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Friday, Aug 24

Morning Media Newsfeed 08.24.12

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SEAL Who Wrote bin Laden Raid Book Identified (Yahoo! News / AP)
The Navy SEAL who wrote an account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden under a pseudonym was identified Thursday as Matt Bissonnette, who retired from the Navy last summer. New York Daily News The revelation came just one day after Penguin announced it would publish No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden on Sept. 11. The publisher said the book was being released under the pseudonym Mark Owen, but identified the author as one of the Navy SEAL Team 6 members involved in the May 2, 2011 raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan that killed the terrorist mastermind. New York Post Dutton, a division of Penguin Group, was prepared to release the book under the pseudonym Mark Owen and was going to great lengths to hide the writer's identity, planning to alter his voice and appearance during television interviews for the book's Sept. 11 release. NBC News / Open Channel What legal consequences could a former U.S. Navy SEAL face for writing a book about the still-classified 2011 raid that killed bin Laden? Legal experts say the author could face trouble on two fronts -- a civil lawsuit for not seeking a military review before the book was published and possible criminal prosecution for revealing classified information. The Daily Beast The pending publication of the book so stirred Admiral William McRaven, chief of the Special Operations Command, that he sent a letter yesterday to special-operations forces warning against using their elite military affiliation for personal gain, according to Pentagon officials who asked not to be named. LA Times / Hero Complex There's a reason why shooting games are becoming so realistic. The Tier One U.S. Navy soldier who participated in the raid that killed bin Laden last year and identified by name yesterday by Fox News is a consultant for an upcoming game published by Electronic Arts titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter, according to a person close to the matter.

Current TV's Convention Coverage Has Heavy Emphasis on Twitter (TVNewser)
Current TV knows that it is an underdog when it comes to convention coverage. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, PBS and C-SPAN will all be going big in Tampa and Charlotte, so why bother following the pack? Ad Age / Media News The cable news network, co-founded by former vice president Al Gore in 2005, will pair convention coverage on the left side the screen with a very prominent Twitter feed on the right side. The feed will variously pull in tweets from reporters, Democratic and Republican insiders, Current staff, voters in swing states and viewers discussing the speeches. LostRemote Current is a natural place to carve out so much real estate for Twitter. Beyond its roots in citizen journalism and user-generated content, Twitter vice president Chloe Sladden used to work there. CBS News On TV, Current producers choose the Twitter feeds that run on the air. Online, viewers can choose what feeds to follow. "There's a swirl of conversation going on right now in the country, and TV has never found a way to tap into it," said David Bohrman, who runs Current.

CNN Adding Morgan Spurlock Non-Fiction Series to Weekend Lineup (TVNewser)
CNN is adding director Morgan Spurlock to the family. The Super Size Me star and director will host and produce a new unscripted series called Inside Man for CNN starting in early 2013. The logline for the new show: "Each week Spurlock will provide an insider's view into rarely-seen sectors of American life that include gun lovers, marijuana growers, migrant farm workers, and end-of-life caregivers." The Washington Post / The TV Column CNN did not say what troubled time slot would get the Spurlock show, but the network's got lots to choose from. In May, CNN hit a 20-year monthly ratings low and hasn't gotten a lot better since. HuffPost The announcement of Spurlock's show is the latest indication that CNN is looking to chart a different path as a way out of its ratings slump. Earlier in August, there were reports that CNN was eyeing reality shows as a potential savior. The network responded to the controversy by stressing that it was pursuing "non-fiction original series." THR The show is CNN's second recent reality-documentary addition. In April, it was announced that Anthony Bourdain would finish his Travel Channel show No Reservations and head to the network. WSJ / Speakeasy Although Spurlock is known for his films, he's no stranger to television. From 2005 to 2008, he stood as a producer on the FX documentary series 30 Days, and in 2011 he was the executive producer of A Day in the Life, a Hulu original series.

Facebook Updates iPhone App to Speed It Up (Yahoo! News / AP)
What's the worst insult you can throw at a fast-moving company like Facebook? Call its iPhone app slow and poky. Thursday, Facebook Inc. addressed users who had gripes with its app for iPhones and iPads with the launch of a faster version. LA Times The long-awaited move was part of the social networking giant's effort to appeal to the growing number of users accessing Facebook from mobile devices. It was also an attempt to placate mobile users who for years have complained that the old apps were clunky and sluggish. AllFacebook Facebook claimed in its announcement that Facebook 5.0 for iOS is twice as quick as the previous version of the application for actions including launching the app, scrolling through news feed, and opening photos.

