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For Conventions, TV Viewing Down, Social Media Up (The Associated Press)
When it comes to following political conventions, Twitter may soon trump television. TV viewership for last week's Republican National Convention dropped sharply from 2008, suggesting interest in this presidential race falls short of some past contests. But the convention was a hit online and on social networks, the latest evidence of the political conversation's gradual migration from traditional media to the Web. CBS News / TechTalk All of the traditional media outlets will be on the ground covering the Democratic National Convention, but this election year the political parties are also ramping up their social media presence. TVNewser Related: Is the cost associated with network television coverage of the conventions over the top? Could the money be put to better use doing long-form reporting about critical issues facing the nation? The Sydney Morning Herald The implications of online campaigns are still becoming apparent to the parties and the reporters, not to mention the vast vulture industry that feeds on the whole circus. This year it is estimated that a billion dollars will be spent on TV ads, but it is not quite clear that they are having the impact they once would have. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media Is that all there is? Presidential campaigns are supposed to be the greatest show in American politics -- infused with big ideas and historical import. Yet after 16 months enduring a Republican primary and then a two-man contest so far defined by gaffes, cynicism, knife fights, and rapid-fire news cycles, even the best political reporters want the whole thing over with.

Kal Penn to Host Livestream Coverage of Obama's Address (USA Today / The Oval)
Actor Kal Penn will have a starring role at the Democratic convention hosting the convention's official livestream prime-time coverage on Thursday leading up to President Obama's acceptance speech. Deadline / Hollywood That's right, the 35-year-old Harold & Kumar stoner star and one-time House regular who also worked on Barack Obama's first campaign and on his arts policy committee and later in his White House. Now he's back in the thick of Democratic politics. TVNewser The special program will "feature celebrity guests and political experts" according to an ad in a DNC newsletter. Among the celebrities that will appear on the DNC special: actor Zach Braff, actress Fran Drescher and singer Marc Anthony. New York Daily News President Obama's campaign team released a new ad Monday urging supporters to follow the Democratic National Convention live online -- and features Penn and Harold & Kumar co-star John Cho as a teaser to tune in.

Newark Mayor Booker Misspells President's Name in Ad (NY Post)
Cory Booker sticks his foot in it again. Fresh from embarrassing President Obama and damaging a central piece of the Democrat's assault on Mitt Romney, the headline-grabbing Newark mayor took out an ad in the New Jersey directory of delegates at the convention and misspelled -- of all things -- the president's name! New York / Daily Intel The embarrassing full-page ad spotted by the Post reads, "Re-Elect President Barak Obama." In case you missed it, like the ad's proofreader, there's a missing C. New Jersey 101.5 Booker was thought to be in the Democrat dog house following a bungled appearance on Meet The Press last spring in which Booker said he found attack ads from both candidates "nauseating" and called them a "distraction from the real issues." He was back in the President's good graces when he was named to be one of 15 members of the party's Platform Drafting Committee and will address the convention on Tuesday.

No Easy Day Author Spurned by Fellow Special Ops Veterans (New York / Daily Intel)
And that's both before and after he undertook his writing of the controversial bin Laden raid tell-all No Easy Day, which the publisher will release as scheduled Tuesday despite threats of legal action against author Mark Owens (real name Mark Bissonnette). The Daily Beast / Book Beast One day before the controversial book hits shelves, a group of Special Operations veterans released their own eBook in response to Bissonnette's account. No Easy Op: The Unclassified Analysis of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden, is a product of SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Situation Report), a group of former commandos devoted to releasing accurate information related to the Special Ops community. New York Daily News / PageViews More an essay (seemingly hastily-written) than a full book, it is concerned at least in part with special forces internal politics that have little direct reference to Bissonnette's plight. However, the book is revealing -- and not very shy in describing -- what Bissonnette's intention may have been to publish the book in secret with Penguin imprint Dutton, without seeking Department of Defense approval.

