Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.15.30 AMBack in July, the American Journalism Review, which is published by the University of Maryland’s Phillip Merrill College of Journalism, announced it would become a digital-only publication due to high production costs and readers who went straight to the Web for AJR stories.

Last week, the online magazine launched again with a new look and what they’re calling a fresh take on journalism commentary.

Merrill College Dean and AJR Publisher Lucy Dalglish said in a special note that ”in these pages, you will find our students covering innovation and entrepreneurship from a digital “native’s” perspective” — that’s right, AJR‘s content is now going to be produced primarily by students under the supervision of three faculty members/AJR editors.

Given its nearly four-decade run and built-in audience of professional journalists and educators, the AJR is no dinky amateur publication; even with its decision to cease print publication and that its reporting on the state of journalism will be mostly produced by students and freelancers rather than staff writers, it appears that they’ve carefully thought through the redesign, and what AJR needs to be in the 21st century.

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