Snow sucks. Indulge yourself with 8 clips that will certainly eat up the hours remaining before your inevitable trudge home through (in New York, anyway) what is sure to be a sloppy mess the likes of which hasn’t been seen since your agency’s holiday party. But between the mom dancing, mesmerizing out-the-window movie, ode to steadicam and a few spots at least you won’t be bored until punch-out time.

8. A bit of irony today for our least watched clip is Domino’s ‘thank you’ clip, which is a clip showing 50k+ dominoes being toppled in order. It was originally meant to thank their Facebook fans, all 8 million of them, for being such good fans. Strangely, despite 5 days since being published, the clip only has 17,860 views. Maybe there’s something to those allegations that Facebook is hiding newsfeed updates, after all.

7. Coming at number seven today is a clip billed as a type designer’s wet dream. Aptly titled “Dream,” this music video rolls through more typefaces than one can easily count, and does so in an artistic fashion that will make you regret being limited to kerning. 83.4k views ain’t bad for a little type design video.

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