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AMV BBDO Attempts to Define ‘Black’ for Guinness Africa

AMV BBDO, London has a new spot for Guiness Africa entitled “Made of Black” that gets a little awkward.

Well intentioned as it may have been, the spot comes across as a bit tone deaf, homogenizing a continent of diverse cultural groups with the term “black,” because that’s also the color of Guinness. Opening with the question “What is black?,” lines like “Black is an attitude” and “Black got swag” come across as either pandering or condescending. (Several YouTube commenters even go as far as to call the spot racist.) Add to that the poor soundtrack selection of Kanye West (why would you not select an African artist in a spot that supposedly celebrates Africa?) and you’ve got quite the headscratcher. To be fair, the spot’s visuals are quite impressive, but somehow we don’t think that’s what people are going to be talking about. Read more

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Tuesday Morning Stir

Hanah Snavely

-New York based digital media agency CA Creative has hired Hanah Snavely as content director (photo above).

-A look at Delta’s World Cup Twitter gaffe. link

-Today’s tech ads are all made by men…link

-Apple’s advertising problems may not be with their agency. link

-Disorderly Conduct’s Eric Stoltz wins Gold Lion for Hill Holiday. link

-How Kanye West sees media. link

-adam&eveDDB wins Promo & Activation Grand Prix for “Sorry, I Spent It on Myself.” link

-Coldwell Banker announced a new partnership with BuzzFeed “to further engage consumers who might not necessarily be thinking about buying or selling a home.”

-Tumblr ads to start running on Yahoo sites. link

Monday Morning Stir

-Kanye West will join Translation on stage at Cannes tomorrow. link

-Tilda Swinton stars in a strange new Mercedes spot (video above). link

-Uber partners with General Motors and Paramount pictures in new ad deal. link

-Engine USA acquires Intelligence Group, which merges with Noise. link

-Newcastle shares secrets of Facebook advertising. link

-Programmatic ad spending is up 15 percent, but engagement is down 17%, according to an Adform trend report. link

-A look at the Cannes contender that caught 1,000 predators. link

-15 people to watch out for at Cannes. link

-Chrysler CMO Olivier Francois on Fiat’s new GIF television campaign. link

W+K NY Celebrates the World Cup’s ‘One Time Zone’ for ESPN

Yesterday we brought you news of Adidas’ World Cup spot from TBWA featuring Lionel Messi, a host of other international stars, and a Kanye West track. Now here’s a look at the latest in W+K New York’s World Cup campaign for ESPN.

The charming 60-second spot, entitled “Time Zone,” examines how the World Cup creates “one time zone,” as the whole world rearranges their schedule to watch the World Cup premiere. “Time Zone” opens and ends in Brazil, stopping over in destinations around the world as everyone prepares for the match. Some have an easier time adjusting to “Brazil time” than others. A businessman in Seattle is seen rushing out of the office while updating his voicemail to reflect that he will be “out of the office for the rest of the afternoon” — an accurate portrayal of kickoff times in the states — while an old woman falls asleep watching the game in Russia and in Japan a group congregates before the sun rises. The spot ends with the tagline, “Every 4 years the world has one time zone,” which is reminiscent of the earlier “Every 4 years the conversation starts again.” This newer spot reflects the heightened anticipation for the World Cup kickoff, which is just over two weeks away. Stick around for credits after the jump. Read more

TBWA\Chiat\Day Taps Messi, Kanye for Adidas

TBWA\Chiat\Day have launched the “All In Or Nothing” World Cup campaign for Adidas — the biggest in the company’s history, according to The Guardian — with a spot starring superstar Lionel Messi and featuring a previously unreleased track from ubiquitous narcissist (and latest Kim Kardashian husband) Kanye West called “God Level.”

