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Berlin Cameron United

Berlin Cameron Steals Dress for Gilt

Berlin Cameron United’s new campaign for Gilt features a chase scene and some unusual disrobing.

Upon sighting a model in a sleek yellow dress, a woman decides she can’t live without the outfit and chases after her. The model frantically runs away, because that’s what you do when you’re pursued by a woman with a crazy look in her eye. Appropriately set to the song “Suit” by Boom! Bap! Pow!, which features lyrics like “You’re so cute, I want to wear you like a suit. I think you’d look pretty good on me,” the chase concludes with the woman accessing Gilt’s site on her smartphone. This causes the dress to seamlessly slide off the model and on to the chaser, leaving the model in her underwear. While a tad on the ridiculous side, the spot shows off the instant gratification of shopping on the designer fashion site in a fun way. The 30-second ad, which went up on YouTube today, will spread to television on Monday, reports Adweek. Credits after the jump. Read more

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Berlin Cameron’s Best Work of the Year: A Holiday Card?

As you’ve seen on here the past week, it’s pretty much mandatory these days for every creative agency in the world to whip up some fun, whimsical holiday card. It’s every shop’s way of saying, “Hey, you, we can be creative about Christmas. Just look at how original this thing is. Disney couldn’t have come up with something this endearing.”

But, what if a holiday card is the only thing that your agency did this year worth remembering? Come to think of it, we haven’t really posted any major Berlin Cameron United-related since the agency won Amazon in August 2009. Well, that must be our mistake, right? Surely Google News has some sort of…wait, nope, not really. Well, on second thought, there was this.

In any case, the video above is Berlin Cameron United’s holiday video. Hopefully 2011 looks a bit more promising, guys? But we appreciate the sentiment as well as the fact that BCU avoided using Vampire Weekend’s annoying “Holiday” song yet again. Watch a making-of clip after the jump.

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Berlin Cameron United Wins Amazon Account


You’re reading this first on AgencySpy: Berlin Cameron United has won the Amazon account, less than a year after the recently decimated agency Doner agency beat out Cole & Weber United, Publicis, Seattle and McKinney for the account.

We’re short of details at this time, but a representative from BC-P did confirm the win. According to a source, “Berlin Cameron United’s final pitch presentation to Amazon went so well they were awarded the business immediately. A 360 campaign will roll out with tv starting in September. The campaign focuses on traditional media but utilizes supporting media as well.”

Amazon recently announced its purchase of online retailer Zappos. We wonder if the campaign will roll in elements of that company’s offerings as well. More to come.

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You Should Have Seen This, Says Copywriter


Finally, someone has taken the time to cull the 99 things we all should have seen on the inter Webs by now. If you haven’t Where The Hell is Matt or I’m the Juggernaut B*tch! (“get that shit out my face b*tch”) or the other 97 fantasmic videos here, get on it at YouShouldHaveSeenThis.

YSHST is the brainchild of Berlin Cameron copywriter Greg Rutter, who admits that his e-mail letting us know about the site was a lame attempt at self promotion. He probably didn’t think we’d publish that.

The site is “Rutter’s definitive list of the 99 things you should have already experienced on the internet unless you’re a loser or old or something.” Damn, now you have to check it out. Greg you should Digg this &#151 Digg likes lists.

And thanks man, for doing the dirty work so we can waste the latter half of Friday. Rickedy, Do.

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AOR Musical Chairs: Vitamin Water Moves To BBH


What were we saying about Berlin Cameron the other day? Oh right. They are waist deep in the shit. Well, guess what? Now they’re buried up to their noses. Vitaminwater has separated from the agency and moved their account to BBH. Holy crapola, Batman. Seems like The Boys Club policy here in New York of having staffers chip in $150 a month for their health insurance was a very smart move. We’re sure they are eagle eyeing other cost cutting measures. Let us just hope it doesn’t come down to people.

The economy has forced some serious limitations on agencies looking to stay in the black or even, increase their revenue:

- Campaigns have been put on hold by CMOs

- Fewer established brands are willing to launch that new product. Anyone recall the mysterious Microsoft phone agencies were pitching for a few months back?

