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Thursday, Sep 13

Newsfeed Update: 09.13.12

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WikiLeaks Criticized for Linking Benghazi Attack to Assange Case (The Guardian)
WikiLeaks has been accused of crass self-centeredness after it intimated that its founder Julian Assange's current refuge inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London in part explained or even justified Wednesday's attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

YouTube Launches Simplified Browsing Experience On Channel Pages (SocialTimes)
YouTube is at it again -- rolling out yet another design change to simplify the YouTube navigation process. This time they've launched a simpler channel page that merges the Feed and Videos tabs into one 'Browse videos' tab.

Facebook Throws a Coming-Out Party for Its Ad Exchange (AllThingsD)
Facebook launched the "Facebook Exchange" in an effort to try to make more money from the Web ads it sells. Executives initially placed a cone of silence around the project, but now it's letting some of the ad tech companies that have been piloting Facebook Exchange talk about their experiences.

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