Traffic to newspaper websites is up 20 percent since last year. Page views and time spent is also up. [via Fishbowl NY]

The media is predicting that Rupert Murdoch and his sons will have a tough time at this year’s shareholders meeting. They’re pretty much guaranteed continued spots on the board, but they should expect an earful from the folks gathering in L.A. today. The New York Times outlines a few things to watch out for. The Guardian is live-tweeting the meeting.

USA Today has begun offering commercial access to its data and content, which is useful for developers building apps. [via Nieman Lab]

Lisa Simeone, host of radio program World of Opera, will be allowed to keep her show, though it’s unclear whether the show will be distributed by NPR. Simeone was dismissed initially for breaking with the NPR ethics code prohibiting contributors from participating in rallies that the company is covering. World of Opera is produced by a member station. [via AP, Poynter]

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