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Enfatico’s Dealing With a Lot These Days


It can’t be easy to build the next big thing in advertising, but that’s what Enfatico is trying to do. A pat on the back to the hard-working people inside there who are making the thing churn, but let’s take a quick second to analyze the barriers they’re facing in today’s hellish environment.

1. Building an agency while trying to put out work isn’t easy people. Seriously, it’s like racing in the Indy 500 while assembling your car. We’ve mentioned the issues associated with this for a while, like for example the use of Mother, Schematic(o) and Razorfish as a crutch during the transition. There’s also the issue of a scrutinizing public that expects something from the non-existent agency that put 800 or so shops on the block last year. As my Dad used to say, “bullshit baffles brains”.

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From Whence Came This Dell Ad?

Though they have been Dell’s maker-of-TV-work, sources inside Mother tell us the above ad did not originate from within their walls, (as you’ll recall) the New York “matriarch” is acting as Dell’s TV work-horse, through December. George Parker seems to think the ad belongs to Enfatico, but we aren’t convinced.

With WPP in a hiring freeze, we aren’t sure Enfatico has the staff to complete TV yet (this isn’t to say they don’t, but we haven’t heard otherwise). Though according to a source, the environment inside Enfatico’s Austin shop is very…active/busy/hectic. Makes us wonder if they too suffer from a lack of staff (like Mindshare), and therefore have employees doing the work of three.

An insider at the WPP shop tells us they don’t think the above spot is Enfatico’s work. Then, could it be from Schematic? Not likely, because (last we heard) they have been doing Enfatico’s interactive work, and reportedly almost pulled out of the agency completely a little while back.

So who’s responsible for it? And more importantly, what do you think of it? We’re dying to know your thoughts.

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Razorfish Still Works for Dell (Read: Enfatico)

The newly re-named Razorfish is still working for Enfatico? Here’s the deets: the Austin shop didn’t ever stop working for Dell, according to our source, who is muy close to the scenario. Yeah, so um, include Mother in that list and juxtapose the WPP hiring freeze, and you’ve got at least two non-WPP shops that are doing the dirty for Dell. Let’s not forget about Schematic!

Question: how is Enfatico going to keep hiring during a hiring freeze?

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Enfatico Continues To “Reinvent The Agency.” Sure. Whatever You Say.

“Seems like lots of people are getting promoted and taking on really fucktard titles like.. ” That’s a George Parker quote and the “fucktards” he’s mentioning are the newest members of the Enfatico team.

Jeffrey Wilks (who surely isn’t a “fucktard”) was previously president of Enfatico’s Business Solutions Group, has become COO. Harish Vasudevan, who was regional COO for Enfatico’s evolution from Project DaVinci, is now managing director for the Asia-Pacific region.

Enfatico also gets its first global creative director in Dave Schafer, a former cd at little know shop RTCRM in Washington, D.C.

Liz Deutch, formerly of Draftfcb, has been named the Chief Value Architect for Small Business.


Jennifer Kuratek Seidel is now the new chief value architect for consumer. She was a senior account director at BBDO in New York. Wait a minute. What does this title fricking mean? Anyone? Are these two women, like, the ombudsmans of Enfatico? Oh no. We see. That’s a fancy way of saying: “directs global strategy and manages integrated
campaign development ”

Torrence Boone, CEO said:

“Enfatico is reinventing the client-agency model, delivering global strategic and operational excellence across all communications disciplines.”

Just a note: just because you make up some new, obscure title does not mean you are reinventing the agency.

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Enfatico Responds on Cris Fortes, Gary Steele and Mike Miller

We reached out to Enfatico to get some clarification on three employees we heard were heading elsewhere. (Chief procurement officer) Cris Fortes‘ last day was 5 days ago, Gary Steele (global transition officer) bailed in April and is heading to Arnold in Boston, and CIO Mike Miller left back in March. So what’s the deal, Enfatico?

“Wanted to provide some contect [sic] around some of the reporting and your most-recent inquiry.

Per your last question, Mike Miller left Enfatico in March. He was appointed by WPP and was instrumental in helping Enfatico take shape. John Roulston-Bates, our CTO, has been with Enfatico since the early transition team. As we’ve continued to build out our own senior leadership team, we have made the strategic decision not to fill the CIO spot.

Gary Steele was part of the initial transition team. He left the agency in April, although he did continue to have a strategic consulting relationship with other members of the WPP family. Stephen Sonnenfeld, as you know, is our President of Consumer Solutions.

Generally speaking, while we do not comment on personnel matters, we did want to give some context around Cris Fortes, who has left the agency, as you have noted. For clarification’s sake, Cris was not a member of Enfatico’s Senior Leadership Team.

Finally, it’s important to note that there was a transition team and that over time, we have appointed and rounded out key members of our Senior Leadership Team. In the next week, we will be announcing additional appointments to our SLT.”

And we’ll be waiting to see who they’ve picked up. Let the commentary begin.

