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Tuesday, Sep 18

Morning Media Newsfeed 09.18.12

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First Week of Katie Couric's Talk Show Gets Big Ratings, Early Stats Say (The Washington Post / The TV Column)
Katie Couric finished first among new daytime talk shows during her premiere week, early stats suggest. Katie's week, which started big before taking a spill, ended strong Friday with a Jennifer Lopez interview. TVNewser Katie averaged a 2.3 rating/7 share, putting it about on par with its General Hospital lead-in and with the same time period last year. While that is strong, Disney was likely looking for more of a ratings bounce with a host as well-known as Couric. B&C NBCUniversal's Steve Harvey is the next highest rated freshman, averaging a 1.4/4, up 40 percent in rating from its 1.0/4 year-ago time period average and up 27 percent from its 1.1/4 lead-in. Deadline Hollywood Ellen DeGeneres' talk show won bragging rights for the official fall syndication premiere week. Ellen averaged a 2.9 household rating/8 share and a 1.8/11 in women 25-54 in the metered markets, improving on its September 2011 average by a big 45 percent in households and 64 percent in women 25-54, in part thanks to a stronger lead-in on the NBC stations from newbie Steve Harvey. New York Observer Flacks for Couric's eponymous show sent out an email Monday touting what they described as her "impressive" debut ratings. Specifically, they noted Couric's program "towered over" Anderson Cooper's daytime show, "bested" Dr. Phil among women aged 25 to 54, which is the most valuable demographic for daytime talk shows, and "beat" Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Shazam Wants to Dominate the TV Market, and Here's How (The Wrap)
Shazam has long been an essential companion to the radio, tagging songs so that anyone can track down what they are listening to at any time. Now Shazam is pursuing the television market, launching a major update to its app that will enable its 80 million users in the U.S. to tag any TV program on any channel. Engadget Shazam doesn't want to let GetGlue control all our couch potato time -- it just rolled out an upgrade to its TV component that lets the mobile app provide social sharing, soundtrack and trivia details for nearly any TV show in the US, not just those deemed worthy of special attention. Fast Company Shazam is aiming to make the second-screen experience so compelling, you'll start Shazaming commercials as you would shows or songs. Mashable Doug Garland, Shazam's chief revenue officer, tells Mashable that the "much richer experience" will encourage users to return to the app. The celebrity buzz data alone combs 140 sites, while Facebook integration pushes Shazam activity to users' Timelines. USA Today / Pop Candy Shazam is available for most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

From Anti-Islamic Video to Newsweek Cover: Irony, Anyone? (LA Times / Nation Now)
On Monday, Tina Brown's Newsweek released a cover once again intended to provoke, outrage, create buzz and sell copies of the magazine: "MUSLIM RAGE," the new cover reads in bold font, "HOW I SURVIVED IT, HOW WE CAN END IT." The Atlantic Wire Thoughtfulness has flown out the window at Newsweek this week, as Tina Brown traded in a little bit of integrity and placed her bets on Islamophobia being a big seller with the magazine's screaming "Muslim Rage" cover. FishbowlNY We're very tired of the "Tina Brown is the worst/Newsweek sucks" media articles, but it's awfully difficult to defend them when they continue to produce covers like this. Salon As pure trolling, this is in a way less egregious than the "What if Princess Di Were Still Alive" fanfic of last year, because this one does at least have a news "hook." The Washington Post / Under God #Muslimrage was one of the buzziest hashtags Monday on Twitter, inspiring #MormonRage and #IndianRage. CJR / The Kicker And while readers may keep clicking -- for now -- Newsweek's insistence on emphasizing incendiary cover design rather than compelling journalism bodes ill for its longevity.

Colbert, Modern Family Cast to Guest Host GMA (Yahoo! News / AP)
Stephen Colbert and the cast of Modern Family are next up as Good Morning America guest hosts for Robin Roberts, who is scheduled to undergo a bone marrow transplant this week. THR / The Live Feed Actor Rob Lowe was also said to be among those hosting the show in Robert's absence, the AP report stated. It was previously announced that the cast of Modern Family, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Kelly Ripa and other ABC News personalities like Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric would be taking turns filling in for Roberts during her absence. TVNewser The guest-hosts will primarily be filling in during the lighter second hour of the program, though some with newsier chops may appear for the entire program.

Can the McRib Save Christmas? (Ad Age)
McRib comes but once a year, usually from late October through early November. But this year McRib fans will have to wait until late December for McDonald's pork-sandwich-turned-cult-hit. For that, they can blame the weather. Or, more specifically, last year's weather. Chicago Tribune The delayed campaign is a strategy by the burger giant to parlay the McRib's fanatical fan base into a year-end sales surge. Same-store sales in the US last December soared a whopping 9.8 percent amid an unseasonably warm winter. PRNewser As with all strategic teases, this move is designed to leverage attention and expectations. Not being able to have something makes you want it more, and McDonald's, which typically offers the McRib in October, has concluded that an end-of-the-year release allows for the greatest possible profit margin. HuffPost The McRib has some serious fans, prompting McRib locator websites and detailed discussions of its ingredients.

