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Archives: February 2009

Wednesday Odds and Ends


Today was the biggest day of layoffs we’ve seen in awhile. Yesterday was pretty bad too, but today BBDO Detroit, Organic, PHD, Horizon, the Martin Agency, McGarry Bowen and others have been forced to do what we’ve all seen happening for months. Depressing, we know. Here’s some other news you might want to pay attention to.

&#151 MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal is predicting growth, and he even has some numbers behind his thoughts. link

&#151 Jim Edwards of B|Net had some salient things to say about Enfatico. Namely, they haven’t cut enough people &#151 that is, based on Dell’s marketing cutbacks. link

&#151 Tiger Woods is just back in the game after nine months, and already he’s kicking ass. link

&#151 Pepsico wants ladies to know that when you bake things, they’re better for you. Case in point, Frito’s. Just ease up on the sour cream. link

&#151 Headline of the Day: “Too Much Gloom and Doom Dampens Spending.” Gee, thanks AdAge. link

&#151 In case you missed it, the president spoke about some important things last night. link

&#151 Houses are cheap as hell. Too bad we don’t have any money. Sad face. link

&#151 Bloggers 1, Lame Antiquated Journos 0. link

&#151 Would you buy Jacko’s arcade games knowing they’d been used to seduce innocent boys? Yes you would, it’s Mortak Kombat! link

&#151 This “Kindle 2 reading aloud feature is putting audiobook makers out of business” business is lame. How do you think that kid from The Reader feels? link

&#151 Hot sauce. Sperm. Vaginas. You do the really painful math. link

Sorrell: Things will pick up, “maybe in the second half of this year.”

Paley Center for Media.jpg

You’ve gotta love Sir Martin Sorrell‘s attempts at staying positive, don’t you? Last night he was honored along with Scripps Networks Interactive Chairman of the Board, President & CEO Ken Lowe during the Paley Center for Media’s annual Gala Dinner held at Cipriani 42nd in New York. As usual, Mr. Sorrell had some notions about the future to share.

PRNewser’s Joe Ciarallo was there to report, and quoted Sorrell as saying thinks will pick up, “maybe in the second half of this year.”

Yeah, maybe. But we’d guess he wasn’t talking about WPP agency Enfatico, which cut an estimated 80 people yesterday. We’re told there will be additional cuts in the future, despite the agency’s assurances that yesterday was the only day of planned lay offs.

See the full story here, Image

Layoffs Have Begun at Enfatico

Blind Item! Which Agency CCO…


Which CCO excused him/herself from an initial meeting with a new client CEO and other top figures from the agency (after the client that was just won, without a review), by saying that his/her significant other was in surgery but then some people found out the CCO was actually sitting court-side at the US Open with another client CEO?

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Mid-week Slowdown


Hey y’all, I’ll be stepping away for the second time today to attend to some matters. Please forgive the lag as I take care of a few things. We’ve got a lot more for you coming later this afternoon &#151 like details on the MCBG layoffs which you won’t want to miss as well as some inside info on the Enfatico layoffs. Stay tuned. In the mean time, watch this, see what everyone else has been most interested in and please for the love of God, never let this happen to you.

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Craigslist Ad of the Day: Homeless Creative Director Will Write Advertising For Food


This is Mitch Lemus. He’s a freelancer whose last ball-and-chain gig was at Euro, where he played ACD for three years. Now he’s selling his wares/skills/spare-time on Craigslist. Mitch, buddy, it’d be more authentic if you wrote your plea on the cardboard &#151 folks living on the streets don’t have paper and tape lying around. Best of luck, dude.

Damn &#151 two girls and two houses. Baller.

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More Layoffs at Detroit BBDO, Organic, PHD

Update: Another source within puts the total at 20 from BBDO Detroit. Please e-mail

BBDO Detroit
It’s been more than three months since BBDO Detroit let 145 people go, and today we’re told the layoffs are continuing. A source puts the number at 60-100. We know that’s a broad number and we will update it with more specifics as we receive information. The cuts are across all departments. They are happening, an agency representative confirmed.

Following the last round, there were 480 employees still employed by the agency.

PHD/Organic Detroit
Our source informs us that the Detroit offices of PHD and Organic will also suffer employee cuts. Our information is not as specific pertaining to those two, but we’re told 170 will be laid off from the Detroit offices of Organic, PHD and BBDO. Based on the above figures, that means anywhere from 70 to 110 could be going home without jobs today.

We Hear: Layoffs Have Begun at Enfatico

‘Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway’ is Kinda Sexist?


Giving things away for free is always a good thing, right? Well, as long as you don’t manage to offend anyone in the process. AgencySpy received an e-mail from a spy who claims the ‘Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway‘ is cock-blocking her and some female coworkers from enjoying delicious free sandwiches.

Writes our Ladyspy:

“So, my coworkers and I were super excited to link tot he Quiznos Million Sub Giveaway yesterday…but we noticed… only the men in the agency actually received their coupons for free subs. This morning, us female coworkers tried again, but marked the button for sex as ‘male.’ The result? We’ve all just received our free quiznos coupons. Douchebags. I hate the ad business.”

Well we just tried it too; the first time we clicked male and the second time we clicked female. And now we’re sitting on two coupons for free subs. Here’s hoping they don’t check my ID on the coupon that reads, “Jane Bob” &#151 bottom line though, we’re not sure where this glitch is coming from but it may be fixed already. Now, we’ve got a recession on, so go get your free sandwich.

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EA’s Latest Venture Lands Players in Hell

Anyone who had a tough time imagining Dante’s nine circles of hell, here’s your chance to see, interact and be a part of the 14,000 line poem that gave the world the first line-by-line glimpse into “the afterlife”. But, wouldn’t you rather play it than read it? So would we. EA Games presents, Dante’s Inferno (spot by Psyop)

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Most Popular Stories on Agency Spy From The Last 7 Days

‘Commercial’ Director to Helm ‘Green Hornet’

The man in the video above, Michel Gondry, shows you how to solve a Rubiks Cube with your nose. He is also going to show us how to make a superhero movie starring Seth Rogen (no small feat), according to Variety.

The Green Hornet is set for release in 2010, and Gondry, an uber experienced writer/producer/director (of commercials, too) can be thanked for whatever it ends up as. Gondry has been behind the camera for Adidas, Levi’s, Coke, BMW, Fiat, Gap, Nike, Motorola, Volvo, Heineken, Gatorade and more.

Note: Gondry makes lots of movies too and music videos and has all sorts of awards. One such flick of his we liked: ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. The commercials were for the moola, we suspect.

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