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Michael Musco

Dallas Ad Community Shares Tales of Woe

Being in advertising, we’re sure you have some interesting/odd stories to tell (as our comment threads and tips box have attested to over time). Whether it’s regarding difficult clients, disastrous presentations, frustrating focus groups, or bizarre co-workers, in this field, you must have come across something worth talking about.

In case you missed it,  the Dallas ADDYs launched this teaser some while back, directed by Jeff Bednarz of Directorz, in which a bunch of agency folks share their “stories of suffering” in the hopes that you do the same by submitting your text or video to the dedicated website. The event has already come to pass, so your own sordid stories would be told in vain, but at least you can empathize here for a few minutes.

Update: Yes, you can still submit your stories to the “Suffering” site, which was conceived by Dallas’s Launch Agency.

Derek Jeter Becomes the Stalin/Mao of SoHo

Ok, not really, but in an attempt to stage the “world’s biggest shave” in Soho, BBDO New York and Gillette are erecting similarly styled billboards on the corner of Broome & Crosby Streets featuring the beloved Yankee. For three days, the bi-racial angel (as said in the movie The Other Guys) will go through a three-stage transformation: stubbly Jeter, shave-prepped Jeter and then finally ladies man Jeter.

The cycle will be repainted and repeated for three days through Sunday, March 6, portraying Gillette’s ongoing efforts to demonstrate the performance of its grooming regimen or as they like to put it, “Everyday Masterpiece.”
Peep photos of the outdoor transition after the jump.

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Mcgarrybowen Sparks Love/Hate Debate for Miracle Whip

Mcgarrybowen, Chicago makes a bold (good/bad?) move in its latest “Take A Side” campaign for Miracle Whip, which features a  variety of “celebrities” and the like speaking their peace on whether they prefer the Kraft spread or not.

Everyone from James Carville to Pauly D get  in on the action, voicing their opinions about the whip all leading to, wait for it, a YouTube page where consumers can view the celebrity debate and are also encouraged to take either a hate or love stance via a poll. Kraft claims this to be a first-of-its-kind marketing approach in the U.S., though, it brings back memories of the whole gravy vs sauce debate a few years back.  As an added bonus, visitors to the channel can register to receive free samples, yippee!

Cannes Adds ‘Holding Company’ Prize to Mix

Guess WPP, Omnicom and the like have reason to cheer as the Cannes Lions announced a new award, Holding Company of the Year, which will be presented for the first time at the 2011 Festival. With this award, any agency that is owned 2o percent or more by a holding company will contribute points across all sections and categories for both shortlisted and winning entries.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the points are being divvied up:

12 points for a Titanium Grand Prix
12 points for a Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix
10 points for all other Grand Prix
10 points for the Grand Prix for Good
10 points for a Titanium Lion
10 points for a Creative Effectiveness Lion
7 points for a Gold Lion
5 points for a Silver Lion
3 points for a Bronze Lion
1 point for a shortlist position

The award will be presented alongside the Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year, Palme d’Or and Network of the Year on June 25.

Festival Chairman Terry Savage says in a statement, “While many are making their own calculations, to prevent any confusion and to impart an accurate and official position, we thought it necessary to introduce the Cannes Lions Holding Company of the Year Award, which we have no doubt will be a much sought after accolade and benchmark for the business.”

On a side note, only points from Film, Film Craft, Press, Outdoor and Radio shortlisted and winning entries contributed to the Agency of the Year Award. This is no longer so. Acknowledging the increasingly critical nature of Integrated and Digital work, the Agency of the Year award will now also include points won in Cyber, Titanium and Integrated Lions categories.

The max number of points awarded to an agency for shortlisted entries is 10 but if an entry is shortlisted and then goes on to win an award, the shortlist point is no longer counted. Got that? Oh yeah,  the Interactive Agency of the Year Award will no longer exist, sorry.

Today’s Ad Ripoff Inclusion: German Mickey D’s vs. Red Robin

Rip off alert! DDB Berlin has a right to be peeved (if they’re even aware) that Minneapolis’ Periscope blatantly nicked the concept of its McDonald’s ad from 2007 (directed by Jake Schreier)  in the latter’s most recent Red Robin spot. There’s really not much more to say; we’ll let our readers be the jury, but, they do seem quite similar, no? Brief German credits after the jump.

