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Thursday Morning Stir

-Carmichael Lynch bangs the “Backyard Gong” for SteaknShake (video above).

-Twitter gives “Buy” button its first holiday promotion.

-MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation and Durex teamed up with celebrities, including Enrique Iglesias and David Hasselhoff, for the social campaign “Someone Like Me, ” promoting “safe sex and better sex education across social media.”

-Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure stars in Spanish-language commercial premiering during the Latin Grammys.

-Havas Worldwide New York announced the appointment of Sami Viitamäki as executive director of digital.

-Hometown London brings back Chad Strider in new ad for the Ground Miles app.

-People now spend more time looking at their smart phones than the television.

-Econsultancy looks at the “20 most shared ads of 2014.”

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R/GA Reunites The Hoff, KITT for Samsung Smart Home

R/GA reunites David Hasselhoff and talking car KITT from Knight Rider (voiced by William Daniels) in a new spot for Samsung Smart Home.

Hasselhooff talks up the features of the Smart Home, calling it “literally the smartest thing ever,” which causes a fit of jealousy in KITT. The remainder of the two-minute spot deals with the fracture in the relationship between KITT and The Hoff, as KITT attempts to enact revenge and sabotage the shoot. Hasselhoff also has some fun playing on his own character, at one point referencing Knight Rider while attempting to flirt with a boom mic operator — to which she responds, “I think my dad might have mentioned it.” It’s all about as goofy as you’d expect, given Hasselhoff’s involvement, and has some fun moments, although it could have benefited from being edited down a bit from its two minute run time.

Full Contact Teams with The Hoff to Advertise Gas-Station Coffee

Convenience store Cumberland Farms (informally known as Cumby’s, Wikipedia informs me) has released their latest #icedhoffee advertisement, in which David Hasselhoff sings about his thirst and how it is quenched with 99 cent Cumberland Farms iced coffee. His voice sounds like Bruce Springsteen’s, evoking July days of yesteryear (Would you sing along if this were on the radio? I think so.), while the green screened beach-centric scenery couldn’t be more kitsch-perfect.

On CNN New Day, anchors said the ad sparked “just a touch of outrage” online. I hardly think the cited tweets count as outrage, but apparently they were enough to incite the Hoff, who called in to the show. “Did you ever think [the ad] would take off like this?” The inquiring anchors wanted to know. Hoff says no, and rightfully so since 150,000 views is nothing on Youtube.  But then Hoffster goes on to say that life is what you make it and amidst all this reality TV he’s happy to provide some respite for our wearied souls.

Everything “Thirsty for Love” stands for is bad: Cumberland Farms coffee is maybe slightly more refreshing than stagnant subway water, and it’s ridiculous the Hoff is making so much money parodying himself. But the ad is self-aware enough that it is fun, and judging by the related hashtag’s stream on Twitter, people are participating in the campaign for that: we all love to make fun.

7 Essential Apps for the Account Executive

You work at an agency, and for some reason you have the word ‘executive’ in your title. This causes you alarm because you’re only 23, but let’s not get mired in details. You need to impress the boss, a goal that is only hampered by the fact that you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing (don’t worry, neither does anyone else), and that every time you talk someone threatens to fire you. You better get some tools, fast. Luckily, you have a smartphone. Here’s the quintessential app list for you, Mr./Ms./Mrs./pansexual advertising account executive.

1. CNBC Real Time

As an advertising person, you make decisions (haha, no you don’t) based on real time info. Strategy, research, data; these are more than just words you remember from high school and sometimes hear in meetings, they’re actual things people create/do/collect as part of their jobs. But not you, because you’ve got CNBC Real Time.

Fire up this app when you need to impress that client with your counting skills (standing record for an account exec: 147) or when the boss lady walks by. Read the words you find in this app, and literally repeat them verbatim during meetings for an extra dose of savvitude. Whip out CNBC-RT in the elevator when you want to make that girl from strategy think twice about letting you have her digits, because nothing says “Do Me” like quarterly earnings reports and IPO valuations, am I right? I’m right.
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Air New Zealand Puppet Interviews Lindsay Lohan

In the past, Rico the weird New Zealand Air spokespuppet has partied with celebrities ranging from Snoop Dogg to David Hasselhoff. In this episode of “On the Skycouch with Rico,” the squirrel/marsupial puppet sits down with notorious Hollywood bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, who was serving her time under house arrest after stealing a $2500 necklace.

During the nearly five-minute run time of this video, Rico compares Lohan’s breasts to Kim Kardashian‘s, gets some canned laughs with risque malapropisms (“papsmearazzi” is apparently a winner) and bestows expensive looking necklaces on Lohan, saying, “Don’t worry. They’re paid for.” Is New Zealand Air attempting to compete with Spirit Airlines for the number one spot among airlines whose advertising is wrought with dirty jokes about shamed celebrities? As one commenter on NY Magazine‘s entertainment site points out, is the fact that Lindsay made money while under house arrest sadder than the infomercial itself?