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Monday, Aug 30

Newsfeed Update: 08.30.10

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wash_times_8.30.10.jpgJust Like Old Times? (Politico)
If the proposed sale of the Washington Times goes through, it will represent the return of the paper's old guard, ousted by the current owner last autumn in a bitter family dispute. Tens of millions of dollars in subsidies will likely come back, too. But whether the sale would also return the Times staff to its former size or bring back its much-missed sports section is less clear. So, too, is the more pressing question: Will the Washington Times continue to be a place where conservative writers like David Brooks and Tony Blankley make their bones?

Long-form Journalism Starts A New Chapter (Guardian)
A few new experiments in recent weeks have been designed to find out whether the tools usually labelled as distractions can actually help find remarkable journalism. Some examples of these include using Twitter to highlight the day's top headlines simply and quickly, as well as services, like "Long Reads," that are springing up to help people find routes to great stories.

Seven Questions For Jay Rosen (The Economist)
The Economist's blog has interviewed Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at New York University and a media critic whose work is featured on PressThink and many other publications, about his thoughts on the media, including the idea of neutrality and objectivity in reporting.

Ugh: The 'Free' In Freelance (Crain's NY)
The seemingly simple process of getting paid has emerged as the No. 1 problem facing self-employed workers. A first-ever study by a Rutgers University economist shows that 42 percent of the nearly 900,000 independent workers in New York state reported having trouble collecting payment for their labors last year, totaling an estimated $4.7 billion in lost wages.

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