People were only just getting over their anger about the changes that began rolling out Tuesday night and now there are more to report. The Internet has been consumed with tidbits from today’s F8 Developer Conference, where Facebook introduced Timeline, a new profile that will present, in a kind of “magazine format,” the user’s content by month and year.

USA Today offers a live blog of today’s conference. And TechCrunch’s homepage is chock full of details. Engadget also has a breakdown of the different music and news services like Spotify that will be integrated into the social network.

Facebook should be thrilled with all of the media coverage its getting this week. And even if some people are angry, the level of reaction shows how important Facebook is to the average user. Fast Company is also talking revenue growth, something you don’t always hear coming from a digital company these days.

But brands, publicists, and marketers have also come to rely a great deal on Facebook as an outreach tool. Changes on Facebook affect them too.

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