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Sex & The City 3 Could Be On the Way: 5 Tips to Modernize the Movie

It’s baaaack! Well it could be. And actually, it never really went anywhere.

The fabulous four ladies of Sex & the City might be strutting their Manolos back onto the silver screen according to social media hints from two of the stars, Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte). Add to that word from Jennifer Hudson — who played Carrie’s assistant from St. Louis in the first film — that there are “talks” happening and you’ve got a serious rumor situation going.

Turn on the TV at just about any time of day and you can catch an old episode of the HBO show on any number of channels. The program made its mark for all the great fashions, the frank discussions of topics a lot of women are interested in, and a portrayal of life in the Big Apple that’s just as quirky, stressful and romantic as any ever portrayed.

But the show is also, in many ways, dated. One of the major criticisms of the show and, later the movies, are that they convey a vision of Manhattan that doesn’t take into account things like the recession.

So if the movie does come back for a third go-round, it’s going to need a big refresh in order to capture the pop culture zeitgeist the way it did back in the 90s and early 2000s. Here are some suggestions for how Sex & the City 3 can refresh the brand.

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Better Call Saul Has a Music Video, But We Still Know Very Little About the Show

In a media world where secrets are pretty hard to keep, it’s incredible that a popular, Emmy winning show like Breaking Bad could have a spin-off coming starring one of its most popular characters and we still have very little to go on.

But that’s the case for Better Call Saul, the origin story that traces the life of everyone’s favorite corrupt fixer, Saul Goodman. Up until yesterday, we had a Twitter page, a couple of minuscule teasers, and a hint, care of the creators, Vince Gill and Peter Gould.

Now we also have a country music video, filled with Albuquerque desert, spinning signs and old-timey TVs. And a few shots of Saul right at the end.

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Scandal Thursday: The SOTU, Booty Calls in Room 207 and the War of the Elliots

When we left off last week, we had a Senator in the hospital and another who said she put him there for being a letch. That story line was put on hold this week so we could meet the Elliots, who take domestic discord to brand new heights.

Lisa Elliot, or the “Angel of Mesa” as she’s also known, is a national hero who is in a wheelchair after being hit in the spine during a mass school shooting. Her husband, James Elliot, is a military vet who was tortured by the Taliban. Together, America loves them. Behind the scenes they want to kill each other.

President Fitz wants them sitting in the gallery as he delivers the State of the Union address, which will focus on gun control. Press Sec Abby is pulling out her beautiful red hair because she needs b-roll of heroes in love to make this a successful SOTU. What’s a White House in tumult to do? Sounds like a case for Olivia Pope. #ItsHandled

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Some Woman Sues Disney Because Frozen Was Her ‘Life Story’


Art imitates life?

Meet Isabella Tanikumi.

She’s a New Jersey-based author who also goes by L. Amy Gonzalez. Still not ringing a bell? What about her 2010 autobiography Living My Truth? We didn’t read it either — and that fact may explain the pending litigation behind this story.

According to CNN Money, Tanikumi has filed a $250 million lawsuit claiming that Disney’s animated film about Princess Anna, her magical sister Elsa and their talking snowman Olaf took elements from her aforementioned 2010 collection of words on paper.

Yes, Frozen was her life story.

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Scandal’s Back! Olivia Pope/Julia Baker Ditches The Bathing Suit for Her White Suit

Where in the world is Olivia Pope?

That’s the question we were left with at the end of last season. And we find out in the opening moments of the season premiere: On a secluded beach 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar making out with his sublime hotness, the five-o’-clock-shadowed Jake Ballard. In between all the sassiness, she’s reading Gone Girl (product placement) and indulging in bottles of rare wine. Only now she’s Julia Baker, a clever play on the name of Diahann Carroll’s character in Julia, the last TV show to have an African-American woman in the lead role.

Spoilers ahead!

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E-Cigarettes Are Making Their Way To a Theater Near You

ecigTobacco companies haven’t been able to purchase product placement in movies for two decades. (Though there have been plenty of characters who have puffed on a cigarette, but no deals allowed.) However, those rules don’t apply to e-cigarettes, which have seen a spike in popularity. Estimates say that, since 2005, e-cigarettes have become a $3 billion business with 450 brands in the industry.

So it stands to reason that these brands would be looking for ways to market themselves. And product placement has become, increasingly, a marketing path that many companies, even unexpected ones, want to take. The question is how long before e-cigarettes are facing the same restrictions that traditional cigarettes are.

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Talk About Product Tie-In! Indie Film Using Medical Marijuana for Promotional Purposes


The upcoming indie film Tusk has partnered with a dispensary called Buds & Roses and a company called Kushman Veganics on two strains of medical marijuana — White Walrus and Mr. Tusk — that will also be a promotional vehicle for the film.

The movie is about a man who’s slowly turning into a walrus, stars Justin Long and is written and directed by Kevin Smith, who’s known for taking a liking to the wacky tabacky from his previous work, such as Clerks.

“This is right at the intersection of art and stoner culture,” Graham Retzik, a marketing strategist with the film company A24 told The New York TimesIndeed.

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Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons Takes a Stand for Scottish Independence

Willie_s Views On Scottish Independence | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX - YouTube

It’s common for celebrities to publicly back political candidates or openly support causes they care about, but no one ever asks fictional cartoon characters what they think, and as it turns out, they might just have a lot to say — The latest pop culture icon to release a statement urging his countrymen to vote a certain way is none other than the (highly) animated Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons.

The proud Scotsman has officially weighed in on the upcoming vote that will decide whether Scotland will separate from the United Kingdom.

“Now, both sides of this argument have valid points,” Willie amicably admits at the beginning of the video (below, after the jump), but his true opinions become clear when he goes on to describe those opposing sides as “the freedom-loving heirs of the highland tradition, and those who enjoy crawling like worms under British boots.”

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CeeLo Leaves Twitter, Loses TV Show After Insensitive Rape Comments

CeeLo Green did not have a good weekend.

After pleading “no contest” to slipping ecstasy into a date’s drink, the singer took to Twitter to share his own completely despicable definition of sexual consent, saying, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Unless, you know, they were drugged. But don’t worry, he went on to address that technicality as well, exclaiming,”If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH Implies consent.”

Oh, that’s how it works!

On Monday, Green attempted to back-peddle by allegedly tweeting the following semi-apologies, which read less like a mea-culpa and more like a celebration of avoiding jail time with a “sorry” to those who supported him sprinkled on top.

The whole I-don’t-condone-rape-thing seems like sort of an afterthought…

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The New Thing For TV Shows: Debut the Pilot Episode Online In Advance

a to zThese days, consumers get endless teasers before the actual debut of the thing that’s teasing them. A song comes out before the album drops. (Two songs, two albums if you’re Prince.) Movie trailers keep coming and they get longer and longer as opening day approaches.

TV has to tease its programs too. And apparently the new thing is to make the pilot available online before it’s actual premiere date. Just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve had the pilot of Selfie, the ABC show starring John Cho and Karen Gillan, and the NBC show A to Z starring Ben Feldman (better known as Mad Men‘s Ginsberg, the guy who gave Peggy his nipple in a box) and Cristin Milioti. Both are comedies geared toward a younger crowd. Which might explain the online premiere.

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