It’s that time of year again where newsrooms across the country are inundated with summer interns.

The Washington Post is taking a light hearted approach to summer interns with a fun feature called “Have you seen THAT intern?” where you can turn your questionable intern experiences into a meme.

Make no mistake about it, interns are great. I’ve been an intern and remember how strange it can be to jump into an office environment where you are temporary. I have also had interns who rocked.

Unfortunately, there is always THAT intern. You know who I am talking about. And Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post definitely knows about iffy interns. She describes it ever so aptly:

With thousands of college students once again arriving in Washington for summer internships, everyone who lives here has resumed making fun of those interns. It’s just so easy to do.

Yes, it’s often cruel and unfair. And, yes, most interns are dedicated workers who contribute so much to our city. But for every handful of amazing interns, there’s THAT intern.

As in, the intern who wears flip-flops to work. Or the one who hooks up a lot. Or who is always late. Or who stands on the left.

For the past two years, Johnson has documented various types of intern blunders in a hilarious series of columns called “That Intern” on the paper’s Campus Overload blog. This year, Johnson has decided to “quasi-retire” from writing the feature but she wants readers to pick up the torch. Read more