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NYC Department of Transportation Takes Firm Stand Against Mangling Cyclists

Yes, cyclists are generally pretty annoying. They disobey traffic signals, swerve stupidly in front on your car, and when they’re not cycling, they spend the majority of their time talking to you about it. But, despite this, no one deserves to be cardoored by someone not paying attention when exited a vehicle. Yes, this even includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that stupid-looking movie of his.

Yesterday, the NYC department of transportation dispersed 26,000 of those little stickers to cab driver’s around the city. What’s the big deal about cardooring? Well, let me tell you about it: When you get car-doored, the impact is like getting plowed over by an NFL defensive back while running a receiving route over the middle of the field. Also, cardoors usually happen as a surprise, so cyclists have absolutely no way to brace for impact. Then, you either find yourself either going through a car window, flipping over the top of the door (the best case scenario), or being flung into traffic. Depending on the street, the third option also comes with the added chance of death by being run over. So, it should come as no shock to you that after the first time I was car-doored, I walked away from city cycling for a year.

In other words, there are many way to show cyclists that you hate them. You can flip them off, honk at them, and hurl obsolescent at them. You can even slyly follow them to their local hipster coffee shop and steal their bike seat while they’re inside. But, please, don’t take out a cyclist. It hurts.

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The Best Ad-Related Videos of the Week

Is this thing on? That was a *taps mic* joke. It wasn’t funny, but since no one is here to not laugh at it, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this is the last year of life on earth. That means that at the ripe old age of 236 years (someone fact check that), the USA has passed its last Independence Day. No, Bill Pullman, July 4th will not soon become the world’s Independence Day. So, to stave off your newfound depression caused by the knowledge that the earth is going to die in December, here’s some distracting semi-ad related videos. Of the week.

5.¬† The BBC used to be primarily used as a wartime alternative to warm milk, lulling young children to sleep as bombed dropped all around their grimy bunkers. Today it’s a rock-n-roll organization known the world over for their coverage of stuff, including Formula 1. So here’s a quick clip that pays homage to the life of an F1 racer, replete with chest signatures and puking. It is reminiscent of other work, but can you tell which?

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stole our hearts when he played a lovable idiot teen alien on 3rd Rock From the Sun, but if we’re to take anything away from this trailer for Looper (his latest) it’s that in the future he will be exactly like Bruce Willis. Watch the trailer for this time-traveling-assassin story and you will find yourself – if nothing else – with glazed over eyeballs.

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No Worries, the Intern’s Job Status is Secure

Like we didn’t see this coming. After one week, we’ll bring you the thrilling conclusion of the saga of Lil’ Jonny, an intern at SF-based shop Mortar who after just six days, racked up the required amount of followers (500) and kept his job safe. Yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike lives on. Good on ya, mate.

SF Agency Proves How Expendable Interns Can Be

To be honest, we haven’t really heard of San Francisco-based shop Mortar, but as the coffee sinks in this morning, this effort from the integrated agency caught our eye. Seemingly desperate for social media followers (we’re assuming Twitter with this one), the Mortar folks have decided to put the future of its intern “Lil’ Jonny” at stake. The agency is looking to gain 500 new followers by April 20, and if it doesn’t succeed in its mission, the poor lad gets the axe and will likely have to move back in with moms. Yep, it’s somewhat of a cheap ploy to gain social media presence, but we’re hopeful that the Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike’s career will remain intact. Right now, they’re at 109. Good luck, gang.