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Thursday, Jan 19

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.19.12

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Newt Ex-Wife Unloads On Camera; Network Debates 'Ethics' Of Airing Before S.C. Primary (Drudge Report)
Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband's career with a single interview. Earlier this week, she sat before ABC News cameras, The Drudge Report has learned. She spoke with ABC News reporter Brian Ross for two hours, and her explosive revelations are set to rock the trail. Breitbart / AP: An ABC News executive tells The Associated Press the network has interviewed Newt Gingrich's second wife and is likely to air the segment Thursday on Nightline. Talking Points Memo: Asked for comment on the emerging story, Gingrich's press secretary, R.C. Hammond, forwarded a message from Gingrich's daughters, Kathy Lubbers and Jackie Cushman, addressed to ABC News. Yahoo! News / The Ticket: The majority of Republican campaign ads running on TV in South Carolina in recent days have been positive. Yet there have been attacks -- and they've mostly been aimed at Gingrich. AdAge / Campaign Trail: According to numbers released by Kantar Media's CMAG, over the past week in South Carolina, 54 percent of all broadcast-TV ads had a positive tone. Of course, that leaves a healthy negative rate of 46 percent. And Gingrich is the target of much of it. THR / Hollywood, Esq.: The presidential campaign of Ron Paul has filed a federal lawsuit against anonymous individuals who uploaded a video to the Internet attacking former presidential contender Jon Huntsman. TVNewser: With another GOP debate set for Thursday night on CNN, we have the ratings for Monday night's face-off on Fox News. And as the candidates drop out, the viewership is dropping off. Multichannel News: Fox News Channel's coverage of Monday night's GOP presidential debate drew almost 5.5 million watchers. / Media Alley: In an election season of seemingly endless televised disputes, South Carolina also provides a new opportunity for Fox and CNN to go head-to-head. CNN will air its own debate from the Palmetto State Thursday, hosted by John King. Yahoo! News / The Ticket: If Stephen Colbert were to run as an independent against Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, more people would vote for him than for Gary Johnson. Who says? An actual poll conducted by Public Policy Polling that was released Wednesday.

TV News Finally Covers SOPA…But Where Are The Disclosures? (TVNewser)
TV news had, until Wednesday, largely not covered the SOPA and PIPA bills currently working through Congress, which led some conspiracy theorists to speculate that this was because of orders from the corporate side of the companies (all of the major media companies -- including NBC Universal, News Corp., Disney, and Time Warner -- are in favor of SOPA). Wednesday, however, with the blackouts, SOPA and PIPA had been in the news hourly. NYT / Media Decoder: As television networks have covered Internet companies' positions against antipiracy legislation before Congress this week, they have had to consider whether to disclose the positions of their parent companies -- virtually all of which have campaigned in favor of it. Mashable: Wikipedia experienced increased traffic Wednesday, despite blacking out its English-language content to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act. AllFacebook: Facebook elected not to go dark to protest SOPA, unlike Google, which blocked out its logo, and Wikipedia, which actually went grey. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a status update about SOPA. AllTwitter: Phrases and hashtags like "Stop SOPA and PIPA," #SOPA, #IfTheyShutDownTwitter, "Why SOPA is dangerous," and #FactsWithoutWikipedia hit Twitter's trending topics all day Wednesday. TechCrunch: There were more than 2.4 million SOPA-related tweets between midnight and 4 p.m. ET. GalleyCat: Facts Without Wikipedia became a trending topic on Twitter. NYT: The Web buzzed with protests large and small Wednesday as the tech industry rallied against Congressional legislation to curb Internet piracy. GigaOM: Check out our gallery to see who blacked out their site, and how they did it.

