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Jessica Chastain Can Only Promote One Movie at a Time

chastainHere’s a fascinating piece we came across yesterday in The New York Times about the challenges of promoting a movie.

Jessica Chastain is a big star now, but she also continues to appear in smaller, more challenging films. She’s currently helping to promote Christopher Nolan‘s epic space saga Interstellar, which opens today. Now check out this promotional stipulation:

“…Mr. Nolan and others, for the most part, are enforcing an agreement that says she cannot campaign for any film but Mr. Nolan’s from early October through early December.”

This means that she’s contractually obligated not to actively promote A Most Violent Year, in which she plays the lead role. That movie hasn’t been released yet but is already receiving heavy Oscar buzz.

Its promoters are relying heavily on Chastain’s star power to get people in the seats. And right now they’re out of luck.

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PETA’s Latest Enemy: Chef Gordon Ramsay


You may have heard that PETA is not a big supporter of SeaWorld.

The water park has been playing defense since the release of the movie Blackfish, a gripping documentary about what it takes for those “entertainers” to show up at one of three locations across this great land of ours. In August, the company finally told investors that all the negative attention had affected business, and last month SeaWorld hired government relations firm Van Scoyoc Associates to help convince the public that it has its aquatic employees’ best interests in mind.

Now, PETA has a new foe who is oddly related to the movie ballyhoo. Step into the fray, foul-mouthed culinary icon Gordon Ramsay! Read more

Scandal Recap: Liv Solves A Decades-Old Presidential Assassination Case Using Twitter

A big focus for this week’s episode of Scandal was on her actual PR work, so yay! That’s interesting.

Unfortunately, she got duped into believing that her crazy ass client was wrongfully convicted of shooting a former president. Merp.

But hey, we got a mini-lesson in using Twitter to make stuff happen. Also, how about Huck actually smiling?! Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey Is Having Some Performance Issues

jamie-dornan-dakota-johnsonSoccer dads, cat moms and even some red-faced teens are anticipating the Valentines Day 2015 is the 90-minute S&M boink fest 50 Shades of Grey, set for release on Valentine’s Day (how romantic!).

However, ticket sales may go flaccid after hearing this news: It’s not sexy enough. 

Wait, what?! *Gasping. Swooning. Regretting.*

Word from US Weekly is that stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are lacking that je ne sais quoi needed to make this movie a global success large enough to match the impact of the book that preceded it.

Take two is already getting…tied up.

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Florida Association for Women Lawyers Not a Fan of NBC’s Bad Judge

kate walshHave you watched the NBC program Bad Judge? Doesn’t look like many people have. Except perhaps the Florida Association for Women Lawyers. The president of the Miami-Dade chapter, Deborah Baker, has sent a strongly-worded letter to the CEO of the network Steve Burke asking him to cancel the show because it’s a step backward for womankind.

“The show depicts a female judge as unethical, lazy, crude, hyper-sexualized, and unfit to hold such an esteemed position of power,” the letter says.

And there’s more: “A misogynist who believes that women in power cannot control their sexuality, their bodies and their professional or personal conduct would have their views endorsed by this show.”

Yikes. But in fairness, this show isn’t trying to be Law & Order.

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TLC Wastes No Time Canceling Honey Boo Boo

honey boo booWhen chatter began about June Shannon, “Mama June” on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and her alleged romantic relationship with a man not only convicted of child molestation but possibly guilty of molesting her own daughter, TLC wasted no time canceling the show.

Each day it seems, new and more disturbing details emerge about the situation, with the latest photos suggesting that Mama June let Honey Boo Boo (aka Alana Thompson, nine years old) spend time with Mark McDaniel, who is a registered sex offender in Georgia.

TLC clearly did not want to wait for this situation to get any worse before taking action.

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There Are Safety Instructions Somewhere In Air New Zealand’s New ‘Hobbit’-Themed Video

Air New Zealand is back with their latest safety video, this time starring many of the cast members from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which opens December 17th. Amid all of the giant birds, wizards and celebrity cameos, there might be one thing that gets lost: the safety message.
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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer Leaks; Marvel Embraces Crisis

ultron avengers

Hell hath no fury like a Comic Con nerd bent on finding a trailer and leaking it.

This has consistently been the plight of Stan Lee and Marvel Studios — how to protect the brand from making a movie public before the marketing campaign is ready. Granted, it’s only a week early, but is nothing sacred, people?!

Marvel Studios was forced to release the official trailer (in all of its glorious HD viewing pleasure) thanks to some troll out there with too much time on his hands who somehow posted the video. Many companies would have flipped out, but it takes a superhero to embrace a crisis…fittingly, Marvel did just thatRead more

Art (Unfortunately) Imitates Life for Stephen Collins of 7th Heaven

stephen collins

Recently, one of the most (seemingly) wholesome actors of the small screen revealed a very dark and disturbing secret — at least, that’s what we thought.

Stephen Collins – who played the pastor/dad on the WB TV show 7th Heaven – apparently confessed to his counselor that he was a child molester. TMZ received and posted on the tape, which prompted a criminal investigation.

Although that came up inconclusive (which means he probably won’t be prosecuted), there’s other news: Later this year, Collins will play a pedophile on TV.

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Scandal Recap: Someone Got a Free Pass to the Eiffel Tower?

We opened up last night’s episode of Scandal with Jake walking towards his car. His B613 sense tells him something’s fishy and when he takes a look at the wet ground under his car, he sees what it is: a flashing red light. He presses the security button for his car and BOOM! Of course, cool guys don’t look at explosions, so when we catch up with Jake, he’s arriving late to Olivia’s house for date. The excuse: ”car trouble.”

Because this is Scandal we’re talking about, she doesn’t actually stay for the date. Her phone rings and off she goes.

Ultimately, everything that happens this episode goes back to the fact that everyone is still dealing with the death of the President’s son at the end of last season. Well, maybe not Cyrus, but everyone else.

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