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Archives: May 2008

“The True, But Lunatic Ravings Of A Mad Man.”


Well to end the week, we’ll send you off with this note from a more than overworked addie. This is why we love anonymous tips, and why I wish more like this came in. With no further ado…

“WTF WPP? Yeah, it excels at M&A, but the methods it uses to suck assets out of one shop and arbitrarily attach them to their own holdings destroys careers. Part of the criteria for corporate leadership must be a how-to course in the Svengali-like power of positive Powerpoint to stun the worker bees long enough to keep any remaining clients from jumping ship before the deal’s done. Imagine, sitting in a conference room, watching the charming and diffident Brit in charge of the Chicago office give a foam core&151&#151it’s more sincere&151&#151presentation about how, yes, there’s STILL no work after its core business was transfered his stronghold, little income, and a huge overhead, but G2 is going to let the stalwart survivors of its Stamford shop rebrand and rebuild its offerings and come back, even better than before. Fast forward about 5 months to find a few remaining employees packing up client files to ship to Circle 1 in Norwalk, WPP’s newest, shiniest acquisition. Leadership used to mean responsibility. Kudos to Stamford’s own leadership who did their best to keep the agency afloat and its staff employed throughout the rape and plunder.”

Fight the pow…errrrr.

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“Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit”

This video has blown up on YouTube recently, and for good reason. “Why every guy should buy his girlfriend a Wii Fit” at first seems like an ingenious marketing ploy ala LonelyGirl. But after the dudes at Joystick Division did some research, we learn that the whole thing was the brainchild of Giovanny Gutierrez, of Tinsley Advertising where he’s the director of interactive marketing.

JD asks him a slue of questions here, but the bottom line is that the girl (also in advertising) is his girlfriend and neither has a connection to Nintendo. And the best part is the girl didn’t know she was getting taped.

From JD interview&#151

JD: “So…you’re saying nobody paid anything for this?”

GG: “I did, when my girlfriend found out. I was in the doghouse for a while. Though in the end I feel like I made a million theoretical dollars on YouTube…She was FURIOUS &#151 called me on the phone screaming her head off and then hung up on me &#151 but now finds herself actually laughing about it and enjoying her 15 minutes of fame as ‘the Wii Fit Girl.’ ”

Thanks Tribble, for the hookup.

Brands Pass Up Lohan’s 22nd Bday


In yet another ridiculous attempt to save the LiLo brand, Lindsay Lohan (I know, wtf is she doing on AS…just wait) and cohorts put together a Web site that was supposed to entice corporate sponsors to cough up cash for her 22nd birthday.

Um, right. It didn’t work. Reports that no one wanted to sponsor the bash apparently lead to it’s cancellation altogether. Maybe Lohan and Sharon Stone should get together and talk about coming up with a new strategy.

The whole thing was put together by Talent Resources, a company that culls advertisers for bullshit like this. Good call, fellas.

Initial ideas include a spread in Playboy where they’re clothed, a perfume line for Tibetan monks and a co-written book, Rehab for Dummies. After three visits this year alone, Ms. Lohan should be well versed on that particular issue. Gossipy, yes. But we all love to see car wrecks &#151 let the rubbernecking begin.

Honda’s Live Ad Sets Precedent

To show that they practice what they preach, Honda created what they call a “live ad,” which aired yesterday in the UK. Touted as the first of its kind for the island, this three minute piece proves that skydivers can spell. And Honda is still doing cool stuff.

The divers had three minutes before hitting the ground, and it’s not like they’d get a second chance since the thing was live. Luckily, they were able to safely complete the maneuver.

This appears to be a jump-off from WK’s previous spot (not live, of course). For a memory refresher, click here.

Next up for the car manufacturer: Hondas Across America. Like the hands version, but with cars.

Not really, but what the hell it’s Friday.

DDB Amsterdam Solves Age-old Mystery

Just a bit of Friday fun from our homies at DDB Amsterdam, who always know how to have a good time because, well they’re Dutch.

Dior Drops Spokeswhore Stone for Karmic Comment


While at Cannes, Sharon Stone said the following:

“I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then the earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

Yeah, sure thing Sharon. Why were you at Cannes anyway?

Nevermind that &#151 but the result of her remarks was Dior saying buh-bye. Tom Bernadin of Leo Burnett put it like so:

“What comes through in this is the importance of the Chinese market to foreign brands. Being successful in China, like anywhere else, means being sensitive to local conditions.”

Does anyone remember when Fred Phelps said 9/11 was the result of homosexuality? Did Stone completely forget about the thousands of innocent non-governmental people who lost everything…way to go salope.

See the full NY Times story here.

Blyk Media Showing Results

Blyk ad.jpg

UK based Blyk has, in the nine months since it launched, changed the mobile advert game. If you’re not familiar with it, it goes a little something like this. In exchange for giving subscribers 217 free text messages and 43 minutes of talk time, Blyk sends users up to six texts per day containing ads geared toward each individual.

Since Sept, that user base has grown to more than 100,000 Britbrats. Did I mention the service is only available in the UK? And that it’s only for 16-24 year-olds? Way to corner that impossible little group, fellas.

For a B|Net interview with Blyk co-founder Antii Orhling, hit the jump.

Otherwise, know that their shit is sticking. Find out how here.

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Georgie Boy, We Salute You


Ah commenting. (Note: Mr. Parker, could you be any more grizzled?) I am a personal fan of the half beard with beer-in-hand look that accompanies a slow news day. But now you’re just reveling in your comments. Sitting in the warm, gooey goodness that comes with fruitful words from cohorts, age-old-addies and those who just want to say something quirky.

Really George, really?

“But times like today, make it all worthwhile… I’m talking about reading the comments on my last two posts…”

Times like today…when news is as fruitful as a 93 year-old hooker. That’s nasty.

So now we’ve stepped out of the ring and into the land-of-George, rife with witty banter and much ado about your own greatness. Bravo, sir.

Well to say the least, it’s clear that your readers are into you. Had we some comments to cheer about, they’d be posted right in here. But the best one so far is as follows.

From “Milk Now a Product Latinos Use”

Courtesy Plingyplang (btw thanks for logging in &#151 we know it’s a pain in the ass): “The delayed campaign might have something to do with the fact that people of non-European ancestry are more prone to milk allergies. Just about everyone in my (Mexican) family is lactose intolerant.”

But we don’t know why it’s a pain in the ass. So tell us. If those of you who have attempted to log in and got flustered would let me know where the issues were, I could relay the notes to the dev guys and get it fixed. Lemme know. or adhound (IM). Let’s get this thing fixed so you can all can get back to ripping.

Jaffe Offers Himself in the Name of Charity


Crayon and JaffeJuice dot com’s own Joseph Jaffe has put himself up for sale on eBay in the name of “Team in Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.” Their goal is $10,000, with lots including “Chris Brogan, fellow Crayonista Greg Verdino, Joe Jaffe wannabee, Geoff Livingston, Aaron Strout.”

The bidding on this consultant started at $1,000 and as per the last check is up to $1,125, and a winner gets to have dinner with the Crayon consultant.

Apparently, there will be scotch and conversations on how to improve your biz. To bid, click here.

Milk Now a Product Latinos Use


In an seemingly way-too-late move, the California Milk Processor Board through the efforts of Long Beach based Grupo Gallegos has launched the Spanish version of the “Got Milk” campaign, cleverly entitled “Toma Leche,” or Drink Milk.

This clip is in Spanish, but it’s easy enough to follow.

Does anyone remember when the first “Got Milk” ads launched? It must have been at least 10 years ago. You’ve got to be kidding…more after the jump.

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