- Companies that were just big enough to need advertising support may be experiencing slower growth and rethinking hiring a shop at all. And guess what? Obama has no written provisions for small businesses in that gigantic stimulus package. Great. The tipping point may have disappeared for many folks.

- And foremost, brands are unhappy with their sales numbers, desperate for a boost in sales anyway they can get it. Often, that means pointing the figure at your ad agency. Deserved or not.

Staying in business is going to come to one simple thing – whose client can you steal? BBDO took back Jeep. BBH snags Vitamin Water. BMW is looking for an out at GSD&M and everyone seems to be looking for another dance parter rather than continuing to tango with Cliff Freeman. Keep your eye out. We’re sure that AOR music chairs will only continue.

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Harry Bernstein Bails On Berlin Cameron And The New York Shop Is In Some Serious Shit


What’s going on at Berlin Cameron New York? The easy answer: nothing. The more complicated answer: everything. Depends on how you look at it. The agency has suffered recently. They’ve lost Tidy Cat to Avrett Free Ginsberg, Boost to180LA, Heinken and Soy Milk, too. Yes, this year they did pick up some Wyndham business, so that happened, but what’s the in comparison to these huge losses?

Folks have been jumping ship from the New York shop all year. Creative Director Harry Bernstein has also left the agency to go client side. He is now the CD over at game house, Rockstar Games. Congrats to Harry. Way to jump ship while the jumpin’ is good.

In the larger picture of BC? The agency is trying to right its wings. In April 2008, Andy Berlin, stepped down as the head of BC for semi-retirement in Florida leaving Ewen Cameron to lead all of the agency. And according to Brand Republic, the shop has a lot of work to do to make good.

As The Boys Club tries to forge a new identity and get some wins, the New York shop suffers and suffers.

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Berlin Cameron Loses Silk Soy Milk

Two days ago, I wrote that Berlin Cameron still had Silk Soy Milk. I was wrong.

After speaking with the Silk’s public relations team, I’ve realized that Berlin is off the account. The last work the agency created for the brand took place in April 2008. The campaign was called “Take A Sip Forward.” What happened in the intervening months? The old stand by regarding the “Boys Club” in New York is that they are great a hyper-cool, culturally hip campaigns. Forget about the mass brands. It ain’t their thing.

Silk spent $25 million-plus on media last year, up from $22 million in 2006, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The new agency has yet to be named. Stay tuned.

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Berlin Cameron Loses Tidy Cat


Tidy Cats’ litter has been up for review. The account was estimated at $15M and has gone to Avrett Free. The agency was already taking care of Nestle’s Purina brand. The account had been with Berlin Cameron United for almost eleven years. Fallon, JWT and Colle + MCvoy had pitched for the business, as well. Oh, poor Fallon.

Meanwhile, President Bill Grogan left Berlin Cameron this past May and was never replaced. It doesn’t seem to have effected the shop too much. Yes, the they lost Boost, but the shop is plowing ahead like their work for Silk Soy Milk.

The Creative Director over at Berlin Cameron happens to also be an actor. Griffin Creech is also the star of those chimpanzee commercials. Sometimes it happens – employees of ad firms end up in spots like in the UPS “Whiteboard” commercials that feature The Martin Agency’s Creative Director, Andy Azula. That’s a nice little bonus for working the long hours, no?


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Tidy Cat Leaves BCU as Grogan Departs

BillMurray copy.jpg

AdWeak reported recently that Tidy Cat is leaving BCU. The cat product manufacturer has been a client for the last 11 years. Other clients on the agency’s roster include Coca-Cola, Mello Yello, GM and more.

Sad, sad things.

But for those of you who still enjoy BCU’s work (sounds like a college, or something) head to, click “work” then “old school.” You won’t regret it. Nor will you regret clicking to the rest of this story.

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Terry Richardson’s Private Room At The Belvedere

Hell, I liked the Terry Richardson campaign by Berlin Cameron for Belvedere Vodka.

As a continuation of the Belvedere’s “Luxury Reborn” campaign, Terry Richardson has launched “Terry’s Room.” That link will lead you to the vodka makers home page. Then click on “Discover Luxury Reborn” and get all engrossed in Terry’s world. There’s videos (like the one above) and add all that other stuff to keep you entertained in Terry’s salacious world.

Have a great day!!