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Archives: November 2009

The Sun Gets In on the iPhone Aping

News Corp’s UK paper The Sun launched this new spoof spot to help celebrate 40 years of existence, with iPhone ad ribbing intact. Glue London created the advert, which basically says hey, maybe print’s not dead after all.

Via Brand Republic

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Today on the Menu: Tiger’s PR Claws Itself, Jim Lehrer Steps Aside, DVRs Are Killing Leno, Nook Selling on eBay


It’s the first day back from a balmy Thanksgiving, and I had no idea about Tiger Woods‘ so-far-scandal-free car crash. Much to the dismay of my colleagues, I managed to stay far away from the story. But in case you hadn’t heard, he crashed his SUV after 2 a.m. this weekend, near his home. Rumors of infidelity are afoot.

Jim Lehrer has been anchoring the PBS Newshour for 25 years, and now it’s time to step aside.

Jay Leno is losing his audience to the DVR, not unlike when live entertainers lost their audiences to the squawk box.

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Wednesday Odds and Ends

-Holiday ads are emphasizing cheap and cheerful. link

-W+K launched its final Target 2-day sale spots. link

-CP+B hired Chiat alum Melissa Blaser as ACD. link

-Despite a looming Bing takeover, Yahoo continues adding search updates. link

-Microsoft’s CFO is leaving at year’s end. link

-Google acquired display ad startup Teracent. link

-KLS Media won the $5M Sizzler buying account from Initiative. link

-The “Godfather of Spam” is heading to jail. link

-Consumers can’t wait for Black Friday, hitting web early for deals. link

-Tired of energy drinks? Here’s your antidote. link

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Genghis Khan Makes a Pit Stop in Denver

Sure, it’s a month or so old, but since the exhibit’s ongoing through February, this clip for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is still timely. Carmichael Lynch and VFX/design house Impossible designed this 30-second spot for the Genghis Khan exhibit, which features a 300-styled arrow assault that portends the Mongol ruler and his army’s invasion of the Mile High City.

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The Noid: Villain-Turned-Good Samaritan


80′s nostalgia seems to never go out of style as proven by Domino’s revival of its villainous, bonkers mascot The Noid. This time, though, he’s a do-gooder as the pizza chain is resurrecting an old slogan and offering limited-edition “Avoid the Noid” T-shirts for $19.99, In turn, Dominos will donate $14 from each sale to St. Jude’s Children’s Reseach Hospital. You can wax retro and buy the T’s here.

Via Brandfreak

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Thanksgiving at Eli Roth’s House Must Be Kinda Nuts (NSFW)

For the few of you who saw Tarantino/Rodriguez’s 2007 flick Grindhouse (and shame on the rest who didn’t), Eli Roth‘s fake trailer for his fake film Thanksgiving is familiar territory. For the rest of you who aren’t fans of the Hostel/Cabin Fever director’s twisted, humor-laced brand of filmmaking (or are just squeamish in general), tread lightly with the completely NSFW clip we’re revisiting in honor of the holiday after the jump. Your Turkey Day may never be the same…

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“Kiss My Glass” Really Means Derriereface

If there’s a better portrait of what it’s like talking to someone you hate, I’ve yet to see it. The visual gives new meaning to a lot of things, possibly to the detriment of the intended message. Nonetheless, it won’t be forgotten.

(nice ass though, right?)

Advertising Agency: Y&R Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Vicky Gitto
Copywriter: Vicky Gitto, Alberto Levi
Typographer: Elena Pedretti
Photographer: Paolo Franco
Digital artist: Martin e Rainone
Published: November 2009

Click continued to see the rest of this campaign. Via AdsOfTheWorld

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“Who $#@! on my Patio?”

I don’t know if this commercial is funny because it asks “who shat on my patio?” or because it’s for Motorola. Either way, the Endeavor XH1 headset is riding the fun train.

Via YouTube (h/t Tribble)

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SF Art Director Recruiting Ad Pros for AIDS Fundraiser


With Thanksgiving almost upon us, why not share a little story of goodwill within the ad community. San Fran-based freelance art director Keith Gibson–whose resume includes stints at Grey Atlanta, Deutsch NY and now BARC Communications out west–is forming a group of creatives called the Red Pencils (wink, nudge) who will ride in the 2010 AIDS Life Cycle.

As the title suggests, the event consists of a 545-mile bike trek from SF to LA in June over a period of 7 days. Gibson claims to already have “the backing of a reputable agency…in SF” for creative and fundraising help–though he won’t say which at the moment. In the meantime, he’s recruiting Bay Area ad pros to enlist, fundraise and help build awareness for the cause. All the money raised, he says, will go to better the lives of those with AIDS/HIV and fund clinical trials to help find a cure. If you’re interested in spreading the word or lacing up your riding shoes, you can give him a shout at team (at)

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Serena Williams’ Nabisco Tweet OK With FTC Despite Lack of Disclosure


According to the Federal Trace Commission, transparency is a must when it comes to sponsored Tweets and celebrity endorsement. But the commission feigned to take action when Tennis star Serena Williams twice tweeted remarks lauding Nabisco’s 100 Calorie Packs, omitting disclosure in the second.

The FTC recently updated their celebrity endorsement and transparency guidelines to include Web and social media. The commission claims it has and will never punish an individual for failing to disclaim sponsorship, but hinted that they would in some cases take action against companies.

Then recently Williams posted the following remarks to her Twitter feed, sequentially.

First: “Venus and I are shooting a campaign for Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs!! They r soooo amazingly good we keep eating them. But we arnt worried…”

Second: “… We r not worried about staying fit because the Nabisco Calorie Packs are only 100 calories!!!! U guys must run out and try them!!!”

In August of last year, Serena and sister Venus joined brothers Eli Manning and Peyton Manning as celebrity brand ambassadors for Nabisco. Ever since they’ve appeared in various ads, most prominently the Oreo Double Stuf Racing League campaign. For some of Williams’ 1 million plus followers, the sponsorship may have been obvious. But there’s no guarantee, a fact the FTC was remiss to admit.

Richard Cleland, Assistant Director, of the FTC’s Division of Advertising Practices said of the situation: “Although we do not generally comment publicly about ongoing advertising campaigns, it seems pretty clear that Serena Williams’ tweet about Nabisco Calorie Pack is sponsored advertising. (She says that she is shooting a campaign for Nabisco). When it is clear from the context of a communication that the celebrity is being paid, an additional disclosure is not required.”

Does this mean that an endorser can supply just one disclosure, thereby opening the door for undisclosed Tweets (tangentially, this would seem to apply to blog posts, comments made in public, et al)? The FTC did not clarify. If so, such endorsements will be at risk of falling down the slippery slope. Moreover it begs the question: what good is a set of guidelines that fails to draw a hard line on what is essentially a black and white issue? Either you disclose, or you don’t.

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