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Working Not Working Lists Most Desirable Full-Time Gigs

wnwlogoanimated1Freelance network Working Not Working has unveiled a list of the top 46 companies its freelancers “would kill to work” for full-time, and the list includes several advertising agencies. Among the agencies Working Not Working freelancers would most like to work for are: 360i, 72andSunny, Barton F. Graf 9000, BBDO, BBH, Droga 5, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Mother, Periera & O’Dell, Venables Bell & Partners, and Wieden+Kennedy. The list also included a wealth of design and production companies, as well as Google, HBO, Cartoon Network, Tesla, and NASA (for some reason). Stick around for the full list after the jump. Read more

ECD Christian Haas is Leaving Goodby

0ee5644Executive creative director Christian Haas has announced that he is leaving Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, AdAge reports. Haas does not have plans for his next full-time gig following his departure, although he is “advising a few startup clients and planning to freelance,” while the agency currently “is in discussions about the best leadership scenario for N.Y. going forward.” Comcast/Xfinity, which had been handled by both the agency’s New York and San Francisco offices, will will be run by San Francisco-based executive creative directors Adam Reeves and Nick Klinkert.

“I want to go somewhere I feel both excited and terrified — the feelings I had when I first joined Goodby,” Haas said. “I’m not leaving to go somewhere. I want to try something new and I want to take my time to find it.”

Haas arrived at Goody, Silverstein & Partners back in 2006, following over seven years at Organic. He was named a founding partner of the agency’s New York office in January, 2013, where he launched campaigns for the likes of YouTube, Google, Comcast and PledgeMusic. During his time with the agency, Haas was instrumental in making the Omnicom-owned shop a digital powerhouse while leading work for brands such as Sprint, HP, EBay, GE, and Got Milk. In 2010, Creativity named Haas one of its Creativity 50. Read on for Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby‘s memo to agency staff following the break. Read more

Hey, Welcome to Goodby, Eric Kallman

59_Eric_Kallman_thumbYes, San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners has hired Eric Kallman as a creative director. In case you don’t recall, Kallman is one of the creative minds who was behind the now-ubiquitous, award-winning Old Spice “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign who was poached by Gerry Graf and Barton F. Graf 9000 nearly three years ago. During his time at said agency, he helped win and worked with clients ranging from Little Caesar’s, DISH, Finlandia to Disney among others. Anyhow, he’s now headed to the Bay Area to join up with GS&P co-founder/co-chairman Jeff Goodby, who says in a statement, ““I think Eric will be an inspiration to our clients, to our people and, frankly, to me. I’m looking forward to watching how he sells such challenging, distinctive work.”

Along with his time with Gerry Graf and W+K Portland, Kallman served at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. According to Goodby, the CD will work on accounts including fast-food chain Sonic and “got milk?” for California Milk Processor Board  as well as helping to lead various new business pitches.

Frito-Lay Offers to Remove Grandma, Install Speaker Dancer


Goodby Silverstein and Partners‘ latest work for Frito-Lay is a new campaign promoting Tostitos fajita flavored scoops! tortilla chips and Tostitos queso blanco dip — two products launched around last week’s 2014 Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl — as well as Tostitos cantina thin and crispy toritlla chips and Tostitos cantina chipotle salsa. Entitled “Bring The Party,” the campaign is centered around two new television spots: “Grandma” and “Speaker Dancer” (featured above).

Both spots focus on the over-the-top “O’Hare’s Party Repair” company, who bust in on boring parties to save them with their party expertise. It’s a goofy  jab at classic, local home-repair ads that finds the company taking obvious measures like replacing lame snacks with the aforementioned Tostitos products, as well as more drastic ones, like removing grandma from the house for a day or installing a speaker dancer. I think someone forgot that grandmas buy Tostitos, too.

What sets the ads apart is the engagement they offer after the commercials are over. Both the phone number provided and the website are fully operational. At the Bring The Party website, you can find “Pocket Party Repair Tools” such as Conversation Escape Call, Pocket Dancer, and Party Foul Cards, as well as a list of other services. I think we’ve all been to a party that could have benefited from a few Party Foul Cards being handed out. The “Bring The Pary” campaign “also includes digital, social media, in-store activations and public relations.” Stick around for “Grandma” after the jump. Read more

Gareth Kay Leaves Goodby

garethkayAfter spending four-and-a-half years at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Gareth Kay has parted ways with the agency. Kay initially joined Goodby from the now-defunct Modernista!  in summer 2009 as director of digital strategy, eventually moving up a year later to associate partner/director of brand strategy to finally his most recent role as chief strategy officer at the San Francisco-based agency. Kay has informed us that yesterday was his last day at GS&P, and though he won’t reveal specifics on his next venture (as it’s in “stealth mode”), here’s a note that Goodby managing partner Derek Robson sent to staff last month that should give you perhaps a little idea:

“It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Gareth Kay has decided to leave the agency.  He is off to start a new company that focuses on the stuff that he is personally most passionate about and which is not part of the advertising agency world.  He’ll be leaving us later this month.

