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Friday, Mar 25

Morning Media Newsfeed 03.25.11

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OED100x100.jpgOMG, the Oxford English Dictionary Added New Words! We 'Heart' It! LOL! (Mashable)
Before you take to the comments to ream us out about the above headline: "OMG," "LOL" and the symbol for "heart" have all been added to the Oxford English Dictionary Online.

U.S. Internet Piracy Is On The Decline (Mashable)
The percentage of the U.S. Internet population using a P2P file-sharing service to download music has decreased from 16 percent (28 million users) at the end of 2007, to 9 percent (16 million users) in the fourth quarter of 2010 -- the very quarter that LimeWire was forced to shut down its file-sharing service. In the quarter previous, a federal judge ruled against LimeWire in a copyright infringement case versus the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). CrunchGear The record companies suing Limewire were asked to estimate the damages that should be paid by the file-sharing service. Their estimate? $400 billion on the low end, and at the high end -- $75 trillion dollars. That's more than the GDP of the entire world.

Self-Publisher Signs Four-Book Deal With St. Martin's (NYT / Media Decoder)
Amanda Hocking, the 26-year-old author who shot to fame by selling more than a million copies of her self-published books, has signed up with a traditional publisher for her next series. The bidding eventually rose beyond $2 million for world English rights, said one publishing executive familiar with the negotiations. GalleyCat: The author made headlines around the country for her dramatic sales as a self-published author. She wrote a great essay analyzing her success: "And while I do think I will not be the only one to do this -- others will be as successful as I've been, some even more so -- I don't think it will happen that often."

Google Goes After Big Media Ad Dollars With New Video Search Ads (TechCrunch)
Google is launching a new 'Media Ads' format for video ads on The ads will appear as small thumbnails with a play button, and when a user clicks on the thumbnail, the video ad will expand and take over the Google search page, playing the video ad in a larger player.

Limbaugh: Donald Trump 'Performing A Valuable Service' (HuffPost)
Rush Limbaugh defended Donald Trump, who has caused controversy with his comments about President Obama's birth certificate, saying that Trump is "performing a valuable service." Mediaite: Rush Limbaugh could not resist pouncing on the clip of President Obama being locked out of the White House, which Rush found "hilarious." Most would agree that the quick moment was pretty funny, but it's unlikely everyone would follow Rush's logic to also conclude "we're being governed by a giant mistake, one of the biggest mistakes that's ever been made in an election in this country."

Brill Sells Journalism Online to R.R. Donnelley (NYT)
Journalism Online, a media company that has tried to pave the way for newspapers to charge for their content on the Web, has sold itself to the publishing service company R.R. Donnelley & Sons. Chicago Tribune / Tower Ticker: Steven Brill, founder of American Lawyer and Court TV, former Wall Street Journal publisher, launched Journalism Online in April 2009 with Leo Hindery, a media investor who previously ran the New York Yankees' cable TV channel and AT&T Broadband.

Twitter Ads Move Forward By Carving Up The Globe (AllThingsD / MediaMemo)
A small but important step in the evolution of Twitter's ad business: The company is now letting some marketers segment some of their purchases by location. Which means a Twitter user in, say, the U.K. may now see a different ad than one in the U.S.

UK Edition Of Huffington Post To Launch In Summer (The Guardian)
Arianna Huffington is to launch a UK edition of the Huffington Post this summer, as the U.S. news and current affairs website recently acquired by AOL moves to expand internationally.

Jon Stewart To Bret Baier: 'Main Thrust Of Fox News Is Not Objective News Gathering' (Mediaite)
Worlds collided on The Daily Show last night as Fox News' Bret Baier took the interview seat across from Jon Stewart to talk about his work at the network and why, essentially, Stewart should respect them. Mediaite: The ongoing feud between reporters at CNN and Fox News was mocked Wednesday night on The Daily Show, and now the Taiwanese Animation company NMA has joined in on the fun too.

TV Networks Cry Foul As Time Warner Cable Offers Channels Via iPads At Home (WSJ)
Time Warner Cable Inc. is digging in its heels in a dispute with several big media companies over whether it can beam live TV channels to iPads, exposing tensions between major TV-industry players as they wrestle with how to adapt to the Internet era.

Relationship Between CBS And Couric Ending With A Whimper, Not A Bang (LA Times / Company Town)
Katie Couric was chided by David Letterman this week for thinking of leaving her job as anchor of the CBS Evening News. "It's not like it's a temp gig," Letterman told Couric, reminding her that other anchors "ride into the sunset." For Couric, the sun apparently sets around 2 p.m. Don't blame her, though.

Google Begins Testing Google Music Internally (CNET / Media Maverick)
Google has begun testing Google Music internally, a sign that the much anticipated service is nearly ready to launch. Employees at the online behemoth have begun a process commonly referred to in Silicon Valley as dog-fooding, in which employees try out a new service or product, music industry sources told CNET.

Myspace's Death Spiral: Insiders Say It's Due To Bets On Los Angeles And Microsoft (Silicon Alley Insider)
I've been watching the death spiral Myspace is in for a while. Back in December I interviewed CEO Mike Jones onstage at LeWeb. Back then I thought maybe Myspace could pull it out, but since then I've learned the Myspace "plane" that's in a death spiral has increased its velocity -- in the wrong direction.

Nate Silver: A Note To Our Readers On The Times Pay Model And The Economics Of Reporting (NYT / FiveThirtyEight)
Let me say up front that I have some mixed feelings about The New York Times' metered model, which takes effect on March 28.

Digital Polling Utility CivicScience Scores $1.2 Million In Seed Funding (TechCrunch)
Pittsburgh-based startup CivicScience, an intelligent polling utility that offers a host of audience measurement and analytics tools for publishers and advertisers, has raised $1.2 million in seed funding from a group of institutional and angel investors to expand its platform partnerships and automation technology as well as ramp up its hiring efforts.

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