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Adam Wohl Has Fun with Sears

Does this sound familiar? Sears is demanding for the rights to all creative work done by agencies pitching for the brand even if they’re not picked. So, you work long hours brainstorming on some amazing 360 campaign because let’s face it, Sears is a nice client to have, yet chances are it’ll all be for nothing as they will most likely turn you down and keep everything you did “for free.”

As you will see in the video above, Adam Wohl, co-founder/CD at MIR in New York,  goes to their website and chats with a Sears rep online regarding a fictitious broken air conditioner. He asks if a technician could come to his house, diagnose the problem and specifically explain how to fix the problem for nothing. The technician replies “I’m sorry, we do not provide free estimates.” In the words of Alanis Morissette, Isn’t it ironic … don’t you think?

‘Rear’ View Cam Racks Up Five Million Views and Counting

So, the latest sensation to hit YouTube features two women (Jessie & Reanin) who dreamt up the idea to place a hidden camera in their jeans to catch the public starring at their bums. Within six days, the video has reached over five million views and climbing. In the video, everyone from men, women, old people and even Jesus can’t resist taking a peak at the ladies backsides.

What was presented as a viral video starring two girls who love themselves a little too much, turns out to be a BBDO Auckland and Levi’s effort, which are both taking credit for the video promoting its Curve ID Skinny Jeans. Check out some behind the scenes footage after the jump.
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Canines Replace Human Recruiters at Cleveland Shop

Oh boy, it appears that Cleveland ad shop Marcus Thomas has lost its mind by enlisting canine recruiters in its efforts to staff up. Really?

Human resources vp Lori Hedrick notes, “Traditional advertising, and even traditional social media advertising, has not attracted the number nor the level of online-savvy applicants it seeks. So the agency has created what it believes is advertising’s first canine recruitment video.”

We’re not even going to break down the video above. You have to see it with your own eyes to appreciate the ridiculousness. If this piece wasn’t enough, you can expect future canine recruitment videos, each starring a new doggy recruiter with the goal of filling 15 job openings such as AD, CW, designer, AE, media planner, community manager, information architect, researcher, audience insight and administrative positions etc.

For 18 years, dogs have been running rampant at MT, with at least a half-dozen on premises daily attending meetings, taking breaks, making on the floor, licking their privates etc. We know sex, babies and puppies sell but c’mon. Besides, Miami Ad School has been doing the doggy bit for years.

Formula 1 AOR Duties Go to Exopolis

Following an “extensive” review of pitches from a “number of agencies,” likely Longhorn fans Exopolis nabbed AOR for Formula 1 United States. F1 is set to open what the brand is touting to be “a new world-class facility” spanning 1000 acres and the Exopolis’s duties will include naming and brand development, strategy and communications for the facility. From 2012-2021, it will serve as the home of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix (that is if we’re still alive after 2012).

Exopolis CEO/CCO’ Matt Hovis says in a statement, “As a lifelong Formula 1 fan, I’ve been obsessively following local developments since Formula 1 made the announcement it was coming to Austin early last summer. The opportunity to brand and market Formula 1 U.S. is an exciting time for Exopolis and we’ve already hit the ground running at top speed. It’s going to be a very exciting partnership for us.”

Fellow Austin-based firm Hahn will handle media relations and additional support.

Heine Hits the Million Mark

Heineken recently surpassed one million Facebook likes, and to celebrate, AKQA created this film for the beer brand. which features the tag “Thanks a million” and fetching local models (sporting some neat Heineken shirts) to cruise around Amsterdam’s popular Heine spots to give out as many hugs possible. Just hugs gents, just hugs. These numbers place Heineken not only as the #1 beer brand on social media, but the #1 brand of any alcoholic beverage–or so they tell us.

Nick Bailey, ECD at AKQA says in a statement,  “We wanted to help Heineken mark the million like’s milestone with something that put a smile on fans’ faces and that brought people together – just like the beer. The end result is a heartwarming reminder that social networking isn’t about technology – it’s about fun and friendship.” Is it happy hour yet?