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Did Global Hue’s Top Brass Lose the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Work?

dcoleman.pngLate Wednesday we reported that Wieden + Kennedy have won the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee account, business that Global Hue was supposed to complete. But Chrysler Group LLC announced yesterday in a statement given to AgencySpy that they’d handed the project to W+K, citing Global Hue’s heavy multicultural workload.

At the time we published that story, a source familiar with the matter had informed us that the reason Global Hue lost the account was not due to a heavy workload &#151 rather an alleged botched pitch by GH CEO Don Coleman (pictured) and a former creative director Kevyn Lewis. At the time we only had verification from one source, but today another has come forward and confirmed the story.

As the story goes, Global Hue’s creative and strategic teams created a comprehensive pitch over the course of two months. One source reveals that teams working on the pitch pulled the standard 70-hour weeks preparing for the pitch (12 total, we hear) &#151 but they’d never get the chance to present.

That’s because Coleman and Lewis insisted, we’re told, that their ideas be presented to the clients and no one else. Furthermore, sources tell us Coleman and Lewis presented the work without any help. According to those who know, Chrysler was unimpressed by the creative and last week informed Global Hue that W+K pitched something better.

So on the one hand you have Global Hue’s executives allegedly dropping the ball on their one shot at redemption for the general market Jeep work. On the other, they continue to create multi-cultural work the client is happy with. As Chrysler noted yesterday, Global Hue will now handle much of the multi-cult work, and all of the strategy. It’s no small feat, but for an agency trying to drop a flag in general market territory this loss will hurt.

Look for a few Global Hue creatives to jump ship. We’ve heard folks have been trickling out for a few months as it is.

Update: Global Hue responds:

The Jeep Grand Cherokee campaign process was a normal engagement and a team effort that involved creative and management interaction on all levels. We respect our client’s decision to put a heavier emphasis on multicultural marketing and leverage our expertise in that area while maintaining our role as the lead agency for the Jeep brand.

GlobalHue continues to oversee various general market accounts, which include Jeep, MGM Grand Detroit and Bermuda Tourism.

GlobalHue has significantly increased both its human capital and revenue performance throughout the economic downturn and employee departures are normal attrition.

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Global Hue’s Digital Dept. Gets 3rd Leader in 6 Months

2afe552.jpgFirst it was Carl Izzi, but he didn’t know enough about digital. Then Brian Anderson (story), but he wasn’t ready for the work. Now GlobalHue has asked Brian Williams (pictured) to step and run the shop’s burgeoning digital offering.

Details are foggy regarding Anderson’s departure, but word is digital account and creative folks have been leaving (to the tune of 7-10 total) since the new year. Why? Same story: digital restructuring is best accomplished from the ground up.

Now it’s up to Anderson’s replacement, Williams, to right the ship. He won’t be working alone. Joining the ranks as Digital ECD is MRM alum Michael Jacobs, who had been working solely on the GM business.

Williams too has MRM on his resume. Maybe that history will help the shop get its digital act together. Maybe not. A strong step in that direction would be to sway public opinion by sharing some successful efforts or at least managing rumors about journalistic impropriety. Sometimes though, you have to take one on the chin.

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GlobalHue’s Kelli Coleman Reacts to Adweek Nod


Despite the less-than-flattering reactions to its recent ad campaign for Jeep, GlobalHue nonetheless nabbed “Multicultural Agency of the Decade” honors from Adweek this morning (Goodby meanwhile won Agency of the Decade).

Kelli Coleman, the agency’s VP of business development, tells us that she is “extremely honored and humbled” by the win, which “validates years of hard work and study.” According to Coleman, the proof is in the financial statements as GlobalHue has increased billings from $560M to $825M between 2006 and 2008 via its business units like GlobalHue Africanic, GlobalHue Latino, GlobalHue Asian and GlobalHue Next. The continual revenue growth is perhaps the most noteworthy item to pluck from all this.