Cuban Rebranding HDNet As AXS TV In Joint Venture With AEG, Ryan Seacrest Media, And CAA (B&C)
Mark Cuban's HDNet will be rebranded as AXS TV (pronounced "access") as part of a joint venture with AEG, Ryan Seacrest Media, and Creative Artists Agency. NYT / Media Decoder: Seacrest, his talent agency CAA, and events promoter AEG have been talking for three years about creating a cable channel for concerts, live events, and other entertainment. Now they have found the channel space for it at HDNet, the pioneering but poorly distributed channel owned by billionaire sports and media mogul Cuban. paidContent: Beginning as early as June, AXS plans to deliver behind-the-scenes coverage of live concerts and music festivals, red carpet premieres, award shows, and celebrity parties, as well as in-depth interviews with entertainers and various glitterati. WSJ: As if Seacrest weren't already busy enough -- now he's taking a stake in a cable channel.

Hollywood Reporter Readies Russian Print And Web Editions (FishbowlLA)
Following the lead of sister publication Billboard, which spun off a Russian edition in 2007, The Hollywood Reporter is set to launch a glossy Russian-language monthly print publication in March, to be followed in short order by companion website

For Super Bowl XLVI, A Bigger Batch Of First-Time Advertisers (NYT)
Sometimes a team comes to the Super Bowl having never played one. That is also true on the advertising side of the game.

Bill Clinton: Someone We Can All Agree On (Esquire)
Clinton: "I also think that the diffusion of the media has complicated things. For example, I was just watching MSNBC, and they had a woman that used to work for me and a couple of other people on there, and they were talking about the Republican primary. And I was laughing. I said, 'Boy, it really has become our version of Fox.'"

Julian Assange: The Rolling Stone Interview (Rolling Stone)
Under house arrest in England, the WikiLeaks founder opens up about his battle with The New York Times, his stint in solitary, and the future of journalism.

Why Reporters Don't Fact-Check Assertions And How The Web Could Change That (Poynter / MediaWire)
One week after the Internet turned on New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane for asking whether reporters should fact-check assertions, a few people explore why journalists, frankly, don't check out everything they publish in news stories. Time was when newspaper journalists prided themselves on being working stiffs: skeptical, cynical, and worldly-wise. "If your mother says she loves you, check it out." I've always preferred the unofficial motto of my native New Jersey: "Oh yeah, who says?"

Why Got Into The Sports Tickets Business (Nieman Journalism Lab)
When was split off from last fall, the most obvious new revenue source was the newspaper site's new paywall., the new, handsome, straight-laced sibling, got all the attention and the accolades not just because of its design, but also because it promised to bring in new money. Well, though perhaps to less fanfare, so will With its new distance from the newspaper brand, is investing in e-commerce as a money driver, notably with its recently launched Tickets, which sells tickets to Boston sporting events, even directly from a game preview story.

Tablet Ads Outperform Print (minOnline)
You can tap them, you can play them, you can swipe them. You can reorient your tablet and completely rearrange them. All of the cool tricks that the tablet platform has to offer really do pay off for advertisers, Affinity says.

National Public Rodeo (Vanity Fair)
When most people hear "NPR," they think Cokie Roberts, Nina Totenberg, Robert Siegel, and, for some on the far right, all that is wrong with the mainstream liberal media. But beneath the veneer of the "Minnesota nice," a simmering battle has been waged, and in the balance hangs NPR's future and perhaps even its soul -- as either a nonpartisan defender of in-depth journalism or a target of the partisan sniping of the sound-bite era.

HuffPost Partners With L'Espresso For 'L'Huffington Post Italy' (paidContent)
The Huffington Post Media Group is partnering with Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso for the launch this year of an Italian edition.

LL Cool J To Be First Grammy Awards Host In Seven Years (LA Times / Pop & Hiss)
LL Cool J has a good shot at becoming to the Grammy Awards what Neil Patrick Harris is to the Tonys and Billy Crystal is to the Oscars -- its A-No. 1 go-to host.

CNBC's Bain & Co. Report Was Right All Along (TVNewser)
CNBC's Eamon Javers filed an update to his reporting on whether or not Bain & Co. advised Obama administration officials on the U.S. automaker bailout in 2009. The result: They did.

WWD Launches iPad App (FishbowlNY)
Women's Wear Daily released an iPad app that features a digital edition of the paper, delivered daily at 12:01 a.m. ET, in addition to features like enhanced article view, slide shows with bonus images not available in the paper, and a live feed with news from's "EYE" section.

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