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Friday, Mar 22

Morning Media Newsfeed: 03.22.13

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HBO CEO Mulls Teaming with Broadband Partners for HBO GO (Reuters)
HBO could widen access to its HBO GO online streaming service by teaming up with broadband Internet providers for customers who do not subscribe to a cable TV service, according to HBO's CEO Richard Plepler. "Right now we have the right model," Plepler told Reuters on Wednesday evening at the Season 3 premiere of HBO's hit TV show Game of Thrones. "Maybe HBO GO, with our broadband partners, could evolve." Consumerist One huge stumbling block would still be the cord-cutting implications for a standalone HBO Go. While it might get some cord-cutters to pay more for Internet access, it will inevitably lead others to reduce or eliminate their cable package entirely. Deadline Hollywood Plepler in January ruled out an Internet-only product because it's not in the company's best interests. Even so, Game of Thrones has been pirated heavily online, and making HBO Go available to non-subscribers would provide a legal alternative. The Verge While HBO might be willing to entertain selling its service outside of a broader TV subscription plan on those terms, the cable, satellite, and telco providers that it works with almost certainly would not. Not only would they be unlikely to promote and support such a package, they could discontinue offering HBO altogether, or even cease carrying other, less valuable Time Warner properties as well -- making this more likely to be a thought experiment from HBO's chief executive, without real substance or plans in place.

Tentative State Budget Includes 'Jimmy Fallon' tax Credit to Lure The Tonight Show Back to New York (NY Daily News)
Call it the Jimmy Fallon tax credit. Quietly tucked into tentative state budget is a provision that would help NBC move The Tonight Show back to New York, the Daily News has learned. The provision would make state tax credits available for the producers of "a talk or variety program that filmed at least five seasons outside the state prior to its first relocated season in New York," budget documents show. THR / The Live Feed NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt took Jay Leno out to dinner Thursday night amid a flurry of speculation about Leno's future with The Tonight Show. FishbowlNY The Tonight Show has been an NBC staple since 1954. For the first 18 years of its existence, it was recorded in Rockefeller Center beginning with original host Steve Allen. In 1972, Johnny Carson, already a decade on the job, brought The Tonight Show to Burbank, Calif., and with it all the stars Hollywood could offer. Mediaite For the fourth night in a row, Leno made an NBC-related joke, this time finally addressing the reports that the late night show will move to New York before fall 2014 and replace him with Fallon. PRNewser The late-night ratings wars have never been funny. From David Letterman and Leno to Conan O'Brien and Fallon, the bitter rivalries and backdoor deals only remind the public of how desperate the television industry is for viewers. NY Post / Page Six While NBC executives plot to replace Leno with Fallon as host of The Tonight Show, we're told that Saturday Night Live head writer and "Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers will move into Fallon's late-night slot. FishbowlLA Three thousand miles away from Studio 6B, our pal Michael Horowicz also couldn't help but reminisce about some Carson lore anchored to Fallon's studio.

CNN Interested in Elisabeth Hasselbeck (TVNewser)
The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is generating interest from other TV outlets, with her future at the program still unclear. We reported earlier this month that Hasselbeck is unlikely to return next season. The View host and creator Barbara Walters denied that Hasselbeck was being pushed out, but left open the possibility that she could leave "on her own terms" at some point. NY Post / Page Six We hear CNN honcho Jeff Zucker is interested in seeing her join his cable channel. A source told us, "They're definitely interested." The Atlantic Wire Maybe Hasselbeck will get into shouting matches with rumored morning-show co-host Chris Cuomo, which should be a fun wake-up call.

Pope Calls Argentine Kiosk Owner to Cancel Paper Delivery (Catholic News Agency)
Pope Francis surprised the owner of a kiosk in Buenos Aires with a telephone call to send his greetings and explain that he will no longer need a morning paper delivered each day.

Margaret Sullivan, an Ombud Who Cares (The Nation)
New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan is able to cover so much, so often, because unlike her predecessors, she has used her blog at the paper's main website regularly -- making good on one of her first promises to readers after taking the job. And it's a good thing she did. FishbowlNY Sullivan might be the most beloved person in media right now. Think we're crazy? Maybe we are.

CNN Shutting Down Martin's 'Funk' in Final Days? (FishbowlDC)
The TV world can be so cold. When you're out, you're out. And sometimes sooner than you might expect. There are 17 days left on Roland Martin's CNN contract. But the powers that be appear to be shutting it down early.

On MSNBC's Steve Kornacki Project (Capital New York)
Steve Kornacki feels pretty lucky right now -- lucky to have his own weekend show on MSNBC, though in fact he's worked hard to get to this point in his career -- but especially lucky to be inheriting a show from Chris Hayes.

Scholastic Suffers From Hunger Pains (Publisher's Weekly)
With sales of the Hunger Games trilogy falling even more than expected in the quarter ended Feb. 28 compared to a year ago, Scholastic Thursday morning reported that revenue for the company fell 18.5 percent, to $380.5 million, while the net loss deepened to $20.1 million from $10.3 million.

Google Quietly Pulls Plug on Frommer's Print Travel Guidebooks (Skift)
Google has ceased production and publication of printed guidebooks bearing the Frommer's brand name, Skift has learned.

Google Alerts 'Broken,' 'Useless,' and Slowed to a 'Trickle' (VentureBeat)
The Internet is a massive, tangled, churning web of content, and for a long time , Google Alerts was a key navigational tool that kept users on top of things that were relevant specifically to them. However over recent months, a series of reports have surfaced that Google Alerts is no longer working as it should.

Chicago Tribune Drops Shoe (
Shoe was written and drawn by the late Chicago Tribune cartoonist Jeff MacNelly from 1977 until his death in 2000. I've asked Tribune associate managing editor/entertainment Geoff Brown to tell us more about the decision to drop its legendary ex-cartoonist's creation.

Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Stats with Authors & Agents (GalleyCat)
Simon & Schuster will now share piracy statistics with authors and agents. The publisher has worked with Attributor since 2011, a company that searches millions of pages for pirated copies and sends takedown notices every day.

Shoppers' 'Mobile Blinders' Force Checkout-Aisle Changes (Bloomberg Businessweek)
For years, publishers could count on bored shoppers waiting in the checkout line to pick up a magazine, get engrossed in an article and toss it into their cart alongside the milk and eggs. Then came "mobile blinders."

American News Consumers Have Gained the World but Lost Their Backyards (The Atlantic)
The Internet affords cheap, easy access to priceless information. But local news coverage is a casualty of its rise.

Dismal Steubenville Coverage (CJR / Minority Reports)
It isn't just CNN. In 2013, after covering dozens of sexual assaults by athletes, you know better. You know better than to act as if it is a tragedy that the lives of athlete-rapists are ruined when they themselves chose to do the ruining.

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