Summer may be winding down, but our intern contributions surely haven’t (though we imagine we’ll be slightly tweaking the headline in the next couple of weeks). Here’s this week’s installment from Joe Hickey, a senior at the University of South Carolina who just wrapped up a two-month internship at Bluffton, SC-based firm BFG Communications (which, of course, is not to be confused with BFG9000). The rather happy-looking lad, who is on his way to earning a degree in Visual Communications with a minor in Sports Management, shares what he’s learned from his experience at BFG.The floor’s yours, young man.

At the beginning of this summer I began my internship at the headquarters of BFG Communications in Hilton Head Island with no earthly idea of what to expect from the experience. The two months that followed showed me a small sample of advertising, marketing and communications, and also taught me a few very important lessons as I begin my journey into the business world.

The culture of BFG Communications is accentuated by the passion that drives everyone who works there. From the minute you walk in the door, the converted warehouse that holds both offices reminds you more of an indoor skate park than an office building, and the creativity of the people who call BFG home is displayed over every inch of the office. The creativity that flows through the office allowed me to enjoy my internship far more than those elsewhere whose internships were filled with long hours as gopher, getting coffee and pushing papers.

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