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Thursday, Jan 20

Morning Media Newsfeed 01.20.11

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MTVSkins100x100Skins May Be Pushing It Too Far, Even For MTV (THR)
Never mind the critics: MTV executives are in an uproar over the network's own U.S. adaptation of saucy British teen show Skins. NYT: MTV executives are particularly concerned about the third episode of the series, which is to be broadcast Jan. 31. In an early version, a naked 17-year-old actor is shown from behind as he runs down a street. The actor, Jesse Carere, plays Chris, a high school student whose erection -- assisted by erectile dysfunction pills -- is a punch line throughout the episode. AdAge / Mediaworks: Skins is a bona fide Twitter smash, with a roll-up of related terms (including "Skins," "#mtvskins," and "#skins") posting a one-hour peak of 21,878 tweets Monday night and 54,230 tweets total by the end of the day. NY Observer / Media Mob: Yes, MTV's new series, Skins, is unapologetic about sexy teen sex, amoral about drugs, and not as good as the British original, but that's all beside the point. What we should really be talking about is its vast potential for licensed merchandising.

HuffPost To Team Up With BET Cofounder Sheila Johnson On HuffPost GlobalBlack (WebNewser)
The Huffington Post will team up with BET cofounder Sheila Johnson to launch HuffPost GlobalBlack, an online platform that will examine news, politics, culture, opinion, and video through an African-American perspective.

Will Tribune Co. Sell Its Newspapers Post-Bankruptcy? ( / WaxWord)
What will be the fate of Tribune Co.'s flagship newspapers when the giant media company emerges from bankruptcy later this year?

After Tucson, Journalists Try Avoiding Violent Political Clichés (Yahoo! / The Cutline)
With the debate over political rhetoric dominating the post-Tucson media conversation, some journalists have begun pausing before reaching for violent clichés that have long been common in political coverage.

Magazines Still Struggling With This Social Media Business ( / Media Alley)
Magazines have figured out how to use platforms like Facebook -- and, to a lesser extent, Twitter -- to build brand awareness, but they're still a long way from making money from social media.

Chefs Losing Heat (NY Post)
After gorging on cooking and redecorating shows on 24-hour cable, it appears that viewers have had their fill. Food Network and sister network HGTV -- Scripps Networks' two biggest money-makers -- are seeing troubling signs that their core female fans are starting to look elsewhere for entertaining fare.

First Regis Philbin Announces He's Leaving Live, Now He Dumps His Agent (LA Times / Company Town)
Just one day after giving notice that he's leaving his day job as host of syndicated morning talk show Live with Regis & Kelly, Regis Philbin has also dumped his agent of 30 years. "I don't understand what this is all about," said Paradigm agent Jim Griffin.

Ricky Gervais On Golden Globes Mess: 'I Don't Think I Did Anything Wrong' (THR)
Ricky Gervais says he's not sorry for his pointed jabs at Hollywood A-listers during last Sunday's Golden Globe Awards.

Stephen Drucker Out As Town & Country Editor (minOnline)
Stephen Drucker, who became Town & Country editor-in-chief with much fanfare in April, is leaving the magazine, effective at the end of February. His successor, announced by Hearst Magazines president (since June) David Carey, is Jay Fielden, the 2005-2009 Men's Vogue editor-in-chief and a colleague of Carey's when both were at The New Yorker in the late-1990s. NY Post: The move marks one of the first major editorial changes made by Carey since he moved over from Condé Nast in June and effectively reverses one of the last major moves of predecessor Cathie Black before her move upstairs and then out the door to become chancellor of the New York City Department of Education.

The New York Times Taps Carolyn Ryan To Be Metro Editor (FishbowlNY)
Bill Keller issued a memo to the New York Times' staff that Carolyn Ryan, who joined the paper in 2007, has been named the new Metro section editor. Poynter / Romenesko Memos: From the memo: Carolyn Ryan is that kind of editor, and she is our new Metro editor. Anyone who watched her marshaling the reporting might of Metro on the crises bedeviling Govs. Spitzer and Paterson or Attorney General Blumenthal knows she is both scrupulous and fearless.

Twitter Is A Great Tool, But What Happens When It's Wrong? (GigaOM)
By now, thanks to incidents like the earthquake in Haiti, the recent revolution in Tunisia, and the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, most people are coming to grips with the fact that Twitter is effectively a real-time news network -- like a version of CNN that is powered by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. But what happens when that news network is spreading misinformation?

Joan Rivers Tells Us How Talking About Sarah Palin Got Her Kicked Off Fox (New York Magazine/ Daily Intel)
On a press tour to promote her new reality show on WE tv, Joan Rivers was stopped on the red carpet and asked for some standard celebrity sound bites on what she thought of Sarah Palin's chances for 2012. When she woke up Wednesday morning, Rivers says she found out that those comments had gotten her and her daughter banned from an appearance on Fox & Friends.

CNN's Piers Morgan: Master Of Self-Promotion (Forbes / Moneywood)
If Ricky Gervais is the gutsiest man in Hollywood, Piers Morgan may just be the savviest.

The Pearl Project: 27 Involved In Daniel Pearl's Murder, Half Still Free (LA Observed)
The Pearl Project was formed by fellow journalists and Georgetown University students to investigate the 2002 killing in Pakistan of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter raised in Los Angeles.

PromaxBDA Launching Station And Syndication Convention (B&C)
TV marketing organization PromaxBDA will host the Station Summit this June, a two-day leadership summit at which television-station general managers, as well as marketing and promotion executives, will gather to discuss how best to market and monetize their content across multiple platforms.

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