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Archives: July 2009

Kaplan Thaler Wins Hush-Hush Drug Project


Just days after nabbing the $300 million Wendy’s account from Kirshenbaum Bond, Kaplan Thaler has now confirmed it’s locked a project for a drug produced by German pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim.

While the KT folks refused to comment beyond the Boehringer Ingelheim attachment, we hear the agency won the pitch for the drug Girosa, aka Flibanserin, which is reportedly used to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in women. Unsubstantiated rumors are afloat that the account is worth somewhere around $30 million and that Kaplan Thaler beat out pitches from CommonHealth, Grey, JWT and McCann.

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New York’s Geared up for Madmen

We aren’t sure we like any of these ideas, but if you’re into it you can participate in AMC’s MadMen promos throughout the week leading up to the show’s season 3 premiere (beginning August 10). The events are as follows:

Monday, August 10 &#151 Sunday, August 16

Hilton Bar Partnership &#151 Drink like a Mad Man! Visit the Hilton New York and the Millennium Hilton for a Brandy Alexander, Tom Collins or other classic Mad Men inspired cocktails.
Great, anyone who’s had a drink at the Hilton bar remembers how much money they didn’t have in their wallet upon exiting. But trudging through sweaty super-downtown could only be less painful after a few of these babies.

Wednesday, August 12 &#151 Saturday, August 15, 9:00pm-12:00AM

“The Golden Age of Advertising &#151 Go MAD over the original video art installation celebrating the Golden Age of Advertising that will be projected on the facade of the Museum of Arts and Design, or MAD Museum at 2 Columbus Circle.”
Colombus Circle is the ish, and we can definitely say that sitting near the fountain while watching the show would be cool, especially if the breeze was drifting a fine mist about the area. Approved.

Friday, August 14th, 7:10 PM
“New York Mets Gone Mad! Celebrate the 1960s, the team’s inaugural decade, as the New York Mets take on the San Francisco Giants. Lucky fans will be awarded Mad Men fedoras and fans 21 and over will be able to drink like a MAD Man as Don Draper inspired cocktail specials are served at select Citi Field bars.”
Hmm, I take Draper for a Yankees fan, though he’d probably only pretend to care anyway. He’d also be packing a flask at such a plebeian event, but those gate guards pat crotch like prison wardens these days. Cocktails and baseball!

Sunday, August 16

“Season Three Premiere Live Screening &#151 Watch the Season 3 premiere live and on the big screen in Manhattan’s Times Square and come dressed in your swankiest sixties attire to enter our pre-screening costume contest starting at 8pm. Free and open to the public.”
Times Square, now with seating, is maybe the last place on earth a normal human would want to spend their Sunday night. But now that it’s sans traffic (mostly), this could be a good deal. Unfortunately, public drinking equals illegal in NYCland, so be sure to vodka+sprite it or something before hand. 1980s style lawn chairs provided, if you can get one before the damn tourists.

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Blind Item: Which Agency Lost $7 Million to an Accountant?


Here’s a story dating back to 2002, but despite being beyond-untimely, we thought you’d like to hear. It goes like this:

A Chicago ad agency employs Jane Accountant (this is a made up name) to run the numbers. Her closest superior is the general manager and after some time, Jane becomes trusted enough that the GM doesn’t spend much time checking her work. Jane realizes this and devises a plan that, even though she was caught, allowed her to steal millions from the cash-heavy agency (and never give it back).

We’re not accountants, but according to the legend, after getting budgets approved, Jane would go back to the forms and add additional zeros here and there. The extra money came back to her as reimbursement checks &#151 again, we’re assuming accounting wiliness was employed. After about a year of skimming from budgets, the agency’s New York office decides to consolidate the accounting across the company. Uh oh, Jane gets busted when someone in NYC finally checks her work.

Yes, she was fired, as was her GM (you know who you are). It wasn’t really the GM’s fault, per se, but someone had to fall. But, didn’t Jane get thrown into a cell for a million years? No, because the budgets she pulled from were for a major client. In fact, the biggest client the agency worked for (though it no longer does), and rather than face the embarrassment/face-mud, this shop swallowed its pride and let Jane walk away with, we hear, about $7 million. All in a year’s work.

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Win a Weekend Busting Your Ass in Vegas


Firstborn needs a videographer for a thing they were doing in Vegas, so they called up on their agency for “volunteers”. In our estimation, it sounds like a bum deal. Here’s how employees could “win” the chance to help (Firstborn were sports and sent us the deets):

“By 12:00 midnight EST on tonight I will need a tweet explaining why you should come along…yes, a tweet. We’ve set up a twitter account for you to explain in 140 characters or less why you should go. Either use your own twitter to post to [twitter dot come slash VegasBBallin] or if you dont have twitter/want to stay anonymous, [we] will post for you.

“Please keep in mind you will be working a pro camera for the weekend including a player draft, shoot around, a day of games and a tournament. Not exactly a day spent at the pool hitting on hot chicks, a night of high stakes craps, hookers, more craps, big fruity drinks, and passing out on the roulette wheel with Flava-Flav (it’s Flavor Flav) yelling at you like my last time in Vegas. We’re actually gonna be working this one &#151 but with nights free to revel in the bright lights of Sin City.”

The event: Michael’s 2009 Basketball Camp (formally the Michael Jordan Camp)

It’s set for August 15-17, meaning a day of work would be skipped. But, damn, I’d opt right out of that one.

