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Archives: December 2007

The No Shit List To End All Lists – 5

You know we’ve been running this No Shit List… Well, one honcho has decided to attach his name to the answers. The reason? Read his last answer and you’ll see. So… here we go.


Sorta Nameless Honcho Exec #5

1. What was the worst campaign of the year?

They were all good in a unique and special way.

2. Which was your favorite?

The work we did for STA Travel –, or the recent low budget campaign we did for Lucky Brand Jeans called, or what we did for Christiania Vodka called, or, or… or maybe for Fleming’s Steakhouse, or the ‘pro-social’ network we created for KeepAChildAlive called, or possibly for Lucky Brand Jeans.. tough to decide, they’re all so good!

3. Which CMO deserves being whacked for his work this year?

All the ones that didn’t call us.

4. What was your favorite spot (that your shop did not create)?

Berries and Cream, Starburst

5. Who is the most underrated planner around?

Our very own Ciaran Rogers.

6. If you had to work for any agency, but your own – which would it be based on their performance in 2007?


7. If you could steal one talent from another agency based on their work during 2007 (creative director, planner, etc.) who would it be?

If I knew the answer to that question, they’d be here by now. If you are in fact that person, feel free to email me:

The Internet Is God; The Indie Shops Are Kings


A new study from the Experian Research Center just came out saying that people may more attention to ads online than off. It also found that viewers are 25% more engaged in the content of TV shows that they watch online than on a TV. John Fetto of Experian said,

“Web sites that are extensions of properties that exist in other media channels have great potential to funnel audiences that are highly engaged in the first place.”

According to Mediapost:

“The study defines “engagement” according to six characteristics that respondents identify with media: “inspirational,” “trustworthy,” “life-enhancing,” “social interaction,” “personal time-out” and ad receptivity.”

You can view all the results here.

Somewhere you know that WPP honcho Martin Sorrell is patting himself on the back for all his recent digital acquisitions. Let’s consider this for a second (come on, you’re at work on what should be a holiday)… It’s certainly the internet’s time to shine and our guess is that it will continue to be so for some time. The penetration of internet use in America is somewhere between 69-75% depending on whose stats you believe. That’s a big fat number with 72 million of an estimated 334 million US users using broadband. As these numbers grow (and they will), and as connection speeds improve, new creative ideas flourish, that engagement level will continue to soar.

Of course, the internet is still like a shiny new toy. All of us our still astounded by what the World Wide Web (ha!) can do and be. One day, just like TV and just like print magazines (who have always boasted high consumer engagement numbers in the face of declining advertising sales), some new medium will steal internet’s glory. Will it be mobile? Will it be gaming systems? No matter. Only time will tell, but until then – the internet is making the rules.

Traditional advertising agencies have long been playing catch-up on how best to use and harness the web. Most – unsuccessfully. They’ve been late to this party, which is why digital shops like Deep Focus or Poke or iCrossing or Sapient are like kings right now. And guess what? They’re going to stay that way even if the internet is replaced by some other form of media. Why you ask?

Because those indie digital shops operate like trend units. They know what’s going on like, in the real world. They’re operating on the cultural edge. Go on – ask a trad’s inner digital unit or media agency what an ARG is. Ask them what that hot new website is. Ask them about usage of the internet, gaming or mobile devices for kids between the ages of six and thirteen. Ask them how to use Azureus or for that matter what one does with it. We can go on with this list, but… you get the idea.

Yeah. They are kings right now, like Jareth the Goblin King from that movie with Jennifer Connelley in the 80s. You know the one? With David Bowie as the king? Wait a second… we have to look this up… Right. Labyrinth. As king, he ran a strange world that contained a maze that Jennifer couldn’t figure out. Until the end that is, where she breaks the hold of Bowie with the line, “You have no power over me.” Gawd. It was an amazing moment and one that traditional agencies need to come to. You to can use your trend units, live in the world and make some big shifts in creativity, output, risk, overall ability. You to can be beat the malaise from, which you suffer. Be your own king. Sigh.

The Strange World Of CP+B


The party theme of this year’s CP+B holiday party was “circus.” CP+B gets a lot of credit for being “creative,” “artsy” even (and not in the nerdy/oh-so-smart W+K way), which nicely explains why these people above are dressed as cotton candy or germs or something like that.

See the whole weird, wacky world here.

Who Is Working Today? We’ve Got The List.


It seems that it’s not just Carmichael Lynch who has their doors open. SS+K and Digitas staffers are all behind their desks. The lovely folks at Resource Interactive in Columbus are also thinking about a lunch break. And check this out – 50% of Deep Focus staffers are grinding out work BY CHOICE. Maybe we should all go work at Deep Focus. Just a thought. Here’s another though… Let’s contact them and see what makes the place great enough that people would WANT to come to work two days after the 25th. Stay tuned…

Heavens. To all of you sending emails that won’t be returned till after the 1st, we feel for you as we sit in our PJs, sipping cider and watching HBO’s The Wire.

