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Teaching Your Kids To Avoid Social Media Nightmares

Teaching Your Kids To Avoid Social Media Nightmares

As children learn to navigate the digital world, so must their parents. In this way, parents can ensure the safety and privacy of their children, particularly on social media. Parents should be aware of all aspects of social media sharing, privacy, cyberbullying, and the unique uses of social networks.

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What Does Twitter’s IPO Mean For Marketers?

What Does Twitter's IPO Mean For Marketers?As the buzz around the Twitter IPO begins to subside, forward-thinking marketers continue to ask the question, “How will the IPO impact my marketing efforts on the platform?”

One thing we know for sure is that once Twitter goes public there will be much more pressure from stockholders to generate revenue. This is great news for businesses and marketers as we should expect to see more products from Twitter that will allow us to connect, influence, and engage our audiences on the platform (and beyond).

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Optimizing Social Content? Moving Beyond the ‘Best Time to Tweet’

As part of Zócalo Group’s Research & Analytics team, one question I frequently hear from clients during discussions of content optimization is that of the “best” time of day to share content. And, a quick look at the hundreds of Google search results on queries about the “best time to Tweet” or “optimal time to post on Facebook” reveals that this question is asked by plenty of brand marketers looking to curate and amplify a relevant, engaging owned presence on social. But, is there really ONE, singular, all-encompassing answer to this larger, more critical question of building the most engaging content? Can there be?

Instead of a hard and fast rule around just the best time to post, I’d actually suggest considering a framework of variables in order to optimize social content for the best potential engagement.

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The 7 Strategies For Building The Most Influential Brand on Twitter

You haven’t seen his face on the silver screen (yet) and you won’t find any highly produced pop songs coming from this social media mogul, but Kris Sanchez – creator of the brand UberFacts (@UberFacts on Twitter) – is a celebrity. Since joining Twitter in 2009, his account has grown to more than 4.4 million followers, and his updates spark thousands of retweets, favorites, and replies. But how did he do it?

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Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Next Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a fantastic way for brands to build a solid relationship with their audience. It’s typically an hour-long discussion via Twitter about a topic that is relevant to both the chat host and participants– anything from what it’s like to go to university for the first time to a new album from a celebrity rap artist.

But it’s not enough to choose a topic and time and let loose on Twitter. A great chat takes planning, organization and – possibly the most important – follow-up.

I’ve been an active participant in a number of Twitter chats, and I’ve noticed that some things work… and some things flop. Here are ten ways to make sure your next Twitter chat is one that works!

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Four Months Later, Vine Is Earning Its Keep [VIDEO]

When Vine was first announced in late January, the initial reaction was lukewarm and filled with uncertainty about what it would mean for marketers and brands as they attempted to weave to the videos into their social marketing mix.

But time has shown the tool can provide a good change of pace and be an effective engagement tactic for any brand.

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Twitter Hacks: How to Avoid Being Punk’d in the Age of Social Media

There has been a flurry of twitter account hacks recently, what with our neighborhood villains over at the Syrian Electronic Army phishing every media outlet in the Western pond. NPR, BBC, Associated Press, and even The Onion (is nothing sacred?) have all fallen victim to their hacktivist wiles.

The good news: In response to the AP hack that sent the stock market for a loop nearly a month ago, Twitter has instigated a brand-new two-step authentication option that makes it much harder for hackers to worm their way into Twitter accounts. But how many of our nation’s celebrities had to suffer before this new and improved system was put into effect? Well, a bunch of them. Read on to find out what hackers had to say when they assumed the voices of America’s sweethearts and rock stars in 140 characters or less.

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The New Advertising Imperative: Converging Paid, Owned And Earned Media Strategies

How many times in the past six months have you read or heard someone reference the phrase “paid, owned, and earned”?

I’d venture to say that the answer is more than you can count on your hands (and maybe even your feet as well!). In this post, I’ll explore the evolution of social media marketing that eventually led us to the paid, owned, earned trifecta, and I’ll dive into a few brands that have found success employing it.

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Twitter, Viacom And The Future Of Micro-Blogging

It seems the popular micro-blogging service Twitter has something up its sleeve and is about to make the jump from micro-blogging to a full-fledged media platform.

We know that Twitter is currently in talks with media industry giant Viacom over a deal that could begin in mid-May. The deal would bring TV clips and advertisements to Twitter in exchange for a cut of the ad revenue – reported to be a 50/50 split. Partnering with media giants isn’t new for Twitter. It already has arrangements with The Weather Channel, ESPN and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), but what Viacom (and a NBC Universal) could bring is some of the most popular content online, such as HULU videos or major sporting events.

Here’s what the deal leads us to believe.

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Taking A Deeper Dive Into Twitter Ad Targeting

Since launching its advertising platform three years ago, Twitter evolved its offerings at a staggering pace. Due to the lack of data it requires users to provide, Twitter may lag behind Facebook in demographic targeting, but has and will continue to use its real-time nature as a key differentiator from competitors in the social media advertising space.

Here’s a quick refresher on the targeting options Twitter currently offers for its Promoted Tweets products:

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