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Jose Cuervo, McCann NY Want You to ‘Get Stung’

Jose Cuervo is introducing its new Cuervo Cinge — “Cuervo with a cinnamon sting”  – with a new animated spot by McCann NY and Elastic.

Directed by Andy Hall, “Get Stung” is pure eye-candy. The spot is well-animated, with a very appropriate red-tinted effect throughout (because cinnamon, get it?). There’s not a whole lot to the 30-second spot: scorpion walks into a bar, drinks tequila, sets bar on fire. But then there doesn’t have to be. Why the bartender serves tequila to a scorpion is never really explained, but suspension of disbelief, right?

As an introduction to a new product, the spot works well. If you like the idea of cinnamon-flavored tequila, this ad will make you excited to try it. If not, you can still appreciate the artistry that went into animating it. I’m rarely going to have something negative to say about a simple, well animated spot about liquor. I wasn’t crazy about the “Get Stung” tagline at first, but they make it work with the whole “sting of cinnamon” description and it serves its function as a way to help people remember the product.

It’s a departure from McCann’s “Have a Story” opus starring Kiefer Sutherland, and a welcome one. Perhaps the “be more interesting, be different…” approach typified by certain Dos Equis ads is finally on its way out. Hopefully this simple, elegantly animated approach from McCann spreads beyond their other work for Cuervo and starts a new trend in boozey advertising. Credits after the jump. Read more

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Mother, Acer Introduce Us to Vernon, Assistant to the ‘World’s #1 DJ’

After showing us Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer’s, er, softer side and making a case for Megan Fox as a marine biologist, Mother London and Acer have teamed up again for another fairly amusing web film to promote one of the computer brand’s Ultrabooks. This latest collaboration stars the globe-trotting Dutch progressive house DJ/producer now simply known as Tiesto and his hapless assistant, Vernon, who perhaps resembles a hybrid of Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen.

One would think that Tiesto, who probably earns at least six figures a gig in a million exotic destinations and has been lathered up by the likes of DJ Magazine and Rolling Stone as the “world’s #1 DJ” over the years, would hire someone a bit less befuddled than Vernon to run his affairs. But, as you can see, being adept at using an Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook can turn even the most awkward of characters into a model-luring, scene-stealing star. We can all dare to dream. Credits after the jump.

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AXE, BBH Offer an Important Lesson About Firefighters, Astronauts

Since BBH debuted last year’s Kiefer Sutherland-starring “Susan Glenn,” AXE’s TV spots have consistently been some of the best on TV. Well, maybe not the “best,” but considering how awful they used to be, they’ve come quite a long way. Now, with a new campaign for the AXE Apollo scent, BBH is taking things to a whole other level completely. That level, by the way, is freaking outer space.

The above spot, “Fireman,” teases the AXE Apollo Space Camp, which will allegedly offer 22 daring individuals the opportunity to receive rigorous astronaut training in Florida followed by a chance to go into outer space. Wait, outer space? Holy shit. Could this possible be legitimate in any way? Well, if you don’t believe AXE, do you believe the space camp’s spokesperson?

So, not only is this campaign apparently making history, but it’s giving us two great spots on top of that. For your chance to actually become an astronaut (that’s right, Lance Bass), enter at the AXE Apollo Space Camp website before February 3. Credits after the jump.

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AXE Tells the Classic Love Story of Hair Meeting Breasts

So how does BBH NY follow-up their critically acclaimed Kiefer Sutherland-starring AXE spot, “Susan Glenn,” which may or may not feature apocalyptic imagery and Illuminati symbolism? With the above spot, “Office Love,” which chronicles the budding workplace romance between a supple pair of breasts and immaculate head of hair.

Set to Austin folk icon Daniel Johnston‘s heartbreaking “True Love Will Find You in the End,” hair and breasts’ relationship evolves from stealing quick glances across cubicles to finally approaching each other during the nightly commute. The spot aims to convince men of a supposed universal truth: While men first notice a female’s breasts, women first notice a man’s hair. Of course, this is not always true from the male perspective. (There’s a reason than “ass man” is a well-known archetype, after all.) But, it’s enough to make impressionable young men start becoming very self-conscious about their hair, though I don’t know if the shaggy look will last long against increasingly popular retro pompadour that hipsters and Jon Hamm are bringing back into the public eye.

Yes, there’s still an hint of the AXE spots of old in here, but BBH NY is making the brand come off as, dare we say it, almost clever. Ladies, what’s your take?

