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Thursday, May 24

Newsfeed Update: 05.24.12

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Apple Applies for Stylus Patent (Mashable)
Yes, you read that right: Apple wants to patent a stylus, the very thing Steve Jobs famously shunned when he unveiled the original iPhone. Apple's idea of the stylus, however, is slightly different from the simple styluses you usually get with tablets today.

Fox News Slams Professors Who Claimed Its Viewers Were Ill-Informed (THR)
This month, FDU released another of its PublicMind polls touting that "this nationwide survey confirms initial findings" of ill-informed FNC viewers, and an FNC spokesperson blasted the findings and turned the tables on the university, pointing out that its own students don't exactly measure up academically. TVNewser The professor behind the study noted that it was not just FNC viewers that ranked low on the survey, other outlets, including MSNBC viewers, had problems as well.

The New Yorker Will Serialize Jennifer Egan's Short Story on Twitter, Starting Tonight (New York Observer)
What are you doing from 8-9 p.m. tonight, and for the next nine nights after that? You'll be in just the place to catch "Black Box," Jennifer Egan's latest New Yorker story, which will be serialized on Twitter, starting tonight. The installments of <140 character paragraphs will be rounded up each day on the New Yorker's Page-Turner blog, and the full story will appear in the Monday "Science Fiction" issue.

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