And now, we get a developer’s perspective on Apple’s latest product, hopefully broken down in simplistic terms for the masses. Olli Siebelt, head of client solutions at Culver City, CA-based digital prodco The Famous Group, offers his initial thoughts on the iPhone 5. Is your wait in line worth it? Let’s take a look.

Here’s a quick-reaction overview on what the new Apple iPhone 5 and iOS6 inclusion means to developers, marketers and ad people:

•    The new A6 processor makes the iPhone 5 twice as fast as the 4S and creates a much more powerful gaming machine in both processing and graphics rendering.  As we’ve seen in previous updates, the jump to IOS6 will keep consumers wanting more.  Will it be compatible with the 4 and 4S?  Yes.  But users on the older handsets won’t be able to play with new toys such as Maps flyover, 3G-enabled FaceTime and turn-by-turn navigation as the older processors won’t be able to handle it.

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