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MadMen, The Musical

Mad Men Yourself Once Again


With Don Draper and company returning to the telly on July 25, Deep Focus is doing its part to build anticipation for the season four Mad Men premiere by letting you Mad Men yourself once again, this time with new clothing, new accessories and new backgrounds. Choose everything from hair to body type to eyes and discover your new smoking, boozing, philandering you.

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MadMen do ‘Bye Bye Birdie’

In what appears to be an alcohol induced adventure, the cast and crew of AMC’s ‘MadMen’ got together and recreated the musical opener to “Bye Bye Birdie” &#151 the same one parodied in a campaign directed by the now-gone Sal.

Via Defamer

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Sorry, No Booze, Cigs in Mad Men Barbie Collection


If the Sesame Street spoof wasn’t proof enough about how much Mad Men has infiltrated pop culture, take a gander at the above image of a new Barbie collection featuring characters from the show including Don and Betty Draper and Roger Sterling.

The New York Times reports that there will be 7,000 to 10,000 copies made of each $75 doll, which together are part of Mattel’s premium-price collector’s series called Barbie Fashion Model Collection. While the Mad Men figures won’t come with the usual accoutrements like cigarettes, ashtrays or martini glasses, it’s still baffling how this grown-folks show has become so embraced by kid-focused brands.

While show creator Matthew Weiner tells NYT he’s rejected many proposals for licensed Mad Men products because he doesn’t “want the show to be exploited,” he says about the Barbie collection, “Anybody who likes the show for its attention to detail will get that from the dolls.” If you say so…

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Behind the Music, Mad Men Style


While the high cost of music licensing has kept certain TV shows from getting the DVD treatment, Mad Men producer Lionsgate took a somewhat bold step to obtain RJD2′s “A Beautiful Mine” for the AMC hit’s title sequence and avoid licensing issues in the process.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Esq., the studio wanted to forgo the mere licensing of the DJ/producer’s string-laced track and instead buy the publishing rights to it outright. “They knew they had a great show on their hands and for whatever reason, a license just wasn’t sufficient,” RJD2, aka Ramble John “RJ” Krohn (above), tells Spinner.

After declining the offer several times before relenting, the artist says he has no regrets about his decision, adding that Lionsgate made an “extraordinarily shrewd” business move. He tells the site, “Even just from a creative standpoint, I’m thrilled that it’s the theme to one of my favorite shows on television.”

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Don Draper: Master of His Own Universe

As depicted in a tightly edited Gawker.TV clip that reminds us a lot of Kevin Allocca‘s “Recap of Recaps“.

Matthew Weiner Will Never Give You What You Want


He even says it, right here in this very interview. So, go take a look &#151 if you’re interested in understanding the characters of ‘Mad Men’ as does their creator.

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Sterling Cooper Has ‘Effect’ on Industry (the Real One)

Mad men.jpg

Last night’s season finale of ‘Mad Men’ was all about the terror of being bought out by mega-agency McCann Erickson. Spoiler alert: things happen, finally. And that might be the best part of this finale. When things happen on this show, people go “oh well that’s interesting.” Apparently though, when Draper changes clothes, ‘dons’ his adman suit (if you will), so does the living-breathing advertising industry you work in.

The Examiner calls it ‘The Sterling Cooper effect’. “Since ‘Mad Men’ came on the air, I have noticed a dramatic change in the perception that clients we engage have of people in the ad business,’ [Three Sixty Communications' Ben Littlefield] said. ‘People who are hiring an ad agency for the first time are expecting Don Draper to walk in the door. When they see the guy in jeans and a T-shirt come in, they think ‘who the hell are you?’.'”

Could this be the end to sloppy advertising people? If you’re an old, you’re probably jumping for joy. Odds are you don’t own enough t-shirts to put together a sufficiently sloppy work wardrobe and as a result have continued dressing oldly. But now that’s what clients want. And isn’t creativity sexier when not accompanied by a mustard-and-weed-smoke saturated Killers T?

It could be true. After all these are uncertain times and for the wary client, seeing your newly-hired (or maybe-to-be-hired) agency in respectable clothing could be comforting. Like when you go to a bank and everyone there is smartly dressed. They’re handling your money and alleging they can make you more of it, so shouldn’t they at least pretend to dress like they can do that?

That’s a model the new Draper society can adhere to, despite their squalid hotel digs. Apparently in those days it wasn’t cool to find some abandoned loft in DUMBO and squat in it until your agency gets the respect it deserves.

Either way, this “you will get business if you dress nice” idea feels flimsy. Don’t uptight business people want their creatives to look unleashed? Isn’t that why Draper plays up his badassness? Today it’s socially acceptable to be slobbenly in the workplace and that often is confused for rebellion. But have we gotten to the point that this James Dean Effect is moot? The business may have finally come full circle, again.

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Tonight: Draper’s Finale


At 10 p.m. EST tonight we’ll witness the last episode of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ for like, awhile. The actual details of the show are rarely discussed here on the old Agency Spies, and we aim to keep it that way. Needless to say, here’s some guesses at what you might see.

&#151 Betty clinging to all things holy, wholesome and reminiscent of her picket-fenced-yet-seemingly-traumatizing childhood by always driving her dead father’s Lincoln Continental. That car represents all things depressing, dun’nt? She yearns for the time before she was cheated on by a man who wasn’t named Don Draper, but who was Don Draper and so then she cheated on him a number of times in rebellion and now she might leave him for this government guy.

&#151 Don’s ever mothy anti-grin. His mug looks like a caricature of itself, like a cop drawn for a ‘Ren & Stimpy’ close up. Yeah, unravel that one, between trying to figure out if Don is constipated or having a heart attack. Or in a meeting.

&#151 Children: seen but not heard. Always the opposite of comforting. Kids don’t belong in Mad Men World, and their presence exacerbates that point.

&#151 Peggy and Duck naked, which is the last thing anyone wants to see, really.

&#151 Pete Campbell wants to have what Don has, and I think that’s why we see so many of his faces &#151 like with Draper. Campbell’s taciturn, wry demure will be replaced at least once with the unhinged punim of the rebel-boy that stirs within him. You’ll know you’re dealing with baby-Don when strands of hair fall across his forehead.

&#151 Can we please get some love for Joan? Yes, she aided in the destruction of a marriage. But if there is a character on this program who deserves a moment of happiness, it’s her. Maybe because her character rocks or because she seems worldly and who wouldn’t want her to succeed? Today will probably suck for her somehow, because she least deserves it.

Though we could make random assessments about what’ll happen tonight all day, we’re done here. Enjoy the show, and the fact that you’ll only have to deal with one more recap on ‘The Week in Advertising’. Until tomorrow.

Image via WhatBettyDraperWore

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MadMen: The Recap of Recaps

AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ &#151 you know and love it. But, have you ever noticed (yes, you have) that the previews for ‘next week’s episode’ are pretty much useless? If you aren’t convinced of this fact, watch this clip. We initially stuck it in the 50th episode of the ‘Week in Advertising’, but thought it could use some breathing room, here. Courtesy TVNewser’s Kevin Allocca.

The season finale is Sunday, be sure to watch.

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Get Your Very Own MadMen Suit


Culture has a neat way of coming to life right before your eyes, and the MadMen suit is just the product to kill it. Who wouldn’t want a MadMen suit? Unfortunately, showing up somewhere in one (despite BrooksBrothers’ attempt to catch the cool), would be like going out in a BattleStarGalactica jumpsuit.

BSG rules.

TheAwl via TimesArtsBeat

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