So… what are you doing at work today? Really. Anything? Send us an anon tip and we’ll start a comments section (yes, comments) as an addition to this post. We’re really curious.



Comment 1:

“Trumpet is at work today. Well half of Trumpet. The other half is on vaca. We’re thinking of sneaking out the office and walking around the French Quarter sipping on beers and hurricane’s. Because you can drink in the street here.


Comment #2:

“Organic is open!”

Comment #3:

Deutsch is open for business. At least the NY office is.

Comment #4:

EnviroMedia is open today… technically. About 10 of us are around and the rest are at home sipping cider and watching HBO’s The Wire.

Comment #5:

Hey Enviro kids! Let’s make it a party. Everyone to our house!

WTF? DDB’s Weird Video

The byline of the YouTube posting of this video reads, “Let the stupidity begin.” Um… you said it.

The video features DDB New Zealand employees Simon Vicars, James Tucker, Carlos Savage, Damian Galvin, Joe Hawkins (who is a dead ringer for a modern day update of Edward Scissorhands) and Bret Colliver in what looks like a sitcom of sorts called, “Just The Six Of Us.”

The pilot episode features a vibrating dildo, so you know… watch it at your own risk. We always wonder why creatives feel the need to make these videos. Dudes… it doesn’t make you look witty or creative. Is it that you really wanted to be in TV? There’s a reason you’re not there. Let. The. Dream. Go.

Sorta New Agency Alert: Pocket Hercules

Speaking of Carmichael Lynch… Did you know that three ex-staffers jumped ship in a gray space between 2006 and 2007 to start their own agency? We didn’t.

The new shop is called Pocket Hercules. The term refers to heroes in small packages such as Naim Suleymanoglu.

The two founding partners were Tom Camp, who worked at CL in Minneapolis for 12 years as a writer and creative director. And then,
Jason Smith
had been at CL since 1996 as an art director and was a major force on the Harley Davidson account.

They then added John Supple, who was once named chairman and chief creative office of Carmichael Lynch, worked at the agency for 27 years. Supple, also happens to be a serious fisherman. Check out his big “supertanker” catch story here. Or, just be as amused as we were by the photograph. That thing is HUGE.


Oh yeah – PH has Northwest Airlines, Pearl Izumi and some other brands on their roster. Not bad for one year’s worth of work.



Comment #1:

Pocket Hercules? Is that some sort of midwestern Strawberry Frog? A (somewhat) impressive client list, but then you never see the work – either in award shows, or in real life …

Cheap Ass: Carmichael Lynch


We hear that… Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis had no holiday party, is open this week for the first time ever and seems to be pinching many a penny. In the email chain below, the director of finance, John Green, informs employees that if you want a 2008 calendar, you gotta pay for it out of pocket. What? You guys nix the Staples account?

The shop recently released a dark themed, holiday spot for their client Harley Davidson. They won Subaru and lost Porsche this year. Yes, Minneapolis as a whole is having a tough year, but really – what’s with the Scrooge like behavior?


From: John Green
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 1:44 PM
To: Mariette Demorett;
Subject: RE: Calendars Follow up clarification •

If you purchase a calendar, it is not a reimbursable expense. Sorry for any confusion.

John Green
Director of Finance
Carmichael Lynch
110 North 5th Street, Mpls MN


From: Mariette Demorett
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:46 AM
To: In Town
Subject: Calendars

For those of you who are still unaware, CL will not be ordering “08” calendars this year. Each person is responsible for getting his or her own calendar if you want one. Go on line or maybe Target.

To: Carmichael Lynch, George Parker And Everyone Else At Work Today


Okay… Other than than when we heard that horrific news that Benzair Bhutto was killed today (gawd! shit! whaa?) we’ve been basically asleep. Seriously. Have you seen AdWeek today? It’s some crap about QVC and HSN. Yawn.

It looks like it’s just us and that hard nosed, but lovable George Parker working this week.

So… little help? Carmichael Lynch? We’re totally looking at you for help. You poor saps may be the only advertising agency open this week.
But, perhaps not. Use the anon tip box, AIM
(agencyspy) or email us (agencyspy at mediabistro dot com) and get in touch.

Really… In the last hour, there’s only been one new entry into Google under the term “advertising agency.” In Russia. Help. Us. Or, we’re going back to sleep. For real.

Update: A note on the image choice for this posting – we just thought it was funny and perfectly summed up are level of activity for the day. It in no way is meant to have any reflection on Parker. In fact, any of you who know George, know he only sits still if he’s 1) drinking, 2) smoking or 3) hitting on a chick. Otherwise, he’s on the fucking go. Constantly. The man is a hurricane.

