It’s been a minute but we’re back with another entry in our Day in the Life of an Intern series. This submission comes to us courtesy of a Justin Jahng, a biz dev intern at Grey Group agency Wing, which focuses on the U.S. Latino market. It’s really hard to top Jahng’s title for his entry so we’ll just let the Boston University grad have the floor and explain. Take it away, young man.

For the past four months, I have been the Business Development intern at Wing, a full-service advertising agency focused on the US Hispanic Market.  I have learned a lot during my time here from fellow coworkers and supervisors, but there is something about who I am that makes my experience slightly different from the rest.  I am Korean American.

When clients, vendors, and/or partners come into the office, they sometimes see me and tend to be a little confused as to what I could possibly be doing here. Is he the IT guy? The Chinese food delivery guy?  I admit I see the comedic value in an Asian guy interning at a Hispanic ad agency, but I’m at Wing for a reason. I have a strong interest, if not an outright obsession, with Latin America. In the past 6 years I visited Peru, Brazil, and Mexico, and lived in Argentina for five months. I have very close Brazilian friends that I met in college, and Latin American food ranks in my top three favorite cuisines.  All of this has led me to throw a spin on the term “gringo” and coin a new one: “Kringo,” which takes into account my Korean heritage.

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