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Tuesday, Sep 06

The Morning Newsfeed: 09.06.05

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Reporters Reach the Breaking Point on Katrina (WaPo)
Howard Kurtz: Only when the looting, fires, hunger, illness and squalid conditions became overwhelming did the coverage turn sharply negative and the reporters' questions more aggressive. USAT: KRatina rekindles temper of adversarial media. NYT: Slow-motion disasters do not supply the kind of dynamic images that make for easy annotation from a news desk in New York City. TV Week: Journalists stunned by scenes of horror on Gulf Coast. NYT: Reporters turn from deference to outrage. LAT: Journos slam leaders on government's response to the disaster.

Anatomy of a Sale: Ours (Inc.)
Editor: When G + J announced it was putting Inc. up for sale, it never occurred to us that we might write about our auction, but it's rare to have ringside seats for such an interesting process. NYT: The account of the magazine's sale is alternately a confessional and a valentine to the magazine's new owner.

Fireman Couldn't Take the Heat? (NYP)
After only four issues, Richard Desmond's American version of OK! has been hit with the loss of its first executive. Insiders were told that launch publisher Gabriel "Gaby" Fireman is exiting.

New Orleans Newspaper Faces Daunting Obstacles (NYT)
After the hurricane, the Times-Picayune had to report the biggest story in its history with no electricity, no phone access and no home. WSJ: Radio station served as vital link for stranded listeners. E&P: Times-Pic ed says Bush bears ultimate blame for weak response.

Weakened Journal (New York Mag)
The beleaguered Wall Street Journal hopes to find calmer water as it sails into the weekend with its Saturday edition. Now if only the crew would stop jumping ship.

Young Idealists Abandon Journalism (Miami Herald)
Ed Wasserman: Bright young people who might once have been heading into newsrooms are going into public relations instead. And worse, these people aren't going just for the money.

Ahead of the Times (Ad Age)
Is The New York Times behind the times? Ad Age asked four top designers to rethink how the paper could adjust to a culture that has embraced electronic communications and tabloids.

Software To Spot Plagiarism (NYT)
LexisNexis has introduced a program that calculates the percentage of material suspected of not being original, highlights that text and pinpoints its possible original source, all within seconds.

Ads Get 'Real' (WSJ)
Amid questions about the effectiveness of traditional ads, marketers are increasingly opting for plain folks or clips of real events as a way to make their commercials more compelling.

This Ain't Your Teenage Daughter's WB (NYT)
With a roster of new television programs beginning on Sept. 13, the WB Network will be sending an emphatic but unspoken message that it is looking to attract a more mature audience.

XM Targets Women (NYP)
The largest of the two main satellite radio players is launching a new women's channel whose programming will include the high-profile personalities Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks.

Many Ditch Newsweeklies for Lighter Fare (Mediaweek)
When it comes to newsstand appeal, the Iraq war, soaring oil prices and the death of Pope John Paul II apparently are no match for Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and the Brad-Jen-Angelina love triangle.

Give Them What They Want (NYT)
Leslie Moonves has figured out a few things about what people want to see when they turn on their televisions, and sometimes he knows it even before they know they want it.

Execs: One-Third of New Fall Shows to Stick (Mediaweek)
Shari Anne Brill, Carat VP and director of programming, projects only seven new shows will be renewed among the 31 new fall programs; she says another eight are destined for quick cancellation.

More Cable News Gripes (Slate)
Jack Shafer: I invited readers to expand upon the subject of my column, "News You Can Lose: What I hate about cable TV journalism." Here are some of their answers.

Return of the Shrew (NYT)
Margo Jefferson: As we face the feverish yet dreary spectacle of ever more reality shows and talk shows, television's marketplace is busy peddling some of the hoariest of myths and types.

British Version of Elle Girl Faces the Axe (Guardian)
Publisher Hachette Filipacchi confirmed that publication of the monthly teen magazine will be "suspended" after the October issue hits the newsstands next week.

Soderbergh: Reality TV Unreal (AP via USAT)
Reality TV is "as far from reality as you can imagine and more fictionalized than the movies you see," said Steven Soderbergh, the Oscar-winning director of Traffic.

Longtime Monitor Columnist Bids Farewell (CSM)
Godfrey Sperling Jr.: As I began my reporting career in the early 1950s, I pasted a slip of paper on my Royal typewriter. It bore this reminder. "Try to be fair." Dear readers, I have tried!

Former ESPNer Adrian Karsten Dies (NYP)
The reporter, facing a prison tax rap, was found dead in his Wisconsin home. Police declined to provide details but Karsten's ex-wife said investigators have labeled it a suicide.

Assaulted German Freelancer Awakes From Coma (Guardian)
An unnamed 53-year-old freelance journalist, who was beaten into a coma while researching a story on mafia-run human trafficking, has woken up but is suffering from amnesia.

—David S. Hirschman


Aftermath: "Skeleton Staff" At MSNBC? [TVNewser]
"While MS & NBC people continue to do outstanding work, it is taking a huge toll on the skeleton staff at MSNBC," a tipster says. "The hiring freeze means there are dozens of open positions and the burn out is overwhelming."

Fox News: Perseverance, friend, perseverance [FishBowlNY]
Finally, a little bit of comic relief: earlier tonight we were watching Fox News and a mini-promo for "America's Challenge" came on with slow fade-on fade-out words over images: and I can't remember the three words (the second was something like "hope" over President Bush on Air Force One) but the last image made my jaw drop: the word "Perseverance" over the picture of the looter from the Find/Loot debacle!

Tim Rutten and the Cassandras of the press [FishBowlLA]
In today's LAT, media reporter Tim Rutten has an amazing, must-read column about how the NO Times-Picayune, NPR, and the New York Times all ran in-depth stories about how New Orleans and the Gulf Coast were sitting ducks waiting for their own inevitable version of the 'big one.'

Rehnquist Dies: Multi-tasking [FishBowlDC]
In a Friday chat, Terry Neal, the website's chief political correspondent, was asked how the Post would be able to cover both the Roberts nomination hearings this week and the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Worker's Playtime [MBToolbox]
Put away your patent leather shoes, your white slacks, and your Billy Bragg records, because Labor Day is over. Daniel Gross notes in The New York Times that freelancers don't really get to celebrate Labor Day anyway. "For us," he says, "The final weeks of August are hardly a time for relaxation."

Maybe Architects Aren't Heartless After All [Unbeige]
We realize this is a little bit off topic, but it's hard to avoid the situation down south. We learned last night about the Red Cross' iTunes donation program, but today we heard from our friends at the AIA, who've taken on a three-way (!) approach to help.

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