Gareth joined GS&P in 2009 as the Director of Digital Strategy and from the very start; he challenged the agency to think beyond the traditional definitions of advertising.

In September 2011, he was promoted to Chief Strategy Officer and since then he has helped evolve the Strategy discipline here at the agency as well as the day-to-day running of the department. Under his leadership, the agency continued it’s impressive streak of Effie award wins – 51 Effie awards for our work for 35 different clients over the past 15 years.

Beyond all the good work that Gareth has done for our clients and within the agency he has also become one of the most well respected thought leaders in the business, speaking at events around the world.  He has been a tireless advocate for the agency for the past four years.

We thank him, we will miss him, and we wish him well in his new endeavor.

We will not be replacing the Chief Strategy Officer position.  Our strategy leadership is in the capable hands of [Head of Brand Strategy] Andy Grayson, [Director of Communication Strategy] Christine Chen and [Group Research and Analytics Director] Margaret Coles.


Along with his six-year stint at Modernista!, where he last served as head of planning, Kay also held planning positions at Lowe and TBWA during his career.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners Ring in Holiday Season with ‘Jingle Hoops’ for NBA

Last year, Goodby Silverstein & Partners celebrated the holidays with their “BIG: Color” spot for the NBA, which they sometimes refer to as “Carol of the Balls” (sounds a bit gross to me.) Following on the success of that spot, the agency has put together another NBA Christmas carol for hoops fans, this time taking on the ubiquitous Christmas song known variously as “Jingle Bells” and “One-Horse Open Sleigh.”

The spot, “Jingle Hoops,” (the folks over at Goodby are undoubtedly referring to it as “Jingle Balls”) features five of today’s biggest NBA stars – Derrick RoseKevin DurantStephen CurryJames HardenSteve Nash and LeBron James – wearing Special Edition Christmas Day Uniforms and shooting hoops rigged with jingle bells, to a certain famous Christmas tune. Since the song normally ends with a shout of “Hey,” they had LeBron finish things out with an enthusiastic dunk. It’s a simple idea, well executed (personally I think they did a better job than with “Carol of the Bells” last year), that I imagine most NBA fans can appreciate.

Personally, I think it’s a bit early for Christmas/holiday stuff (Can we please wait until Thanksgiving?), but that’s a losing argument since the entire world has decided that November 1st (and sometimes earlier) is the proper time to start the winter holiday onslaught. Given that, the song choice is kind of appropriate, since “One-Horse Open Sleigh” was originally composed for Thanksgiving.

The Special Edition Christmas Day Uniforms are part of the Adidas Winter Court collection and will be worn by NBA players exclusively during Christmas Day games. Interested parties can purchase the uniforms online at the NBA store. Credits after the jump. Read more

Here’s Jeff Goodby’s Note to Staff Regarding ‘Changes’ at GS&P


We’ve been hearing about it all afternoon on the Spy line, and though it took a while, we’ve finally received the memo that Jeff Goodby sent to staff about an hour ago regarding a shakeup at San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners this week. This is the second notable round of cuts to hit Goodby this year following one mainly due to “financial reasons” back in May. No numbers have been disclosed in terms of staff affected, by the “restructuring,” but anyhow, read on….


“We spoke about this at our agency meeting today, but for those of you who were unable to attend, here’s what we shared.

As many of you know, the nature of our business is changing quickly. Client relationships are splintering from large accounts into many smaller ones. Functions that were not only appropriate but also crucial a few years ago are now shrinking and even disappearing.

To that end, we are making some changes in our agency this week.

The changes are motivated by shifts in our financial position, sure. But they are also the result of a careful study of how our time is spent and what part of that time our clients most value.

In some ways, this is a course correction so that we all hew more closely to our mission: making stuff people care about. Our goal is to have everyone touching great work, facilitating great work and selling great work.

