Instagram foodBreaking news: everybody loves to play with their food. Don’t deny it; we do it too. But the strained relationship between top restaurants and “foodies” obsessed with documenting their every culinary experience appears to have reached a new stage that we’ll sum up with the phrase “Dude, seriously!

Why, when some restaurants have gone so far as to create virtual menus from diners’ Instagram pics, have some decided that enough is enough?

Well, five-star chef David Bouley calls the food-fetish scene “a circus” that can quickly get out of control, with some eaters setting portable tripods on their tables and others using their iPhone flash functions without considering the fact that this is extremely annoying to everyone around them. Gentleman Bouley describes his solution to The New York Times: As soon as he sees a diner pull the phone out, he offers to take him or her back into his restaurant’s kitchen to “shoot the plates as they come out.”

Great idea, right? But most chefs aren’t quite so nice:

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