The 60-second spot, entitled “The Dream,” takes a look inside the dreams of the Argentinian forward. In a rapid-pace montage, we see in-game footage of Messi (among other stars) interspersed with practice/workout scenes and some more surreal elements (such as German star Bastian Schweinsteiger practicing in a very Game of Thrones-esque frozen forest). Director Fernando Meirelles (City of God) builds towards a mood of anxious anticipation, undoubtedly echoing the feelings of Messi and other World Cup athletes who know that nothing less than perfection will give their team a chance at the Cup. At its conclusion, the spot asks viewers to choose between “all in” or “nothing” with corresponding landing sites.

“Giving anything less than everything will not win the World Cup,”global brand marketing director for Adidas football Tom Ramsden told The Guardian. “We are incredibly proud of this film and the entire ‘all in or nothing’ campaign.”

The Adidas campaign comes considerably later than rival Nike’s World Cup campaign from W+K, which we covered last month. The brand announced a tie-in with rapper Kanye West back in December, but kept the details of the collaboration a secret until the campaign’s launch. Stick around for credits after the jump. Read more

So, Kanye and Creative Directors Do Share a Common Bond After All


Have you ever noticed how much Kanye West has in common with your Creative Director? The over-inflated egos, aimless pontificating, batshit crazy quotes. Well, you’re not alone: some mystery genius (or geniuses) created Kanye Vs. Creative Director, a site that supplies quotes and asks you to identify whether they came from self-proclaimed genius Yeezus or a self-proclaimed genius Creative Director. Or, as they put it on the site, “They both talk like they’re God’s gift to the Earth, but the lines have gotten so blurred that it’s hard to tell who said what. Until now.”

Once you enter the site you’re given the option to play Kanye Vs. Creative Director, or to submit quotes from your own Creative Director — a nice touch that ensures the site will continue to grow. Then the fun begins, and it’s harder than you might think to distinguish which quotes are from a Creative Director and which are from a famous, narcissistic rapper. A sampling: “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.” Sounds like a sure bet for Creative Director, right? Nope, that one was Kanye. Now picture Kanye crying over Comic Sans. There you go, fun, isn’t it?

“You won’t understand my genius until, like, two years from now.” Okay, that seems like a safe bet for Kanye, no? Actually no, that was a real thing said by an actual Creative Director. You get the idea. Of course, some of them actually are easy, but you’d be surprised how often it’s difficult to distinguish who said what. When you answer a question you get a little message from either Kanye or the Creative Director, offering encouragement for a right answer and ridicule for a wrong answer. The Creative Director might say, for example, “I thought you were better than this,” or “Great job rolling with the punches,” while Kanye might offer up, “We don’t wanna hear that weak shit no more” or “You actin ballerific like it’s all terrific.” It’s a funny, clever idea, and the site is a fun way to spend a few minutes at work (provided your Creative Director doesn’t catch you). The only problems with Kanye Vs. Creative Director are that it doesn’t track your progress, and the quotes just keep coming in an infinite, seemingly random loop (which means you might get stuck with some repeat quotes after only a few minutes). Nitpicking aside, we’re glad someone thought this one up. Hopefully Kanye doesn’t find out about it.


Lexus, ATTIK Combine Kaleidoscope, Cirque du Soleil for Interactive Music Video

Today, Lexus joins Kanye West on the interactive music video bandwagon. To promote the 2014 Lexus IS sport sedan, ATTIK and Blueyed Pictures created “Amazing Mix,” a surprisingly cool interactive adscape with Cirque du Soleil characters, red birds, and kaleidoscopic effects. Site visitors can type any key (or combination thereof — try “LEXUS” for a special show) to make a mix of these effects, then submit the result for a chance to win tickets to the 2014 Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival, hotel stay at the event and $2,000, or a $500 cash prize.