What parts of the company will change as a result of this?

First, we are simplifying our structure at all levels. A simple structure leads to better work and happier people.

We’re folding project management back into account management. And we’re scaling back the size of in-house production on eLevel.

That will mean going outside for some of the things that we have gotten used to doing internally. Outside eyes for film, digital design, editing, music and production will help keep our work fresh.

That doesn’t mean we won’t still make things like Christmas videos, the AV Club, meeting films and other unexpected things. We will not change things that are dear to  the unique and stupid culture of this place.

The result of all of this will be departments that are smaller and more nimble, with everyone working in more tightly knit teams on client-facing projects. Some people are leaving; some departments will change significantly. It is something that will take patience from all of us. But it will put people closer to the work, and we think that is something that should make everyone feel more fulfilled in the end.

None of this makes it any easier to part ways with staff members. The people here are the core and centerpiece of this company. We will do everything we can to find them a next chapter, in which they can have the remarkable impact they’ve had here.

There is nothing like this place, and never will be. We want to continue stoking the things that make us unique.


Adobe Will Not Use Babies to Increase Web Traffic

The latest Adobe Systems spot, from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, brings up a valid issue: companies that rely on digital marketing may not understand if their ad tactics are working properly. Traffic, as we all know, can be misleading. But Abode won’t mislead. They’ll presumably cut through the smoke and tell a company how to effectively increase exposure. At least, that’s what one is led to believe after watching “Click, Baby, Click.”

The one-minute spot is enjoyable enough. There’s some frenetic action, frenetic music, and an easy punchline at the end. That formula generally works, and any viewer with three ounces of common sense understands the commercial is a flashy exaggeration. But, part of me would like to see at least a hint of what Adobe Marketing Cloud can do for a business rather than focusing on what it won’t do. Still, we’ve seen much worse.

GS&P Parlays Fake Audubon/Obama Twitter Feud into Musical Tweet Project

Last week, those perennial rabble-rousers at The Onion took it upon themselves last week to offer up a blow-by-blow account of a Twitter tiff (albeit fake) between President Obama and The Audubon Society (home to “the original tweeters” as the latter says). The slideshow thus prompted the president (or those handling his Twitter account nowadays) to suggest the Audubon Society as a Friday Follow on Twitter (Mashable has a summary of what transpired here).

Well, inspired by the goings on, GS&P decided to get its client, Audubon, in on the joke while thanking @BarackObama for the #FF by coming up with a musical effort dubbed “Tweet Your Tweet.” The project, which is a collaboration between the Goodby camp and Swedish music production company, Dinahmoe,  matches bird chirps to the corresponding tones/letters (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) in your tweets. As you can see in the image above, the president’s account is aptly enough the first to get a nod in “Tweet Your Tweet,” which can get somewhat grating after a while but hey, gotta appreciate the quick turnaround. Regarding the effort, GS&P chief digital officer Kalle Hellzen says, “…we immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring more #birders into the Audubon society. We developed the perfect ‘thank you’ to @barackobama and a fun experience for everyone else to play with.”

Credits after the jump.

Read more

Here’s Jeff Goodby’s Memo Regarding Today’s Cuts

Numbers have not been revealed but all day, we’ve been hearing from multiple tipsters that anywhere from 50-100 staffers have been affected by reductions today at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. But from what those familiar with the matter tell us, the numbers skew to the lower side and are not in the realm of the Sprint cuts. Anyways, read the San Francisco agency’s co-founder Jeff Goodby‘s note that was just sent to staff verbatim:

“You’ve heard the financial reasons for reducing our staff.  I just want to talk a bit about the human side of it all.

Please be assured: No one takes this process lightly.

As we often say, advertising is all about people and accounts.  David Ogilvy wrote, ‘The assets go up and down in our elevator every day.’  It is so true.  We value our people, and our humanistic environment, more than anything.

Strangely, that’s why, when we lose business or have cuts in fee, it is important to react thoughtfully, but expeditiously.  Companies that don’t are not prepared for the future, and they don’t serve the people who are still on staff.  They endanger present and future jobs.

We are optimistic about our plan to move forward, in terms of serving present accounts and getting new ones, and will share details next week. But we are also thankful for and deeply appreciative of the contributions of people who are leaving.

We will do everything to find them new situations.  And if history is any indication, we will find ourselves welcoming some of them back in the future.

Thanks for your patience about all this.


Perhaps JD Beebe can create a follow-up to this?