JWT’s Crystal Ball For 2008

JWT released a list of eighty things to watch in 2008. We suppose this is the agency’s way of proving they’ve got that trend division working hard and that the agency is certainly not one of the death stars (i.e. McCann). Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT, headed up the whole she-bang. Long fricking list, yeah? To long to be effective if you ask us.

Hmmm… they should have her using some of her trend knowledge on y’know, winning some accounts. Let’s see here… They lost the Jenny Craig account to Y&R and lost Domino’s to Crispin. Also gone this year – Oscar Mayer. They got nixed from the account review for Microsoft leaving Crispin and Fallon in the mix. They also lost out on the big Playstation and Nokia reviews. Yes, the did win Royal Caribbean and pick up some Euro business on Nestle. However, their Atlanta and New York shops have suffered some inner-office turmoil. The agency’s UK division has fallen to number three for the first time in a long time. Not so pretty a 2007 and that’s really just half of the year.

Here’s the JWT list of 80 Things to Watch in 2008, in alphabetical order. Keep in mind JWT, if you can’t apply your trend research to your accounts and pitches, all that effort and cash is totally worthless.

1. Africa (foreign investment and development in)
2. Antibiotic backlash
3. Assisted marriage
4. Beijing 2008
5. Blue replacing green as the environmental movement’s color du jour 6. Brain exercises
7. British actress Keira Knightley …
8. Carbon tax
9. Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang
10. Classical musician Gustavo Dudamel
11. Climate sightseeing
12. Continuation of comebacks (Indiana Jones, The Cure, etc.)
13. Cooperative consumption
14. Couch surfing
15. Country branding (Oman, Indonesia, etc.)
16. Designer Phillip Lim
17. De-teching
18. DJ Tiesto
19. DNA-based exercising
20. E-clutter (and e-clutter consultants)
21. Eco-fatigue
22. E-mail etiquette
23. Facebook suicides
24. Fashion label Vena Cava
25. Foreign government investment (e.g., China, UAE) in U.S. companies 26. French President Nicolas Sarkozy
27. Game 3.0 (gamer-generated global gaming)
28. Google’s Android
29. Gossip Girl
30. Gphone
31. Green weddings
32. Higher education online
33. Hip-hop’s Retro Kids
34. Humbling of the hedge fund manager (anti-excess post sub-prime) 35. Hybrid taxis
36. Indian actress Deepika Padukone
37. Intellectual luxury
38. Investigating ingredients
39. Japanese designs (Tsumori Chisato, Uniqlo, Muji, etc.)
40. Kitchen appliances as new power tools
41. Lifestyle curators
42. Lipstick trumping lip gloss
43. Manga-inspired clothes
44. Mobile technology explosion
45. Mobulimia
46. Music as awareness driver; concerts and other residuals as cash cow
47. Musicovery (music tailored to moods)
48. Myanmar
49. Nollywood (the rise of Nigerian cinema)
50. Outsourcing to Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries)
51. Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto
52. Pantone’s 18-3943 (blue iris)
53. Pets in the office
54. Prius homes
55. Radical transparency
56. Radiohead repeats (name-your-own-price music)
57. Recycling into fashion (Nau, Gary Harvey, etc.)
58. Selfless as the new selfish 59. Sex and the City, the movie
60. Shiny Toy Guns (the band)
61. Skiing in novel spots (Kashmir, Japan, Greenland, Russia, Korea, etc.)
62. Single men saying no to sex
63. Skype sex
64. Smart Cars in American cities
65. SNS (social network service) brand communities
66. Spanish actor Javier Bardem
67. Staycations
68. Sturking
69. Tequila as the new wine
70. The N-11
71. Third screen (the mobile screen) rivaling the first screen (TV) 72. Trans-ertainment
73. U.S. gymnast Shawn Johnson
74. U.S. presidential election
75. Vicarious consumption
76. (Video) Gaming Olympics
77. Virtual gifting
78. Wannabe young Internet entrepreneurs (a.k.a. Mark Zuckerberg copycats)
79. Weak dollar/strong euro
80. Women juggling men

Avenue A Is NOT On Our Dead Pool List

Our digital dead pool list is firm and set. However, one shop who isn’t going to be on the list is Avenue A/Razorfish. Just consider their San Francisco’s office latest surge in profits.

From San Francisco Business Times:

“The interactive shop’s 3-year-old outpost has boosted new business 30 percent in the past six months, adding clients like Nortel Networks to its local roster, which includes Williams-Sonoma, Shutterfly and Washington Mutual. Revenue at the San Francisco office has grown from $25 million in 2005 to more than $40 million in 2007 as businesses spend more of their advertising budgets online.”

So, when it comes to the digital dead pool, we’ve narrowed it down to five agencies. As you may have guessed, is in there. Another G2. Stay tuned for more…