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Product Launch

When Do Tech Updates and ‘Product’ Launches Deserve Their Own Press Events?

Good question.

You’ve probably already noticed that Facebook got plenty of media attention and a nice big stock bounce after timing the “Paper” announcement to coincide with its impressive Q4 earnings report. But as a certain friend of the site said, Zuckerberg could score headlines for installing new urinals in his office.

Facebook is not quite like any other brand, and of course events ultimately serve to impress multiple parties: journalists, stakeholders, advertisers and—indirectly—the general public.

The question: when is an announcement from an established tech company important enough to justify its own press event? Did Instagram Direct really deserve a “share a moment” night?

Google Glass Almost Looks Normal Now

We figured Google had to have plans to make Glass a little more palatable.

When The Simpsons makes you look bad you know it’s time to move, because someone wrote Sunday’s jokes months ago and they still felt fresh (especially after the terribly racist “Comic Book Guy Gets a Japanese Girlfriend” episode).

Here’s CNN‘s take on the newer, friendlier Glass:

Today the upgrade scored a New York Times writeup thanks to its new prescription partnership with insurer VSP and a designer interview in WWD (subscription req’d), but most bloggers just used the occasion to come up with new ways to make fun of the product.

Given that this is Google, we feel like one day Glass will become so well-integrated with our eyewear that it won’t be noticeable—and then we will feel stupid.

For now, we’ll just point and laugh.

Should You Pitch to Dr. Oz’s New Women’s Magazine?

shutterstock_144522389Oh hey: a brand-new publication from Hearst will soon hit newsstands, offering “diet, health and fitness tips” to American women!

Wait, why are you yawning? This one involves Dr. Oz!

Capital New York tells us that Dr. Oz The Good Life will include plenty of the doctor’s signature clinical recommendations as well as his “wellness-minded approaches to finance.”

So how will The Good Life differ from pretty much every other magazine out there? The King of TMI himself explains:

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Ralph Lauren’s Team USA ‘Uniform’ Launch Confuses, Angers Internet

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.44.53 AM

Come on now, The Sporting News. Was the Ralph Lauren getup revealed on TODAY really so bad?

On the one hand, the brand was smart enough not to repeat 2012′s Made in China PR failure.

On the other hand, we’ll offer you these reactions in summary:

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On Optimizing Content Before It Goes Live


Here’s a not-so-super secret we bloggers share: no matter what Neetzan Zimmerman says, it’s often quite difficult to determine how individual posts will perform.

It’s one thing to track a piece of content after you press “publish”—and of course we’ve all taken Intro to SEO. But how can one most effectively predict the performance of content in order to, you know, optimize it?

We’ve reported on InboundWriter‘s products in the past, and we recently had a chance to speak with one of their clients to learn more about how her agency has been able to create more effective and engaging content by analyzing it before it goes live.

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Business Wire Goes All in on Social Measurement


Today Business Wire announced a new feature that confirms its investment in both social and big data: expanded press release monitoring and social media analysis reports will now be available to all clients along with standard distribution.

According to marketing SVP and top tweeter Tom Becktold, BW decided to make social reporting automatic and expand its partnership with analytics platform provider NUVI because:

“We recognize that releases are becoming more important tools to engage consumers directly and that a lot of the conversation about press releases is happening on social.”

Becktold further explains this latest step in a natural progression after the jump.

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Prezly Launches New Data-Focused Mobile CRM

prezly-logo-facebookshareYou may have missed it at the end of the year, but online media distribution/analysis service Prezly has entered the UK market with a new CRM system launched via founding client H+K Strategies in London.

The release claims this new product will “help agencies escape Excel hell” and presto, we’re intrigued.

That line, of course, refers to Prezly’s cloud-based contact database feature, which presumably eliminates the need for such cumbersome spreadsheets. One of the new system’s big selling points is a greater focus on mobile; the newsrooms and press releases (like this one for Lexus, which our own Elizabeth Mitchell happened to cover) are “responsive” in that they adjust to mobile devices and include multimedia assets like images, videos and Twitter conversations.

Prezly’s own Jesse Wynants tells us why this new product matters to PR after the jump:

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Bloggers Unimpressed by Yahoo’s New Tech Site for ‘Normals,’ AKA Idiots

Oh look, it’s former NYT techie and current Yahoo Hater of Buzzwords David Pogue making fun of tech blogs’ names and calling out their writers’ headlines as prime offenders in the “meaningless jargon” category. Are you shocked to learn that they weren’t too impressed with his presentation yesterday?

Marissa Mayer clearly wants to reinvent Yahoo as a tech news company for the average browser, what with the elaborate roll-out and the middle-of-the-road Katie Couric appointment, but so far the established tech world is dubious.

Let’s check out Pogue’s introductory Yahoo Tech post to see what this is all about.

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Random House Prepares to Feel the Wrath of Fox News

Roger-Ailes_a_lToday Capital New York describes a “big roll-out” for The Loudest Voice in the RoomNew York magazine scribe Gabriel Sherman‘s forthcoming “tell-all” about Roger Ailes and his Fox News empire; Capital even went so far as to borrow the word “shitstorm” from one Matt Drudge (aka Ailes’ biggest fan) in anticipation of the ensuing smear campaign.

This is, of course, the same book that led Fox to fire its top PR guy Brian Lewis after accusing him of being Sherman’s main source (a claim we always doubted, given the Ailes team’s legendary sense of loyalty). Publisher Random House  expects the same sort of aggressive response to the book, because “conservative media outlets have been attacking Sherman’s reporting for months in an attempt to discredit the author.”

Yet the book’s official site, worth visiting for its Wall Street Journal-style headshot illustrations, calls the tome a “deeply reported journey” inside the network, and we’re left wondering how Ailes will attempt to minimize its influence.

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‘Coinye West’ Hopes a Certain Rapper Will Promote Its Virtual Currency

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.46.14 PM

What could possibly go wrong?

We were just starting to learn about Bitcoin, and now someone’s ruined the virtual money-hoarding game by turning it all into a big joke.

Or maybe not.

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