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Monday, Sep 26

Morning Media Newsfeed 09.26.11

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Conan's Ratings Are Down, But He's Huge Online (AdAge / MediaWorks)
This week, Turner Broadcasting will be out selling Conan O'Brien with a new pitch: Forget the TV ratings, look at his online popularity.

USA Today's Twitter Account Falls Victim To Hackers (CNET)
The same group that hacked NBC News' Twitter account Sept. 9 and sent tweets about a bogus attack on Ground Zero apparently grabbed hold of USA Today's Twitter feed Sunday and fired off a clutch of messages.

Netflix Secures Streaming Deal With DreamWorks (NYT)
DreamWorks Animation, the company behind successful movie franchises like Madagascar and Shrek, said it had completed a deal to pump its films and television specials through Netflix, replacing a less lucrative pact with HBO. TechCrunch: Netflix won the deal over HBO, which currently is first in line among TV networks to show DreamWorks movies. That's right, Netflix outbid HBO. Estimates put the Netflix deal at $30 million per DreamWorks movie, versus the $20 million per movie that HBO is currently paying. paidContent: Our July streaming video chart followed word that Netflix was separating DVD and streaming subscriptions and raising the price 60 percent for households that kept both. The past week started with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announcing plans to literally split the company in two, spinning off DVDs to new subsidiary Qwikster, and ended with Dish Network announcing that it was doing a variation on the reverse.

YouTube Prepares To Launch Scheduled Channels (WSJ)
Will consumers put down the remote and tune into YouTube? The Google-owned site is getting closer to finding out.

Andrea Wong Joining Sony As President Of International TV Production (THR)
Andrea Wong, who stepped down as president and CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Services nearly a year ago, is joining Sony Pictures Entertainment, where she will play two roles. Variety: In her new job, Wong will oversee SPE's creative teams outside the United States and its 15 wholly owned and joint venture production combos around the world. She will report to Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko.

Magazines Begin To Sell The Fashion They Review (NYT)
Fashion magazines are suddenly getting into the retailing business. While the glossies have long had a reputation for accommodating the designers they cover, sometimes guaranteeing coverage to those who advertise in their pages, a wave of new ventures and partnerships suggests that they are willing to go even further by selling the designers' clothes.

Hearst And HGTV In A Rare Entry At The Newsstand (NYT)
With the economy sputtering, throw pillows and wicker baskets may not be at the top of many Americans' shopping lists. Nor perhaps is a glossy magazine about where to buy them and how to make them pop against your freshly painted pale avocado walls. Yet Hearst Magazines is betting that there are enough people out there looking for just that kind of advice, presented in a sensible and recession-friendly manner.

Pew: Local TV Is Top Source For Breaking News, Weather, Traffic, Politics (B&C)
Local TV news continues to be the go-to source for breaking news, weather, and traffic, according to a new study. And while newspapers get top marks in a number of local news categories -- crime, taxes, zoning -- they are tied (at last statistically) with local TV as a source for local political news.

Polls: Trust In The Media Down, But Still Higher Than Government; CNN, FNC Named Top News Sources (TVNewser)
A pair of public opinion polls was released Friday by Pew and Gallup, and both tell a similar story: The public continues to distrust the media, and believes media organizations to have a partisan leaning to the political right or left. Yahoo! News / The Cutline: The numbers are virtually unchanged from last year's poll, Gallup said. The last time a majority of Americans trusted the news media was in 2003.

That's A Wrap: NY Television Festival Ends Four-Day Run (Multichannel News)
The New York Television Festival wrapped up Saturday night with development deals for independents from such big names as MTV, Fox, and Syfy, and with Nashville emerging as a potential new hotbed of independent product. The festival closed Saturday night with the organization celebrating a record 15 guaranteed deals offered to independent creators during its 2011 development season.

David Shuster: Political Inexperience Of Bret Baier And Megyn Kelly Led To Inane Debate Questions (Mediaite)
On CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday, David Shuster (Keith Olbermann's substitute host at Current TV) criticized the moderators of the Fox News GOP debates and specifically called out anchors Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, calling them too inexperienced to moderate a political debate.

I Probably Should Not Get Into This…But Really, Is CNN Really Getting The Heat For This? Silly! (Gretawire)
Greta Van Susteren: "I just read that CNN is getting some heat. My thought? The critics are silly. The critics have way too much time on their hands. Don't you judge the quality of the debate largely by the questions asked of the candidates and, thus, eliciting information?"

KTRK Story Discredits Rick Perry's Debate Anecdote About Woman Suffering From Cervical Cancer (TVSpy)
Under pressure from GOP rivals at Thursday night's debate over his support of an HPV vaccine, Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke of his relationship with a woman suffering from cervical cancer -- a relationship that was brought to light last week by Houston's KTRK.

Paper Tiger: Q&A With L.A. Times Pressman Ed Padgett (The Frying Pan)
Padgett: "They're expecting a really bad fourth quarter. The senior vice president told us we've got three years more of printing the hard-copy Times before they shut it down. Our plant manager says five years." FishbowlLA: The Los Angeles Times debuted a new blog Friday afternoon: World Now. Like LA Now is for local politics, the site will be the main online repository for the paper's international coverage.

TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington Launches A New Blog, Uncrunched (TechCrunch)
TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, who recently left the company he founded more than six years ago, is back in action. Or at least, he has proven that he still knows how to set up a WordPress blog. Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider: Last week, TechCrunch columnist and author Paul Carr quit TechCrunch in spectacular fashion, accusing AOL management of royally screwing up everything and knifing Arrington. In the midst of this bombshell farewell post, which ricocheted for days around the Twitter-sphere, Carr said that he had no idea what he was going to do next. Well, now we know. He's starting a company! And it will be backed by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and…Arrington! Carr didn't just bite the hand that fed him -- he also managed to shake a little money loose from it.

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