U.S. Political Advertising Heats Up as Campaigns Sharpen Messaging (Brand Channel)
It's hard to know right now how the good people in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada will be voting on Nov. 6, but you can get a sense of what the campaign managers for President Obama and Mitt Romney think by watching how they spend their ad dollars. The Washington Post / WonkBlog In general, Obama has consistently out-advertised Romney, but his advantage has been mitigated or even eliminated by the efforts of independent groups on the Republican side and, to a lesser extent, the Republican National Committee.

French Ruling Expected on Topless Royal Photo (Yahoo! News / AP)
A French court is deciding Tuesday whether to block further publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, whose lawyers say Prince William and Kate were sharing a private moment that was captured by an intrusive photographer. BBC News The couple says the publication by Closer breached their privacy. French prosecutors are now to decide whether a full investigation of the royals' claim is merited. CNN The board of a newspaper that published topless photos of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will meet Tuesday to consider closing the paper, it said. The Irish Daily Star published the photos on Saturday and the meeting comes after an editor of the newspaper was suspended pending an investigation.

Banks Inks Seven-Figure Deal with Berkley for Erotic Trilogy (Publishers Weekly)
E.L. James may have been momentarily bumped from her perch atop the bestseller list, but the genre she reignited, erotica, shows no signs of cooling off. Deadline New York Publishers continue to pant trying to find the next Titillating Trifecta, and Berkley Books thinks it might have one in a deal just made with author Maya Banks. Cindy Hwang, executive editor of Berkley, consummated a world English trilogy deal worth seven figures with Kimberly Whalen of Trident Media Group. Entertainment Weekly / Shelf Life The New York Times bestselling author is perhaps most famous for her Scottish Medievals, which include Never Love a Highlander, Seduction of a Highland Lass and In Bed with a Highlander, but in 2013, she will leave Scotland behind for a new BDSM trilogy.

Bill O'Reilly to Debate Jon Stewart in Live Event Streamed Online (THR)
Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly will debate each other about political issues during a live event to be streamed over the Internet. "The format is exactly like the presidential debates, without all the phoniness and pomposity," O'Reilly said. HuffPost Now, the two will face off in a 90-minute debate at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 6. The debate, modeled after the presidential debates and dubbed "The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium," will be livestreamed for a fee, with half of the proceeds going to charity. WSJ / Speakeasy In a clip posted on YouTube, O'Reilly said that he and Stewart would be "debating the state of the union and how the upcoming election is likely going to effect it." He added that it would be a night to remember for Stewart "and his 18 writers."

Emory University Plans to Close its Journalism Program (Poynter / MediaWire)
Atlanta's Emory University announced last week that it will wind down its journalism program, as well as several other schools and programs. The school says it's part of a "multi-year plan designed to enhance areas of distinction, transform areas of excellence into areas of eminence, and allocate resources to invest in important new and emerging growth areas." The Guardian / Greenslade Blog Let's hope this isn't the start of a trend? WUGA-TV / AP Hank Klibanoff, a former managing editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, says the 16-year-old program has grown steadily in recent years. He says faculty members are saddened and astonished by the move.

Fox & Friends Pranked by Aspiring Comedian Posing as Romney Supporter (THR / The Live Feed)
Fox & Friends had a less-than-friendly visitor on Monday when aspiring comedian Max Rice appeared posing as a former Obama supporter-turned-Romney enthusiast. The Raw Story Speaking to Raw Story on the phone Monday, the man who pranked Fox News said he's always believed "Fox News is a fake news organization," and explained that he wanted to shame the conservative television channel for being "stupid" and looking for interview subjects as if they were "casting a part in a show." TVNewser Fox News executive VP of programming Bill Shine tells TVNewser: "We are still examining the situation, but it will be addressed with the appropriate parties involved."

Six Ways to Social Proof Your Website and Build Trust in Your Brand (AllTwitter)
Ever since companies have been making products and providing services, customers new and old have been asking the people that they trust – peers, colleagues, friends and family members -- for recommendations and suggestions about the best of everything. This social proof has empowered consumers but also provides a tremendous opportunity for brands who utilize these tools to enrich their website and maximize the visitor's experience... and conversion chances.

How Startup Magazines Crowdfund, Crowdsource, and Hold Onto Print (PBS / MediaShift)
Every few odd weeks or months, a story pondering the future of magazines resurfaces, generating an updated round of debate on this form of print media we aren't ready to let go. While recent pieces like David Carr's "Wondering How Far Magazine Will Fall" may dampen the spirits of those still holding out for a print magazine comeback, the land of startup magazines exhibits just enough novelty and success to keep print hope alive.

Ballantine Bantam Dell Rejiggers Nonfiction Program (Publishers Weekly)
Ballantine Bantam Dell is creating a nonfiction team, which it says will complement its existing fiction team (head by Jennifer Hershey and Kim Hovey). The nonfiction group will be led by Jennifer Tung, who is joining RH from the women's magazine Redbook and stepping into the newly created role of VP, editorial director of nonfiction.

Most Interesting Man's Obama Endorsement Not Sitting Well with Some (Ad Age / Campaign Trail)
The Most Interesting Man in the World doesn't always host fundraisers, but when he does, they're for Barack Obama. And that's upsetting some Dos Equis drinkers.

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