," says Christine Chinlund, who worked closely with him during much of Baron's 11 and a half years as editor of the Boston Globe. "He can be impatient."

Tom Wolfe Writes First Digital-Only Newsweek Cover Story (GalleyCat)
Newsweek ended its print edition last month, but the magazine's first digital-only cover story was written by the great author Tom Wolfe. You can already read "Eunuchs of the Universe: Tom Wolfe on Wall Street Today" online. The article examines the state of contemporary Wall Street, opening with a visit from "our century's first tycoon of IT," Mark Zuckerberg.

Piers Morgan Confronts Man Who Wants to Deport Him on CNN Show (THR / The Live Feed)
Piers Morgan interviewed -- or at least tried to -- the man who created a petition to deport him on his CNN talk show Monday night. Alex Jones appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to talk about his petition, titled "Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment," which he posted on the White House's website. As of Monday night, it has received more than 100,000 signatures.

On Building Trust (CJR / The Kicker)
Kiddies, I say, essential to getting a subject to spill their guts is establishing trust. One does this many ways: showing interest in what interests the subject, feigning sincerity, mastering a range of words and sounds along the lines of "Wow! No! You don't say! That is so interesting! Oooh! Aaaah!" It may seem daunting, I say, but if you have ever been on a blind date with a person who appears mostly dead but you want to sleep with anyway, faking sincerity is a skill you already possess. You've feigned orgasm? You are ready for a career in journalism.

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