Jon Miller, News Corp.'s Chief Digital Officer, to Step Down (HuffPost / Reuters)
Jon Miller, chief digital officer of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., will leave the media giant at the end of the month, as part of a wider executive shake-up ahead of the company's split into two distinct publicly traded companies. Forbes / Mixed Media It was an eventful few years, encompassing the sale of MySpace, the launch of The Daily, Hulu's addition of a subscription tier, the erection of a paywall at the Times of London and much more. Shortly after his departure was announced, the former AOL CEO took a few minutes to chat with Forbes about his time at News Corp. and what he'd like to do now.

TV and Radio Minority Hiring Increases: RTDNA Report (HuffPost)
Minority hiring in TV news and radio increased in 2012, according to a new survey from the Radio and Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). The report, written by Bob Papper, stated that the total number of minorities working in television news increased by an entire percent from 2011, to 21.5 percent. Minorities working in radio increased more than four percent from 2011, to a total of 11.7 percent.

Naked Prince Harry Photos Published by UK's Sun Newspaper (Reuters)
The Sun tabloid Friday published photographs of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas, becoming the first British publication to defy a request from the royal family's lawyers. Christian Science Monitor The pictures of the prince, showing him naked in a hotel suite while he was on vacation last week in Las Vegas, were widely available on the Internet after website TMZ published them Tuesday. But British newspapers initially declined to publish them. The Sun's front page, headlined "Heir It Is!" -- a play on Harry's status as third in line to the throne -- shows the 27-year-old prince naked except for a watch and necklace, protecting his modesty with his cupped hands. CNN The newspaper defended its decision to go ahead with publishing the image as being in the interests of a free press. "We are publishing the photos because we think Sun readers have a right to see them," the story reads. There is "a clear public interest" in making the image available to everyone, regardless of whether they have Internet access, so they can join the debate on his behavior, the newspaper argues.

TV Guide Launches New App, Aims to Dominate Second Screen (LostRemote)
The second screen space just got a lot hotter. TV Guide Mobile has just launched its "next-generation, one-stop TV companion app" for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The updated app focuses around their popular Watchlist platform -- which enables you to track your favorite shows -- and incorporates more social than ever before. Variety Currently used by more than 500,000 people, Watchlist has also proven to be a predictor of what programs might connect with viewers, since users can add shows to Watchlist before they debut. Last year, eight of the top 10 shows on Watchlist were picked up to season including New Girl, Once Upon a Time and Revenge.

BuzzFeed Hires NYT's Berg (FishbowlDC)
BuzzFeed continues to gain momentum in Washington, D.C. and yesterday, they announced that Rebecca Berg is joining them. Berg joins BuzzFeed from the NYT's Washington bureau.

Jill Abramson On New York Times: 'Things Are Looking Up' (HuffPost)
Jill Abramson gave an optimistic update about the state of the New York Times in a wide-ranging interview on Thursday's Morning Joe. Abramson, the paper's executive editor, appeared on the show one day after she was named one of the world's most powerful women by Forbes magazine. Capital New York "The print newspaper isn't going anywhere," she said. "We're making the digital transition, I believe, very successfully... And we have a robust readership of people who feel that getting home delivery of the print New York Times is still essential to their day, and my job is try to keep it that way."

CNN, Time Release Convention News Mobile App (FishbowlDC)
CNN and Time magazine have partnered to release Convention Floor Pass, a mobile application to aid attendees of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. minOnline The app will feature 24/7 breaking news updates and alerts, daily analysis and commentary, early access to CNN-Time polls, and photos and video from CNN and Time journalists at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Two Moves That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Twitter's Future (GigaOM)
As Twitter shuts off the access that services like Instagram and Tumblr used to have to its valuable "follower graph," it is also promoting the new relationships it has with media players like NBC. Between them, those two moves speak volumes about the company's future.

Microsoft Rolls Out First New Logo in 25 Years (Reuters)
Microsoft Corp unveiled its first new logo in 25 years Thursday as it looks to unify its branding ahead of a clutch of new product releases this year. TechCrunch Everyone with a working set of eyeballs can weigh in on whether they like it or not -- and many people have with quite amusing results. But it's always good to get insight from an expert, someone who focuses on this kind of thing fulltime.

Facebook Testing Option for Page Administrators to Tell Users Why Comments Were Deleted (AllFacebook)
Facebook users who have had their comments deleted from pages and demanded explanations may find satisfaction if page administrators gain access to a new feature Facebook appears to be testing and choose to take advantage of it.

Cutest Social Media Campaign of the Year? Get a Heinz Bean with Your Name on It (Ad Age)
Don Draper could have learned a thing or two from We Are Social. The U.K.-headquartered social media shop has come up with some very clever ways for consumers to get excited about Heinz, like this new campaign, which promises fans a unique prize -- adorable little beans engraved with their names.

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