Monday Odds and Ends

-Ah, so this is why Jeff Graham left CP+B. The account vet has joined up with Mark St. Amant, Randy Rogers, Rob Hofferman and Wade Paschall to lead Barkley-owned startup agency, Grenadier. link

-North Social alum Josh Crick joined David&Goliath as digital account director on Kia.

-Landor Associates welcomed Mike Stromberg as managing director of its Cincinnati and Chicago offices.

-Kiefer Sutherland can’t shake his Jack Bauer persona–even when playing pastry chef–in a new campaign from Mother London for Acer (above).

-CP+B, which is currently having some issues with a recent Bic Canada campaign, hired 72andSunny alum Jessica Lewis as director of business development across its network.

-Digital agency Struck has unveiled a new website for U.S. Speedskating. link

-Apple has set a record for Wall Street company value at a whopping $623 billion. link

-Temple University has tapped hometown agency Neiman to handle an upcoming “brand transformation.”

-TBWA\Buenos Aires and \Latin America created an online platform for Energizer dubbed “PositiveLand.” link

-Vibrant Media’s Jonathan Gardner discusses the “3 Ways to Simplify Online Marketing.” link

Latest AXE Spot Apparently Full of Apocalyptic Illuminati Symbolism

File this little gem under “Too Good Not to Share.” After receiving this in our Anonymous Tips box, I’ve sent it to multiple people and received the same response from everyone, “I can’t stop watching this.”

In mid-July, BBH NY unveiled “Susan Glenn,” an AXE spot that shirks the brand’s usual creative emphasis on machismo and easy sex for something that men might find a little more meaningful: the high school dream girl archetype. People within the advertising industry have praised it quite a bit, pleasantly surprised by AXE’s new direction and Kiefer Sutherland‘s cameo appearance. However, according to YouTube user TheGroxt, there may be something sinister brewing at BBH.

In this 15-minute frame-by-frame bout of paranoia and religious posturing, TheGroxt points out numerous imagery in “Susan Glenn” that conspiracy theorists and deeply religious folks will undoubtedly by horrifyingly shocking and deeply disturbing. For example, the skateboarder in the high school hallway shot is actually looking at the list that TheGroxt interprets as “The Lamb’s Book of Life,” also known as Jesus’ list that determines who will be allowed into heaven come Judgement Day. Later, when Susan Glenn emerges from a coffee shop in a hail of sparks an fire, she is actually experiencing the rapture and ascending to heaven. Because, obviously, BBH knew that the best way to turn unbelievers to Jesus is to do so by selling noxious body spray.

Now, this may sound silly to some (read: “sane people”), but check out the comments on YouTube. “Another great analysis. Praise Jesus,” says YouTube users GovernorJerryBrown. “Yeah, they definitely seem evil and appear to be herding along the clueless other three,” says ginslinger1, referencing the cheerleaders who TheGroxt interprets as angels of the Lord. Surely, the omnipotent readers of AgencySpy can find even more symbolic references upon close inspection. Have at it!

AT&T Will Help You Save the World, Ward Off Kiefer Sutherland

As part of a new digitally integrated marketing campaign, AT&T and agency BBDO are launching an original action/drama show, Daybreak, through online video, print, TV, a mobile app and more.

Helmed by Tim Kring, the creator of Fox’s new Kiefer Sutherland thriller Touch, Daybreak’s protagonist uses a bevy of AT&T products save the world. Sound AWFULLY FAMILIAR? Yeah, it’s basically the plot of Sutherland’s last Fox show, 24. In fact, the director of the first couple of episodes is John Cassar, the producer of seasons 1-7 of 24. Confused? Well, to add to the incestuousness, Daybreak and Touch have plots that actually crossover a bit, as seen in the above video that features a creepy child staring, a guy getting shot, and Kiefer Sutherland looking haggard.

Episode three of Daybreak was released to YouTube yesterday, and you can watch it in its entirety above. In short, we have a campaign that lives on multiple different kinds of media that promotes AT&T, Touch, and (probably) the entire 24 box-set on Blu Ray simultaneously. But, won’t this be incredibly difficult for consumers to absorb? According to BBDO North American chairman and CCO David Lubars, “You don’t have to see both series to get value out of Daybreak. It’s a standalone piece of entertainment. But if you do see both [Touch and Daybreak], there’s an extra dimension of connections you can make.”

In conclusion, a cross-promotional cross-media fully integrated campaign is exactly as exhausting as it sounds. Visit Daybreak’s website here, view some traditional media components of the campaign here, and proceed with caution. Remember, Tim Kring is also responsible for NBC series Heroes, so along with 24, the guy has a track record of starting out strong and then basically phoning it in by season 2.