While the exec cites early Domino’s work, the launch of Neon for Chrysler, the Jeep Cherokee Classic work featuring Barry White, Verizon campaigns targeting Hispanic consumers and the initial campaign for Bermuda Tourism as efforts that led GlobalHue to the Adweek accolades, she says the significant projects still don’t translate into mainstream acceptance of MC agencies. “Multicultural consumers, as well as agencies have been marginalized,” Coleman states. “However, marketers can no longer ignore MC consumers’ exploding populations and buying power. We fully understand that our knowledge of these consumers and their effect on popular culture has prepared us for many other AOR assignments.”

With US census bureau predictions claiming that white America will become the minority by 2042, one can assume that agencies like GlobalHue (as well as Bromley, Conill, Vidal, Alma DDB, etc.) that are doing multicultural work now could better handle general market projects as the date approaches. Of course, it’s still too early to tell whether the Mad Men as we know them will take heed. And while GlobalHue has had its issues with clients like Bermuda Tourism, the Jeep win is obviously a major catalyst for the agency’s evolution according to Coleman. “The Jeep win allows for both increased staffing and revenue,” she says. “But more importantly, it helps fuel our evolution into what we call the ‘total market’ via GlobalHue Next. ‘Total market’ is a term coined by GlobalHue used to describe today’s highly complex, multidimensional society. GH Next is the division that connects brands to the total U.S. market.”

While the Jeep work as of late hasn’t necessarily reflected the agency’s growth and positive qualities, does GlobalHue’s Adweek nod deem a closer look at the impact of multicultural agencies today?

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Global Hue Picks Up Strategist Brian Anderson for New Position: Executive Digital Officer


GlobalHue, an agency known for its multi-cultural prowess that of late has focused on winning general market work, has created an executive digital officer position which is to be filled by Lion winning strategist Brian Anderson.

“Technology and the world of digital marketing is changing rapidly,” said Don Coleman, Chairman and CEO of GlobalHue in a statement. “Clients want agencies that can create strategic, influential programs that are integrated efficiently across all communications platforms. Brian’s experience working across the entire spectrum of technology will help us continue to innovate our digital marketing creative services for our clients.”

Anderson, a former Stratos-Group practice director and lead executive, has the Herculean task of leading innovation and coordination of the agency’s digital strategies across the network.

But is it what GlobalHue needs? If the agency’s Jeep work is any indication, what the shop really needs is creative &#151 strategy and planning appear to be humming along well enough to win the kind of business that will show the industry they’ve broken free of their multi-cultural history. Without leaving their behind the stuff that got them to where they are today.

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Time Can’t Go Fast Enough in Global Hue’s Jeep Ad

With Sergio Marchionne‘s marathon press briefing about the future of Chrysler now underway, we unfortunately have to start things off on a bad note.

Above is the new 30-second Jeep spot from Global Hue, which is part of the “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep.” campaign that Marchionne is expected to unveil today. We’re thinking the creative(s) behind this is obsessed with Coldplay’s “Clocks”, because that’s about the only thing this rather forgettable ad reminds us of. Lewis Lazare at the Chicago Sun-Times was a bit more frank in his assessment, calling this “Ghastly. Unspeakably bad. Pompous. Empty” and something that hits “a new low in advertising.” It’s hard to argue with his logic or that of the commenters in this morning’s Jeep post, as the message is muddled at best in a spot that leaves us hoping that things can only get better from here.

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Chrysler So Far: Jeep to Expand Globally


Today Chrysler is set to reveal a number of things about their brands. The six-hour press conference is happening in Michigan and though we don’t have anyone there, we’ll be bringing you updates along the way. So far, nothing, except this.

A Wall Street Journal story regarding the future of Jeep signals good news for GlobalHue in the short-term, and whoever lands the account long-term.

“As part of a new five-year business strategy it will unveil Wednesday, Chrysler is expected to spell out a plan to expand Jeep’s sales dramatically, especially in overseas markets, people familiar with the matter said.”

WSJ via Jalopnik

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Digital Is Traditional, Traditional Is Digital: Razorfish Goes 360

Today, Adweek has an article up about digital shop, Razorfish, getting into the broadcast game for detergent brand, All. If anyone caught that last episode of Celebrity Apprentice (and I’m sure you didn’t), you’ll recall that the teams were tasked with creating a “viral” video for the brand. The results were pretty mediocre, but whatever. The agency went on to take two of the contestants, Joan and Melissa Rivers, and feature them in Razorfish’s first ever broadcast production. You can watch it above.

