If you weren’t aware, Fallon executive creative director Todd Riddle, who’s been with said agency for nearly five years, has a musical side project called, yes, Riddle. The ECD and his Riddle partner-in-crime Gib (yep, just Gib), who’s a principal at music prodco Verite, just released a new single called “We Didn’t Know” and what you see above is the accompanying video. As you’ll see, an animated love story of sorts unfolds in a live-action setting on the streets of NY, serving as a fitting accompaniment Riddle’s forlorn, folksy ‘choon.

“We Didn’t Know” is part of Riddle’s upcoming debut album, Notes From the Whiskey, which from what we’ve been told is a “complete rock opera telling the story of a fictional musician in Los Angeles.” This should be interesting. Production credits after the jump.

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