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Friday, Jul 20

Newsfeed Update: 07.20.12

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7 Tips For Covering The Colorado Theater Shooting (Poynter)
Avoid shorthand. Don't use a location to describe an act. Aurora is a place, not an act. The phrase "Aurora" shooting unfairly harms the community that is grieving. TVNewser The tragic shooting in Colorado is forcing many TV news programs to throw out their plans for the day, what would likely have been a slow Summer Friday.

'Haunted Collector': In A Haunted Bookstore, A Child's Ghost Speaks And Moves Toys (HuffPost Books)
Viewers continue to be of mixed minds, but that doesn't keep even the most skeptical among them from tuning in to new stories each week on "Haunted Collector." The latest case drew the team to Ohio where they investigated reports of a spectral presence in a bookstore. Customers say they've heard ghostly voices and even been touched physically, while the owner reported toys that are left out for children to play with had moved on their own.

Sorkin Cleaning The Newsroom (The Daily)
Aaron Sorkin has been doing press all week defending his critically-panned HBO show, The Newsroom, but behind the scenes he's cleaning house. Most of the writers on the cable drama about a Keith Olbermann-type television news demagogue have been fired, sources with knowledge of the show told The Daily. "They're not coming back, except for Sorkin's ex-girlfriend [Corinne Kinsbury]," one source said.

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