From the article: “Razorfish has a history in digital media and developing Web sites,” said Marc Lucas, executive creative director for Razorfish in New York. “In the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve made a push to be a marketing services company and being more media agnostic.”

All just recently put its creative account into review. While BBH is the incumbent, it ended up goin to Lowe. However, wouldn’t it have been rad if Razorfish just snuck in there and took the booty? Forget about whether you like or hate the spot. Isn’t just a wee bit exciting to see a digital agency is now just an agency and vice versa? Lines are blurring left and right. Consider that GlobalHue, which has long been billed as the the biggest multicultural agency, won their MGM Grand account as just an agency – serving every color, gender and platform under the sun. Finally – the whole bag of goods is getting mixed up. It’s about time.

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GlobalHue Is Under Attack By Their Own Client


It’s a pugilistic kind of morning Monday. Mega-multicultural agency, GlobalHue, is being taken to task by their client, the Bermuda Department of Tourism Board [BDOT]. The Auditor General, Larry Dennis (pictured above), has said that he has “misgivings about the appropriateness of some payments to GlobalHue” and that the Department of Tourism may have paid $1.8 million too much to the company.

GlobalHue buys time for their client through many outlets, but one, Cornerstone Media, has caught the eye of Dennis. You see, GlobalHue pre-bills the Bermuda for the placements. Yeah and who doesn’t? The problem is that this practice is not allowed under the government’s financial rules. Plus, Cornerstone Media has allegedly not provided invoices for placements. Dennis also says that Bermuda did not receive refunds on canceled placements.

Jacqueline Reynolds, GlobalHue’s executive vice president has called the comments libelous and also said that, “Often, GlobalHue has not received payment by the BDOT in time to pay media vendors and has advanced funds to prevent a problem with vendors not accepting BDOT advertising without payment upfront.” She added that GlobalHue hired Cornerstone to purchase BDOT media with no commission charge to the BDOT.

Her final kick in the face? She said GlobalHue &#151 which has offices in Detroit, New York and California &#151 had an annual revenue of $800 million and Bermuda was its smallest account. “Our profits are derived from accounts other than the contract with Bermuda,” she said.

Okay, so who wants to pitch the Bermuda Tourism board? Now is the time.

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Advertising is the Devil’s Game, Like For Reals

We’ve been reading Steffan Postaer‘s book “The Happy Soul Industry” which tells the tale of an angel whose mission is to find an ad agency for Heaven and spread a message of goodness. We’re not there yet but we presume the devil will come into play somehow &#151 and with that we take you to a story out of Detroit where the MGM Grand Casino has a new billboard created by Globalhue. On it is a close shot of a woman’s eyes, and she’s got that whole night-eyes, lady of the evening thing going on. She’ll suck you right in, like a tractor beam. And to make matters more devilish, she’s got eerily blue skin and gold eyes. Apparently her presence is bothering some locals. Watch the video. Would she bother you?

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Damon Davis Leaves GlobalHue After 20 Years


After 20 years, Damon A. Davis has decided to leave his post as one of the lead creative designers at GlobalHue. Davis is setting off to start his own shop, DDDesign Advertising. His new agency will focus on brand advertising and emerging technologies.

Damon’s departure comes as GlobalHue begins an enormous strategic shift in its thinking and business practices. The agency is supposedly looking to reformat the idea of “minority” advertising from structure, capability to tactics and scope. Perhaps Damon didn’t want to go in for the overhaul or maybe, he just figured the gettin’ was good. But listen – it’s not a moment too soon for multicultural agencies to redefine the game and the playing field. These type of shops have been overlooked and marginalized for too long.

Hey students? GlobalHue recently announced that they would give away $100,000 in scholarships to students who are focusing their education on entrepreneurship and attending historically black or Hispanic institutions. The Coleman Entrepreneurial Scholarship program will award 20 full-time students, either juniors or seniors, $5,000 each for the 2009-2010 academic school year.

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