We had no idea there were remnants of the Coors account still lingering at Draftfcb since it was reported last summer that MillerCoors moved its entire account out of said agency and into the newly created, Chicago-based WPP entity called Cavalry. Yet, a memo we received that was sent from Draftfcb Canada president to staff yesterday evening says otherwise, though as you’ll see after the jump, the relationship between the brew brand and DFCB now truly appears to be over.

Along with the Coors biz now fully aligning with Cavalry (which sources familiar with the matter have confirmed), Mead’s note, which is essentially a recap of a Draftfcb Canada town hall meeting yesterday, mentions the departure of longtime VP/management director, Darrell Hurst as well other management mentions. We’re getting some further clarification and/or official comment on the matters at hand, but from talking to sources, Mead’s note appears to legit. Read verbatim after the jump (FYI, the “John” that Mead refers to in the memo is Draftfcb Canada COO, John Boniface).

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