Like with their Instagram film campaign, this is a step in the right direction for the automaker, though they didn’t get every aspect right. The music that backs Amazing Mix is a weird, blank James Bond knockoff, while the site that surrounds the scene is remarkably 2006. If Lexus wanted an immersive, individualized experience, they should have placed the mix on its own, minimalist page. Also, who are they targeting here? Middle-aged foodies who find Internet oddities amusing? That seems the only logical conclusion when the related prize is tix to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival. If they’re going for young car owners (which they should be, with the tech and art angle), then that destination isn’t exactly enticing. Make the message more cohesive, and get us to XOXO, or Electric Zoo.

Jacobs Leaves GlobalHue for CCO Gig at NYC Studio

Well, this was news to us, but after spending the last three years at GlobalHue, Michael Jacobs has moved on, joining up as chief creative officer at New York-based marketing technology studio, iRGONOMIC, which seems to be focused on the CMO/CIO set according to its description.

As for Jacobs, the senior creative initially joined GlobalHue as digital ECD after spending several years at MRM, where he last served as executive creative director exclusively on the agency’s GM business. Just months after joining GlobalHue, Jacobs was bumped up to EVP/ECD and oversaw all creative out of the agency’s New York office as it was undergoing “realignment.” In subsequent years, the exec was elevated to chief digital officer and led the charge on Voyr, a concept spawned from the agency’s incubator, GHV, that essentially served as a content vehicle for Kanye West and hyped the artist’s “Watch the Throne” tour with Jay-Z.

From what we’ve been told, Jacobs left GlobalHue of his own volition.

Two By Four Battles DraftFCB for Chicago Wiffle Ball Supremacy

In his 2007 song “The Good Life,” Kanye West spends a verse giving shout-outs to all of his favorite cities that, for Yeezy, are representative of a life that is in fact “good.” However, when he mentions his own hometown, West qualifies it by saying, “Summertime Chi.”

Now, many outside of the Windy City assume West’s seasonal mention is due to the fact that, outside of summer, Chicago is a depressing wasteland of frozen streets and city buses that travel in packs at 45-minute intervals. In actuality, West is commenting on Chicago’s wonderful midyear tradition of 16-inch softball. A local institution, 16-inch is played with an extra-large ball that allows fielders to play the game sans-gloves, a convenient attribute for those of us who don’t own athletic equipment and can’t be bothered to visit a sporting goods store during happy hour. There’s even a 16-inch Hall of Fame, because I am totally not making this shit up.

Unfortunately, many of those in the local advertising industry are burdened by long hours in the office, preventing us from journeying into the outdoors to imbibe Old Style and camaraderie in equal servings. So, the Chicago outlet of agency Two by Four is turning to the much more indoor-friendly game of Wiffle Ball instead, challenging DraftFCB to a Home Run Derby to happen on Thursday at 4pm CST.

The contest will take place at Two by Four’s 2-story domed offices, where the agency is known to throw a pretty awesome annual Christmas party. At stake is the above trophy, designed by Two by Four president and CCO David Stevenson, the title of “Best Mother (expletive deleted) Wiffle Ballers in the City So Suck It!” and a $500 tab at a local hotel bar. Two by Four employees will compete in a pre-derby target competition, with prizes listed after the jump.

May the best agency win.

W+K, Dodge Establish ‘New Rules’ of Carmaking

Anything backed by the opening thumps of Kanye West/Jay-Z‘s “No Church in the Wild” is bound to be epic. W+K’s latest spot for Dodge is no exception.

This 90-second instructional ad makes car creators look like Mad Men, minus the booze. Instead, they’re drinking coffee, kicking out committees that make compromises, and redefining the modern vehicle. The showcased car is the 2013 Dodge Dart, a compact chariot that can be started via smart phone and gets 41 miles to the gallon.

The copywriters did a fantastic job giving this ad’s narrator a mixture of humorous and informational lines, rhythmically recited over Watch the Throne’s music and a collage of video scenarios. The ad introduces Dodge’s tagline, “New Rules” (wait, does Bill Maher have a case?). If car manufacturing is really about to become this fast-paced and fun, we’re willing to follow Dodge’s guidelines.

Credits after the jump.

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