Photo: AP

Mourning the death of Steve Jobs continues. Despite or even because of that, some are predicting that the iPhone 4S will be a hit after all.

It seems long ago and far away, but it was only Tuesday when Tim Cook had his much-criticized press event to introduce the iPhone 4S, which was an upgrade to the previous iteration rather than the much-anticipated iPhone 5. Fans were angered, the stock market reacted negatively, overall, it wasn’t a good scene.

Fast-forward to today and pre-orders of those phones are starting. One analyst tells Reuters that there will be “some sentiment-related purchases.” Another says, “over the long run the products will stand on their merit.” Yesterday as we walked past the Apple store across from NYC’s Plaza Hotel, a gaggle of people were snapping photos (many with iPhones) of a memorial to Jobs. Maybe 15 feet away, a young man sat in a lawn chair, covered with a blanket, holding a sign announcing that he was on line for an iPhone.

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