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Exclusive: Cris Fortes Leaves Enfatico to “Pursue Other Interests”


Cris Fortes is the second officer at Enfatico to leave in recent days &#151 and the second we’re reporting on today.

Fortes, who started with the agency in June 2008 (according to LinkedIn), was the chief procurement officer. Per a source close to the matter, his last day was Friday, Oct. 3, and he has “left to pursue other interests”. Unquote.

Hmm, just a few posts down, SuperSpy reported that Gary Steele, a global transitions officer also left. Steele, you’ll recall, left for Arnold in Boston, and the mickey D’s account. His and Fortes’ departures beg the question: WTF is going on at Enfatico?

A representative from the agency did not return our e-mail by the time this story was published. But we hear they’re not supposed to talk to us &#151 didn’t realize that may include PR…

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Enfatico Gary Steele Parks In A New Pasture

Thirty-year veteran Gary Steele has been hired by Boston Havas’ Arnold as managing partner, executive director. Steele was Enfatico’s global transition officer and helped develop the new agency’s general structure.

While some call this evidence that Enfatico is a sinking ship, lets look again. He was the transition officer. Um, that’s not a real job. That is a get the fat consultancy pay check and move on kind of gig. Steele was probably always looking to move onto greener pastures.

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Enfatico Speaks And Answer Critics


Enfatico’s CEO, Torrence Boone went on the record with Adage in an attempt to quiet his critics. Dude don’t listen to the ad world. Do your thing. Put your head down and make it a success. Ah, well… it must suck to have everyone calling your agency Enfartico or pointing out the the Dell ads were made on MACs. So, Boone wants to throw a punch back. Aiight then.

The Good Morning America ready Boone (look at that jaw line!) claims that Enfatico is more than just an in-house agency for Dell. It is a full service agency that will be taking on other clients. Agencies have begun this way before. You get one big client, pump out brilliant work and then, move on to securing others. Remember Element79?

Boone goes on to talk staffing: “We have close to 1,000 staff members worldwide, and we have transitioned 90% to 95% of the work that was accounted for by the 800-plus agencies around the globe.

TB says his agency goes against the traditional model, which everyone knows is under siege. “-Many are incredibly bloated, not cost-efficient, organized around 30-second television spots and huge broadcast production budgets that are evaporating.”

You see, Enfatico is about “true integration.” Those are Terrence’s words. Oh shit! There’s another concept we’re all familiar with – in-te-gra-tion. Yes, yes, but how are you going to achieve that Mr. Boone? He’s seems to be relying on public relations jargon:
“-everything under one roof, zero legacy, one profit-and-loss statement, analytics, cost efficiency. We’re media agnostic… all of these things provide a much-differentiated value proposition.

Right. Your legacy is WPP. Even as a separate entity, Enfatico answers to a large conglomerate, which has demands, insurance policies, protocols for its employees. Enfatico may try hard to be a maverick in this space, but is it really possible? Adage, sadly, doesn’t ask the question, nor point out the contradiction.

Terrence goes on to talk about how he expected the harsh backlash from Madison Avenue. He’s planning on signing his next client in six to nine months. He also plans on re-setting the bar of what an agency can deliver.

Okay. Go for it. We’re cheering for anyone who wants to muck with the game, but from all we know about Enfatico and the PR-based information in this article, we’re skeptical. Very.

Schematico’s CEO Responds to “Dumping” Enfatico

Trevor kaufman.png

Raw and uncut (OK, we hit “enter” a few times to break up the paragraphs). From a comment under this story, we’ll let Schematic(o) CEO Trevor Kaufman explain things to you as he sees them.

My name is Trevor Kaufman, and I’m the CEO of Schematic.

We’re not, in any way, abandoning Enfatico. In fact, it’s quite the opposite &#151 we’re entirely committed to supporting Enfatico as it builds its digital staff, and to supporting Dell on an ongoing basis.

We’re not going away any time soon, but Enfatico’s mandate is to build an integrated and efficient model to service Dell and other clients with a single P&L, and that requires Enfatico building strong in-house digital capabilities.

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Exclusive: Schematic(o) Bailing on Enfatico, Kinda Being Douchey About it


UPDATE 9/05/08: Schematico’s CEO Responds to “Dumping” Enfatico

Schematic (aka Schematico), the interactive shop that’s been acting as Enfatico’s interactive department ([possibly] producing such wonders as Digital Nomads…oh wait that’s it so far) is apparently splitting with the ginormous start-up.

According to sources within both agencies, Schematic is pulling out ‘cuz it doesn’t want to be a production house for the giant. We like to think it’s due to blunder after blunder after blunder preceded by this blunder which was folowed by this blunder (oh and don’t forget about these little guys: blunder; blunder; blunderydoo; blunderwear; and finally, blunder me) on Enfatico’s part, but your best guess as to the real reasons is as good as ours.

Mucho more on this, after the…hopskipanda.

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