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Monday, Aug 06

Newsfeed Update: 08.06.12

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The New York Times Reports a Digital Success Story (AllThingsD)
The New York Times' pay wall, long debated in and outside of the company, now looks like a bona fide success. The company has more than 530,000 paying subscribers for its digital editions, and it credits the plan with a consistent increase in circulation dollars. Which it needs, because its ad dollars continue to shrink.

Will Digg's Redesign Get People Clicking Again? (SocialTimes)
The new Digg has gone live after a preview and it's a tabula rasa in the literal sense of the word -- a blank slate. The new site is chocked full of white space between panels and stories. The design seems to have taken a page from a few sources: Flipboard, The New York Times and Facebook. I can say that it's a pretty attractive layout, but is it enough?

Surprise! Online Ads Work Like Magazine Ads (CNN Money)
After years thinking of online advertising as qualitatively different from regular advertising, could it be that it often works similarly to print advertising? Possibly, if the results of a new study are to be believed.

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