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Morning Media Newsfeed 04.09.13

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News Corp. to Take Fox Off Air If Courts Back Aereo Service (Bloomberg)
News Corp.'s Fox network will go off the air and become a cable channel if U.S. courts don't stop Internet startup Aereo Inc. from retransmitting shows like The Simpsons without permission, said COO Chase Carey. Carey is threatening to upend traditional broadcast TV to counter the peril posed by Aereo, a company backed by Diller, the former Fox network founder. If CBS, NBC and ABC follow, it would and mark an end to television as it's been known since The Honeymooners aired in the 1950s. Fox and other networks are evaluating what to do next after the appeals court ruling. Forbes / Mixed Media How worried are the owners of the major broadcast television networks about Aereo? Worried enough that at least two of them are actively entertaining the possibility of pulling their free over-the-air signals altogether. AllThingsD Is News Corp. really going to yank Fox off the airwaves in response to Aereo? Snap consensus judgment from the various corners of the TV Industrial Complex: No way. Variety Univision chairman Haim Saban issued a statement late Monday that echoed Carey's comments. "Simply put, we believe that Aereo is pirating broadcasters' content."

Fox News Reporter Wins Reprieve in Theater Shooting Source Case (TVNewser)
Fox News reporter Jana Winter was facing six months in jail for refusing to testify about her sources. Instead, the judge ruled late today that he won't decide Winter's fate until it's determined whether evidence she reported on will be introduced in the case. BuzzFeed The story has received some attention online, but a search for "Jana Winter" on TVEyes indicates the story has only been covered on Fox News, which has begun to focus on it intensely. "If she worked for mainstream newspapers or CNN, I think the case would have been covered," said Judith Miller, a Fox News contributor who was jailed for 85 days for refusing to reveal a source she used for a story in The New York Times in 2005. FishbowlNY As Fox News reports, because Winter isn't revealing her sources for the notebook, she is facing time behind bars. James Holmes' defense attorneys were unsuccessful in their attempts to get Colorado law enforcement agents to admit that they were Winter's source, so now they're going after Winter. TVNewser Winter reported that the suspect Holmes sent his psychiatrist a notebook filled with violent imagery.

Newspaper Revenue Fell 2 Percent to $38.6 Billion in 2012 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / AP)
The newspaper industry's revenue declined at its slowest pace in six years, as publishers turned to new businesses and raised more money from online subscriptions. The industry's total revenue in 2012 fell 2 percent to $38.6 billion from $39.5 billion in 2011, according to the Newspaper Association of America.

Thatcher's Death Receives Mixed Newsworthiness Around the Web (FishbowlDC)
News that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died broke Monday morning shortly before 8 a.m. ET. Given her status as Britain's first and only female prime minister and close relationship with President Reagan in the U.S., it's a front page story for essentially every big American publication. A small scattering of smaller news outlets such as The Daily Beast and also played it up. AllTwitter While her passing triggered a huge reaction of 900 posts per minute in the first three hours of the news breaking, some 43 percent of these mentions were negative, with less than one in five people (19 percent) displaying any kind of positive sentiment.

Time Out Chicago Acquired By Time Out Group (Chicago Tribune)
Weekly entertainment magazine Time Out Chicago has been acquired by Time Out Group, the worldwide parent company of the branded city publication. The move, announced Monday, ends an eight-year run as an independent franchise, placing Chicago in the fold with New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Boston as owned-and-operated Time Out markets.

Citing A Tightening Newsroom Budget, WVUE Dismisses Commentator Chris Rose (The Times Picayune)
Chris Rose will no longer produce taped commentaries and "60 Second Interview" segments for New Orleans Fox affiliate WVUE. A former Times-Picayune columnist, Rose was given his 30-day termination notice in mid-March, and was told then that the decision was based on budget restrictions. TVSpy "I love his stuff. It's a luxury that takes a lot of resources for us to do," WVUE GM Joe Cook said. "He doesn't shoot his own stuff. His stuff is not necessarily sponsor-able. I'm going to miss him. For the same investment, I can have a couple of reporters out there."

CNN Crossfire Alumni Hope Political Debate Show Returns (HuffPost / The Backstory)
In interviews with The Huffington Post, several former Crossfire co-hosts expressed hope for the long-running show's return, emphasizing the decades of important political and policy debates hashed out on set. "In a city that's run with interest groups and lobbyists and gerrymandering, and money and everything else, the idea that somehow or another the whole thing was brought down from 4 to 4:30 Eastern on CNN is completely asinine," said James Carville.

'Texts From Hillary' Named Best Tumblr of the Year by Shorty Awards (HuffPost)
There are millions of Tumblrs. Billions of Tumblr posts. So what an honor it was for Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith when their "Texts From Hillary" Tumblr was named the best Tumblr of 2012 at the Shorty Awards on Monday night in New York.

Magazine Ad Pages Slip, Celeb Titles Hit Hard (MediaPost / MediaDailyNews)
Print advertising is dwindling at consumer magazines. The Publishers Information Bureau released figures showing total magazine ad pages fell 4.9 percent from 33,673 in the first quarter of 2012 to 32,023 in the first quarter of 2013.

Meredith's CEO: 'There Is Potential' for Time Warner Deal (FishbowlNY)
The Time Inc. and Meredith merger that everyone was talking about (OK maybe just media junkies, but everything we discuss is very important) is dead, but Stephen Lacy, Meredith's CEO, isn't giving up completely.

Schieffer: Newspapers' Decline Could Lead to Unprecedented 'Corruption' (Politico / Dylan Byers on Media)
Local news stations must pick up the slack in local investigative journalism brought on by the demise of newspapers or the nation will be beset with a wave of unprecedented official corruption, CBS anchor Bob Schieffer said as he accepted the National Association of Broadcasters' Distinguished Service Award on Monday in Las Vegas. TVSpy Schieffer was accepting the Distinguished Service Award from the NAB when he told the room, unless there is someone in the community, "that keeps an eye on local government, we are going to see corruption in this country in a way never seen before."

The National Digital Public Library Is Launched (NY Review of Books)
The Digital Public Library of America, to be launched on April 18, is a project to make the holdings of America's research libraries, archives, and museums available to all Americans -- and eventually to everyone in the world -- online and free of charge. How is that possible?

Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret? (NY Mag)
Jonah Peretti's viral-content machine purports to have solved the problems of both journalism and advertising at once, all with the help of a simple algorithm.

What Next for The Week? The Content Curator's Plans for the Digital Domain (paidContent)
The Week surprised the publishing industry by carving out a profitable place in the competitive world of magazine news. Now, it is building up its operations for the digital long term.

The Slow Death of the American Author (NYT)
Last month, the Supreme Court decided to allow the importation and resale of foreign editions of American works, which are often cheaper than domestic editions. Until now, courts have forbidden such activity as a violation of copyright. Not only does this ruling open the gates to a surge in cheap imports, but since they will be sold in a secondary market, authors won't get royalties.

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