Baidu Births Mobile Browser (AllThingsD)
With the wireless Internet market in China exploding, Baidu, the country's largest search engine, is moving quickly to stake its claim. WSJ The launch of the browser -- which offers speedy download times, Baidu services, and can run applications directly off the Internet -- is the most recent step by Baidu to gain a better hold of a young but rapidly expanding mobile-Internet market. Reuters The browser, together with Baidu's other mobile products such as its mobile operating system and cheap smartphones launched with partners, forms the core of what Baidu hopes will eventually become a source of revenue.

Tesco Buys eBookseller Mobcast for $7.2 million As It Squares Up to Amazon and B&N in the UK (TechCrunch)
Another development in the UK market for e-readers, tablets and eBooks as Amazon and Barnes & Noble move closer to launching more of their services and devices in the UK and Europe: the retail giant Tesco has purchased Mobcast, a digital bookseller co-founded by pulp fiction writer Andy McNab. paidContent It powers eBook stores for Orange and T-Mobile (UK) and for SingTel's Skoob brand, supplied eBooks to Nokia's Ovi store, as well as other clients.

Why Apple Had to Evolve Its Approach (Ad Age / Digital)
Would apple be able to create a "1984" in 2012?

Ustream Apologizes for Shutting Down the Hugo Awards Livestream, Says It Will 'Recalibrate' (TechCrunch)
Maybe you haven't heard of the Hugo Awards, but to science fiction geeks, especially print science fiction geeks, they're a big deal. Of course, not everyone can attend the convention, but for those of us who couldn't, we had a chance to follow along with the ceremonies Sunday night thanks to live video via Ustream. Or at least, fans had a chance to watch the beginning of the ceremony, up until Neil Gaiman was accepting his award in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category. GalleyCat The 2012 Hugo Award winners have been revealed, honoring the best science fiction and fantasy writing of the year. 1,922 ballots were cast during the voting process.

Cadre of Film Buffs Helps Netflix Viewers Sort Through the Clutter (LA Times / Movies Now)
Is it "suspenseful," "cerebral," or a "sentimental dysfunctional-family drama?" Netflix's taggers will find out to better personalize recommendations.

Military Takes Apps to War (WSJ)
Ever since Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone in 2007, consumers have lined up for the chance to carry phones that amount to pocket computers, providing both Internet access and specialized software. Now the military wants to get in on the act.

Destination Iman Launches Online (WWD / Memo Pad)
Destination Iman, an online magazine dedicated to the 57-year-old model-turned-executive's global travels and how they relate to fashion, beauty and lifestyle, launches its inaugural issue Tuesday in collaboration with design and development agency Built by the Factory.

Why I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Twitter (GigaOM)
We've been writing a lot at GigaOM lately about different aspects of Twitter's ongoing evolution. But we haven't written a lot about how those changes are affecting us as users of Twitter, or what we think of where the company's evolution is taking it, so I decided to try and put some of those thoughts into a post.

A Yahoo!-Branded TV? Smart Content Players Will Own the Devices, Too (Ad Age)
Are you ready to buy your new smart high-definition connected TV from Yahoo!?

How National Geographic Traveler Exposes Problematic Entries in its Photo Contest (Poynter / Regret the Error)
There were about 12,000 entries submitted by 6,615 people representing 152 countries this year, the contest's 24th. (Both amateurs and professionals are welcome to submit.) Dan Westergren, Traveler's senior picture editor, has been judging the contest for many years. I asked him how they detect manipulated or otherwise inadmissible submissions among the massive volume of entries.

Terrence Jenkins Named Co-Anchor Of E! News (Deadline / Hollywood)
E! has found a permanent replacement for Ryan Seacrest on E! News. Terrence Jenkins, until recently the co-host of BET's 106 & Park video countdown show, will join Giuliana Rancic as co-anchor of E! News starting Nov. 12.

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