Maybe we’re just lazy. Does this sound fun? I called it poopy poop, but a contact at the shop thinks a free weekend in Vegas makes it worthwhile. Also, it’s cheaper than hiring someone who, you know, shoots video for a living and would charge thousands of dollars to do it right.

What they didn’t tell us is the lucky winner gets dinner at Nobu, a room at the Palm, a trip to Rhino and it’s only 10 hours of work. Sounded like more. Maybe not so bad.

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Cheat on Your Agency (We’re Talking to Your Clients, Not You)

is an agency that’s trying to steal your client(s). They’ve put together a little package to let your financiers know about Adrenalina-NY &#151 an initiative that includes a Web site and the newspaper wrap around you see in the video above.

The site: cheatonyouragency dot com.

Can’t say why they chose to send this information to us, since this site is read by agencies. Should other shops be scared? Whatever the case, Adrenalina should have hired a page designer to put the fake newspaper together. As a “client” with a little page design in my background, I am nay impressed. <a href="View image“>Click to see the poorly designed second page.

Oh and they also spent some time and money on a faux “Cheaters” show, where a client is discovered cheating on his agency with…Adrenalina. Wocka wocka.

One thing they did flawlessly was an ad on the COYA site. It’s for a piece of ladies lingerie called “the Pitch Bra”. The copy reads, “I can’t write a brief. Who cares? The one and only Pitch Bra.” Ha ha that’s sexist/funny.

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Tru Blood is a For Real Beverage, and Apparently it Tastes OK


New York mag’s Vulture blog team ordered up a bottle of HBO’s newest product, Tru Blood, a beverage borne of the cabler’s 2 year-old vampires-are-real show True Blood. In the program, the stuff is said to be an alternative to human blood, allowing vamps to live among us without treating passersby like lunch.

The edit team’s notes:

Tasting notes:
&#151 “The grossest thing about Tru Blood is its name. The drink itself is fizzy, tangy, surprisingly drinkable. Some sorority girl is going to love mixing it with her double-vodka Red Bull.”

&#151 “Compared to most soft drinks, it’s refreshing and not too sweet. It also foams just like real blood. Ultimately, though, I prefer the stuff when it comes from Jesus.”

&#151 “It’s kind of got an orange-Hi-C-mixed-with-Sprite kind of taste going for it. Not as good as Ecto-Cooler, but then again, what is?”

&#151 “The cane sugar makes it sweet without it being cloying. Sure to be used as a mixer by d-bags in Murray Hill.”

&#151 “While nowhere near as tasty as I imagine the blood of Eric to be, it has a tangy little kick to it. Consistency-wise, I was pretty happy it wasn’t syrupy and thick. Also, no sickly aftertaste like regular blood.”

The kicker: it’s $4 a bottle. Ef that noise. Good idea tho.

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The Shake Weight; Cut Those Lady Wings, Learn a New Trade

For women who can swing their arms and fly away, there’s something of a stigma. Humans aren’t supposed to fly, why do you have wings? That’s, that’s just terrible. But for them there’s the Shake Weight, which simultaneously clips them wings and provides a lesson for Rosy-Palm-jobbing a horse, or drunk guy. Sorry.


P&G’s Always Gets Into Augmented Reality (Um, What?)

Bill O’Reilly Scared by (Maybe) Guitar Hero Naked Ladies

Yesterday we posted this viral, which Adrants, Bill O’Reilly and the LA Times, are reporting is for Guitar Hero’s upcoming title. But ah, no one seems to have actual proof so we can’t be sure. We’ve put in a call to Crispin, who “has no idea” and will find out for us. Anywho, Billy takes the “moral high ground” on this by being all like, moral melvin about the ad.

It’s also not Ant Farm Interactive, or so claims the Atlanta office of the company that absorbed them Nurun. The hunt continues.

Via Kotaku

Naked Actor Enlists Naked Ladies to Pimp Self (NSFW, Naturally)

Today on the Menu: Hamilton Nolan, Gawker Reporter/Man of Some Time


Gawker Media blogs are topical, sarcasmo-laden, obviousness-pointer-outery places for news. So writer Hamilton Nolan, who used to spend most of his time doing PR stuff but now covers Gawker (he does the ad beat, toosies), seemed like a natural guest. Plus, June 21/Summer Solstice/Shortest (k)night was busy. We discuss the tumultuous time young journalists should be having getting jobs, though they don’t seem to realize what they’re getting in to. The only stupider major these days: finance. And more!


Dentsu Parts With CCO/EVP Mike Wilson


Dentsu America have parted ways with CCO/EVP Mike Wilson, an agency representative confirmed today. According to sources familiar with the matter, Wilson was fired due to divisions between himself and some members of the creative, account management and media teams. The agency flatly denies that he was fired.

The agency statement goods:

“Mike Wilson has departed the agency amicably after serving 2 1/2 years as Chief Creative Officer, based on a mutual decision to pursue different directions. We thank him for his positive contributions to the agency.”

Paul Laffy and Bruno Corbo have been made co-lead creative directors. This just happened Friday. Wilson joined the agency in November, 2006, and was “[r]esponsible for growth and quality creative output of DentsuAmerica North American. Also managed Interactive, planning and Production Departments,” and was a “Member of Executive Management and Finance Committees” according to his LinkedIn profile.

We’ve been unable to reach Wilson, and the agency did not provide his information. Mike, e-mail us at agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.


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